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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Akbar questions Rukaiya

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Salim talking to Jodha about Anarkali. She says Anarkali is your childhood friend, she can’t be with you all life, just a life partner can be with you, I will find her for you. He says I have found a life partner, she is very beautiful. He recalls Anarkali. She asks who is she, did I see her. He says many times. She asks who is she, Salim. He says my sword, its so beautiful. She pulls his ears. She thinks to find someone for Salim. Khala says I don’t know what has happened there, you have to forget those memories and talks, everything. Anarkali says my reality is better than dream. Khala says you have to forget this. Salim says then Anarkali danced well and said she has learnt it from you, why are you worried.

Jodha says I m happy seeing you. She blesses him

and prays for his safety. Abul gets the man tortured. He asks him to answer his questions. Akbar looks on. He asks Abul to feed water to the man. He says we give fair punishment, I will ask one thing, your answer will decide your life, how did you get that gold coins. The man looks in Akbar’s eyes. The man says traitor has given me that fake letter and coins, traitor is inside your palace. Akbar asks what’s his name. The man faints. Akbar thinks to investigate well. He comes to meet Rukaiya. She gets glad and sends off her maids. He says today love didn’t get me here, my duty got me here, someone has misused our royal stamp, you are responsible for its safety. She says it means you have come here to doubt on me, we are not just husband and wife, but also childhood friends, its better that you punish me and end this relation. He says you are misunderstanding me, I will always believe you, I got a question, how did this stamp reach traitors.

Anarkali tells everything to Husna. Salim comes there and hears Anarkali talking about him. Salim signs Husna to go. Salim completes Anarkali’s words. She sees him. He stops her from leaving. He asks her to perform the Rajasthani dance again, he wants to see it, since its beautiful. She smiles. Rukaiya gets the stamp and shows to Akbar. She defends herself. She says I can do any crime, but not become a traitor. He says it means someone has stolen this stamp and made its replica, who can that be. She hugs him. He says you are my first wife, you have got all the big responsibilities, you are close to my heart, I can never blame you, whoever has stolen this stamp, find that culprit, its your responsibility now. She nods. He goes.

Anarkali praises Salim and his love. She feels love is lucky to get him. They have an eyelock. He says I want to make you my wife, I m quiet because of the promise given to you, but I can’t wait now. She says then wait, Akbar and your relation got better, let this relation get stronger. He says who will explain this heart. They have a romantic moment. She gets shy. He praises her beauty. They have an eyelock. He swears that he won’t let anyone come between them. She says remember the promise, you won’t let anyone know about our love. He says I will give hints to the world that I m in love, but none will know about you till you wish. Rukaiya thinks Akbar has doubted on me because of Salim, now I will make Salim’s life hell. Salim and Anarkali see each other.

Jodha says this is ancestral Kamarbandh. Salim takes it from her. Rukaiya says just see how I fail Salim by one move. She laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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