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Young Love!!!!!!! (Proposal….! Will he accept it????)

Anika went and sat near him, as usual. Today she came exactly early as she doesn’t want others to know about her proposal.

They didn’t come till now.

A: Shivaay, can I talk to you something important?

S: No! You can’t!

Anika drops her head. Shivaay smiles.

S: I was just joking…! Talk!

A: Ok! Promise me that this will not effect our friendship in anyway.

She forwards her pinky finger. He keeps the promise.

A: Ok, the thing is that…..

S: Tell!

A: I…

S: Dude, tell me! I won’t mind!

A: I love you! Will you accept my love for you?

S: No!

A: (eyes gets blurred) I will give you one day. Think and tell me.

Shivaay nods. She hides her tears.

Shivaay ignored her the whole day, which really made her sad. She was scared, but she controlled as she had some hope for the next day.

Everyone was surprised.

Anika was walking to her class. She saw him coming near him.

Anika’s POV:

I was walking through the corridor when I saw him. He is showing a stern face. I am really getting scared. Will he take me as a girl, who goes back of rich boys for money? This is killing me.

Anika’s POV ends

Shivaay comes near her. He could read from her eyes that she is fan nervous. He hands over a letter to her. She knew he writes letter for expressing deep feelings.

Dear Anika,

You, a middle class girl had dared to love me, a rich classy guy. Your intentions were bad. You were after my money.

This is what people will say.

I will say that I won’t accept your love for me.

But I will accept our love for each other.

You are an angel in my life. How deeply I want to tell you that I loved since school days! I was scared since then to confess my love to you.

But today I will tell you whatsoever happens. I will love you more than I was doing before.

Each day, my love for you will increase.

But one promise you will have to give me.

That you will never leave me even if I tell you to leave me.


Anika was silent. After reading the paper, she looked at him angrily. He was having a ring with him.

He was shocked.

Suddenly, in front of the whole campus, she kissed him on the lips. He reciprocated, even though this gave him double shock(Teachers weren’t there, they went for a meeting).

That was their first kiss. Everyone clapped for them.

The whole college was filled with their talks.

By the time it was their last year, they were the star couple of the college.

Everyone’s favourite!

Each day passed, their love for each other increased its pace. It reached such extend that they could understand each other’s presence.

Love was in air for them. But this never effected their studies.

They were the high scorers.

No teacher dared to confirm doubts of relationship between Shivika.

Days passed.

Farewell party!!!!

Waiting for it!!!!

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