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Udaan 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Gumaan and Imli kill people

Udaan 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gumaan giving his phone to Mahender to mislead everyone. He sends his family away. He thinks the night will get darkness for everyone. He gives guns to goons and asks them to attack haveli and entire Aazaadgunj, Suraj, Chakor and their entire family should be killed. The goons agree. Gumaan says everyone will think thugs have killed them, I will cry on their funeral and then rule on haveli. He laughs. Its morning, Chakor asks Suraj and Anjor to wake up. They don’t listen. Chakor goes. Suraj says she is gone, sleep. Chakor gets water and throws on them. She says you are making her lazy like you, its her school’s first day and you are sleeping, fine we will go somewhere out instead school. Suraj says its wrong to go out when she has to go school. Anjor says its wrong. Chakor says

you both made team, go and have breakfast. Suraj stops her and sings song. Anjor laughs. They tickle Chakor and laugh.

Suraj sits on dining table and dines. Anjor sits on ground. Sugna asks her to dine like Suraj. Chakor sits on ground with Anjor. Anjor says its wrong that dad is dining alone. Suraj says yes, come here and dine. He teaches table manners. The toast falls down. Chakor laughs. Chakor shows her school uniform. Anjor smiles. She gets ready and dances. Chakor says when I have worn school uniform for the first time, I felt like I m some Rajya’s queen. Anjor says I also feel the same but… I m lucky that I m going school, when will my friends go school. Suraj calls her friends. Chakor says all kids will go to school. Anjor says its a new morning. Udaan hai…plays… Chakor and Suraj take kids to school. They have ice gola on the way.

At night, they watch a scary movie. Suraj gets scared. Chakor and Anjor scare him and laugh. Suraj and Chakor make Anjor sleep. She get close. Anjor opens eyes. They kiss her and sleep. Goons come to village. Gumaan looks on and laughs. Its morning, Chakor says when we return from Banaras, we will get you a haircut. Anjor asks why, I will tie my hair. Chakor asks her not to trouble anyone. Suraj and Chakor leave.

Imli counts down and smiles. The goons enter the jail and shoot police officers. Gumaan comes and shoots at the lock. He gets Imli out. She says you have won my heart again. Anjor sees goons killing people and entering haveli. She locks the window. Tejaswini asks Girja to lock all doors and windows. Goons push the door. They lock the door. Goons burn the village and kill people. Anjor gets phone and asks Tejaswini to call Suraj fast. The goons fix network jammers there. Tejaswini says Suraj’s phone isn’t connecting. She tries landline. Goon cuts the wire.

Sugna asks what happened. Tejaswini says call isn’t connecting. Sugna asks what will happen now. Anjor says do something, they can break door and come in anytime. The goons enter the haveli. Gumaan and Imli come back. They ask goons to find Anjor and others. Anjor, Tejaswini and others hide. Imli asks them to come out, she will kill everyone. Suraj and Chakor are on the way and try calling home. Chakor feels restless. He says maybe there is no network. Garima comes in front of their car. Suraj and Chakor get shocked seeing her stabbed. Chakor says we have to take her to hospital. Garima says I won’t be saved, listen to me, Gumaan and Imli are going to kill everyone, save your family, Gumaan is a fraud. They get shocked.

Gumaan says your husband got you to me, you have to spend suhaagraat with me. Vatsala gets shocked. Chakor says I won’t let anything happen to my family. Chakor points gun at Gumaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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