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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update. Putan decides to take revenge over Tiwari

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu reading news and says these jobs are so like no just for 1 lakh never, Angoori walks in and says i made kheer here taste it, Vibhu says even if you cook poison it will be yummy, Vibhu tastes it and says I enjoyed it,its yummy. vibhu hears rat noise and gets scared, Angoori says whats wrong be brave,you are scared of a little rat, and leaves laughing calling him coward. vibhu says i shall get rid of this coward tittle come what may.

teeka upset,malkan says I have something for you, here’s rafaloa imported herb have it and you will be energized. Hapu walks to them, and asks whats happening,malkan says nothing, Hapu asks whats in your hand, Malkan says Saxena bhaiya gave it to me. Saxena joins them and asks did you have it,malkan says yes we did and even Hapu did. Saxena

says actually theres a problem i gave you wrong one it is one which will make you weak.

Angoori runs in kitchen, vibhu walks and says bhabhiji i shall prove im not coward even if i have to take help og this rubber snake and throws it on table, angoori comes out and sees snake and shouts, Vibhu asks what’s wrong don’t worry i shall help you, and starts making stupid moves,angoori says get rid of it stop doing it, vibhu throws it and says I’m not scare of it,its just a small snake i have dealed with cobras, Putan walks and says oh my pet snake, give it,vibhu says it’s not your, vibhu and Putan get in argument,putan snatches it and says didi its rubber snake, angoori says oh is it, vibhu says i thought it was real anyways keep a watch, both get scared hearing rat noise.angoori starts laughing.

Putan asks saxena will he be lion, Saxena says how about sheep,tilu says why am i here,putan says look i know tilu you are tired with tiwari too and saxena you have to enact a lion and tilu you have to act injured and i shall pay you 10000, and saxena i shall give you hockey stick whacking from my friends releasing from jail,saxena says deal

hapu teeka malkan very tired and exhausted, saxena walks to them and asks all good, Hapu says can’t you see, Saxena says heres the herb which shall give your strength back, and gives them,they start feeling good but start experiencing upset stomach, and run to washrooms,

Tiwari at shop sees its closed and no one, tilu walks to him injured and says lion did this to me, Tiwari starts laughing, tilu says im not laughing a lion came when shop was at working hours i took courage and fought and you see, tiwari says okay go to doctor but don’t keep shop closed,tilu says a lion does come back and he mau attack our customers,putan make lion roars,tilu says look he is near by,tiwari runs away.

.Pre cap: angoori says you are so coward but my brother Putan is going to catch lion.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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