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SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part 98-ANXIOUSNESS!…

Part 98- 

Recap :





Pari is taking her selfies and posts it on her IG, captioning “Yellow!!…Yellow!!…” #beautifulbridetobe #1daytogo #destinationwedding #royalwedding #royaldiaries….

Soon she gets notified of comments on her post as she checks it…

Vivi “Yes😍” 

Payal “Ohho😍😍!…So true💕” 

Someone “Yeah!…It’s my fav too😘” 

Meera “Kya baat hai😍
Tanya “Lovely

Tanya “@**** Bhabhi😍😍….Missing you so much!!” 

Pari “@tanya I second you on that…@**** Wish you could be here😣” 

Someone “Oo…[email protected] @pari me too missing you all so much😣….I wanted to be there but….” 

Pari “@**** I knew that…It’s mine too fav😉” 

Tanya “@**** Bhabhi😘😘….Photos dekhe😍?”… 

Someone “@tanya haa dekhe naa….Sirf vohi baaki reh gaya tha😒…. 

Pari “@**** Tere liye hi toh khicche the😂😂😂”… 

Someone “@pari Ohho….See you can have reception there but want a special one in Mumbai too❤️️”…. 

Payal “@**** Lo hogai party!”….
Pari “@**** To my knowledge reception is done only once and it will be here
😘….You have missed it😉”…. 

Payal “@**** See I told you….😏” 

Tanya “This is epic🤣🤣”… 

Pari “@payal tum kis ki side ho😒?”…. 

Payal “@pari Kisi ki bhi nahi😉”…. 

Someone “@payal I knew it then too I risked it….Kalyug😒😒….” 

Pari “@**** Drama queen dekhte hai😉😅”…. 

Someone “@pari 😐😐” 

Pari “🤣😂😂” 

They continues their nok jhok



ShivaKti’s room

Shivu is getting ready when Shakti comes from back and hugs her😗….”Today you are glowing so much☺️….What’s the reason?” he cups her face….”Today is the most important and beautiful day of my life☺️” she gushes….”Us” he corrects her….”Seeing her twins getting so much love and blessings, what else a mother wants” she looks in his eyes….

”Herself too” as he hugs her😗….. 






All makes Pari seat in the middle as they begins the ritual of Haldi….Meera gets amazed by the decorations…. 

She brings in the shagun Haldi….Dharam walks in her direction, and unknowingly they gets hit with each other, as some of the Haldi falls on them….Soon the lawn gets filled with laughter and uproar….”Wow” Tanya…. 

“Ohho!” Priya….

”You are looking very beautiful Meera in this yellow color😘” Pari making Meera blushed crimson pink…. 

Meera chides Dharam, as everyone laughs seeing them🤣🤣🤣….They starts the Haldi function….HeRag applies Haldi to Pari, followed by Urmila and Jeetu….After them GauRag comes forward and applies Haldi to Pari, followed by Trupti and Umang….DheEra, ViVaan and Naiya, Dhawal too applies Haldi….Payal first applies Haldi like everyone, but then deeps her hand fully with Haldi and applies it on Pari’s face, hands and legs, not leaving any spot😂😂😂😜…..”What is this?” Pari😜….”This is how it should be applied😉” Payal….

All laughs😂😂🤣🤣…..”Don’t you all think this Haldi function is looking dull?….I mean no music, dance” Priya….

”Exactly!…Song should be there” Jinal…. 

Song ~ 

Navrai majhi laadachi laadaachi ga
Avada hila chandraachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaachi navasachi ga
Apsara jashi indraachi indrachi ga..  

Priya, Tanya and Jinal too applies Haldi to her….After that they all brings Pari for a dance….

Baurai chali sharmaati ghabraati wo
Piya ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati wo
Surmai naina chhalkaati-chhalkati wo
Piya ke ghar bharmaati sakuchaati wo  

They all dances enjoying themselves….

Choonar mein iske sitaare
Saare chamkile chamkile chamkile
Kangan main iske bahaarein
Paajeb hariyale hariyale hariyale  

Meera too enjoys watching them…. 

Navrai majhi ladachi-ladachi ga
Avada hila chandrachi-chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsachi-navsachi ga
Apsara zashi indrachi indrachi ga ga ga haa..

Suniyo ji isko, rakhiyo jatan se
ye badi naazuk hai, naazuk hai, nazuk
Kali yeh anmol, kali yeh anmol
Aao ji aao thumka lagao
Zara behko ji, behko ji, behko
Khushiyon ke baaje dhol..  




A servant brings bride’s side Haldi for groom-to-be….Shivu receives it and starts applying it on Adi’s face, who is sitting in center….Shakti too applies Haldi to him….Just when Uday was to apply him Haldi, Payal with Vidya arrives there….Vidya applies Haldi to him, followed by UdYal….”Um, not done jiju….Your face is still uncovered” Payal covered his face, hands and legs with Haldi😉😉….”Now perfect….”Just like your to-be better-half😉”….

All laughs😂😂🤣🤣…..




Its beautifully decorated with flowers, balloons everywhere for the baby shower ceremony….Guests have already arrived….Payal, Vidya with some ladies brings Shivu down, who gets overwhelmed seeing all this….Janko, Janki, Roopa blesses her and her unborn twins….Adi makes her sit on a beautifully decorated sofa….

A beautiful old folk song is played….Dancer’s are dancing to it’s beat….

Song ~ 

Ghoomar ramvane aap padharo saa

Aavo ji aavo ji Ghoomardi khelba ne
Padharo sa Ghoomardi khelba ne
Balam tharo gurar gurar guraave

Aaj mharo jivdo ghano hichkaave
O ghabraave mann mein bhaave
Mharo badilo bhanwar mann bhaave
Chamak cham baaje payal baaje
Baaisa khel..

Suddenly, Payal too joins the dancer’s and dances…. 

Chhamak chhamak ghunghra baaje
Aao sa ghoomardi khelba ne
Aao sa ghoomardi khelba ne

Kanak preet ki sar pe odh kar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome
Haan ghoomar ghoomar ghoome
O ralak reet sab jag ki chod kar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome bharke

Dhola waale thaath
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re
Baaisa ghoomar ghoome re

Shivu cutely watches it😗…. 

Mhaari saari kaaya bole
Dhola ji ki chhaya hole
Mann ka ghoomar jab bhi dole
Soonepan mein mela karke

Dhola waale thaath
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re
Baaisa ghoomar ghoome re

Shakti too arrives and seats besides her, as Panditji starts the pooja held for the well-being of mother and her twins…. Panditji makes Shivu wear the raksha-sutra….ShivaKti takes his blessings….Panditji then places some religious items on Shivu’s pallu and tells everyone, now they can bless the expectant mother….Hetal, Urmila, Gaura, Meera, Vidya, Tanya, Payal, Jinal, Priya, Naiya comes forward one by one and blesses Shivu and her unborn twins….Pari came forward and a veil is held to prevent AdRi from seeing each other, as she blesses Shivu and then hugs her😘….ShivaKti looks at each other😗😗….. 

“Ohho….Dekho toh mouka mila nahi ki romance chalu
😜😜” Payal teases them….They gets embarrassed😛😛….Suddenly, they sees a servant bringing a cake and gets surprised….”😍😍😍” All….ShivaKti looks at the cake and gets more surprised….


“Now cut the cake….Mom-to-be and Dad-to-be
😋😗”….Meera held Dharam’s hand and whisper’s “We won’t have to take much effort, as we already know the gender and his name😍❤️️”…..”Yaa sure🙂” ShivaKti takes the knife to cut the cake, when from nowhere Medha comes there and looks at the cake, as if it didn’t cut she will attack it😂😂😂…..

ShivaKti cuts the cake and feed to Medha first, who gets super happy😋….They feeds the cake to each other and then to everyone….Dhruv holds Priya’s hand tightly….”It’s ok baby😊…..I am not feeling bad, I am very happy😊” Priya looks at him…. 

Dhruv nods
😗….ShivaKti thanks everyone for making this beautiful and memorable day of their life and blessing their unborn twins….They looks at each other👀, as all are very very happy for them….. 




DheEra’s room


Meera gets inside her bathroom and sees her Jacuzzi decorated with rose petals🌹…. 

She removes her clothes and gets inside the Jacuzzi to relax….To her astonishment Dharam too enters inside and she instinctively covers herself with her hands….”Came to complete the incomplete task😗” he sits on the edge and applies uptaan on her body….”😶” she smiles shyly and gives in😗…..Soon he joins her, as they passionately looks at each other😍😗….”Aapko pata hai, maine ek bohot hi bura sapna dekha😥” she breaking the trance….”Kya😥” he worriedly asked….”Yehi ki koi aapko mujhe lekar chala gaya🙁” she keeps her head on his shoulder….”😂😂😂” she gets angry on him for laughing it off “Kehte hai subah ka sapna sach hota hai😥”….”Meeru, aisa kuch bhi nahi hone wala hai😅….Aur vaise bhi kisko interest hoga tin baccho ke baap mein😛 he teases her….”Bakwas bandh karo apni😠” she gets super angry on him….”Ok!…Ok!” he consoles her moving his lips towards her lips😗….

Aaj Agar Milan Ki Raat Hoti
Jaane Kya Baat Hoti
Toh Kya Baat Hoti

Sunte Hai Jab Pyar Ho Toh
Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Tann Mein Mann Mein
Aur Nayan Mein
Diye Jal Utthte Hain

”Dharamji, aaj  subah aapki vo lawyer ki niece ka call aya tha….Toh kuch important tha?” she gets curious to know….”Nahi kuch important nahi tha, bas reunion ki baat thi….I told no” he….”Kyu mana kar diya?” she innocently asked him….”I want to spend as much time possible with Viraat and Medha….I don’t want to miss on their growing up years!” he….She rests her head on his chest, as he strokes her back💕❤️️….. 

Aaja Piya Aaja Aaja Piya Aaja Ho
Aaja Piya Aaja Tere Hi
Tere Liye Jalte Diye
Bitaani Tere Saaye
Mein Saaye Mein Zindagaani
Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein Saaye Mein  

They kisses each other passionately💏….CAMERA ZOOMS OUT LEAVING THEM ALONE😗!!…. 

Kabhi Kabhi
Kabhi Kabhi Aise Diyon Se  


DhiRiya’s room

Dhruv enters the room and gets surprised to see it decorated with candles….He then sees the bed decorated in bridal style….Priya from the corner blushes sensing his presence😗…..

  He comes to her and hugs her from back….She pushing him runs from there….He too runs behind her….She stops in front of the mirror, breathlessly….

She sees him standing behind her and looks at him…

Her sari’s pallu falls on him….

He holds her from back and she rests herself on his body😗….

Lag Hai Jaati Aag Bhi
Dhule Dhule Se Aanchalon Pe
Lag Hain Jaate Daag Bhi
Hain Veeraanon Mein Badalte  

He opens the string of her blouse, as she closes her eyes feeling his touch on her bare back😗…. 

Dekhe Mann Ke Baag Bhi
Sapno Mein Shringar Ho Toh
Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Khwaahison Ke Aur Sharam Ke  

He then makes her face him and kisses on her eyes😘….He then takes her in his arms and places her on the bridal style bed….

Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Aaja Piya Aaja Tere Hi Tere Hi Liye Jalte Diye
Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein
Saaye Mein Zindagaani
Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein Saaye Mein  

They passionately looks at each other😗😗…. 

Mera Nahi
Mera Nahi Hai Woh Diya Jo
Jal Raha Hai Mere Liye
Meri Taraf Kyun Ye Ujaale  

What followed after was confined to the four walls of the room💕❤️️💞👄💋❤️️…. 

Aaye Hain Inko Rokiye
Yun Begaani Roshini
Mein Kab Talak Koi Jiye
Saanson Mein Jhankar Ho Toh 


Naiya’s room

Dhawal comes in her room to meet her….He pulls her towards him…They looks at each other passionately😗…. 

Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Jhaanjharon Mein Kanganon Mein
Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Aaja Piya Hmmmmmm Jalte Diye 

“You shouldn’t have been here….What if Bhai….” She breaking the trance….”No one will get to know” he assures her and again looks at each other….

Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein
Saaye Mein Zindagaani  




Kavya’s room

Kavya is scolding her child and was to slap him, when her husband comes and holds her hand….He sends the child away and locks the door….”What’s wrong with u?” he gets annoyed with her….”Don’t know…I am just not able to control now….Again it got delayed😠” she reasons….”So what?….Have patience….Waqt….” She cutting him off “Waqt😂😂….Waqt ne hi toh kiya hai, yeh sab….Do you remember Stella?”….”Yes” he looks at her….”She was ex of Dharam….And whenever I used to see her with Dharam, I had a cringe in heart….I was thankful to God, for listening to me….Trust me I was the most happiest person on Earth, knowing about their break-up….Soon after we got in a relationship….I still remember people use to call us the most romantic Jodi and that Stella had her face down, which was the biggest victory for me….I had always believed in fairytales and thought ours will be just like that, happily ever after….But I forgot reality is not fairytale and there is nothing like happily ever after….I was a naïve girl, living in fairytales when reality strike us and Dharam showing his true face….How easily he told me to….And now, time has played a game….He took and will be taking his responsibility…..Then what crime did I do, that I had to play this cruel game of time😢😭🙁….But yes I am very thankful to you, as you came as a savior going against your best friend….” She tries to compose herself….

”He is not my best friend😠” he wipes her tears and takes charge of her lips💏…..

Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein Saaye Mein
Saaye Mein Saaye Tere  

They falls on the bed and🙈🙈🙈…. 

Saaye Mein Saaye Tere
Saaye Mein Saaye Tere
Saaye Mein Saaye Tere.  






It’s made adjoining the two palaces….AdRi comes to meet each other from their respective palaces in the dead of the night…..They looks at each other…. 

Sadiyon se bhi purani
Hai mohabbat ki kahaani
Kiske roke yeh ruki hai
Hoti hai bas ho gayi hai  

“Only few hours left for the D-DAY!” she breaking the silence….”I so wish this last few hours passes like this😗” he making her blush at that thought…. 

Sadiyon se bhi purani
Hai mohabbat ki kahaani
Kiske roke yeh ruki hai
Hoti hai bas ho gayi hai  

“But inside I am feeling very anxious, as the time is more nearing” she making him look at her….”I would like to say your not alone in having this feeling” they laughs slightly…..

Dhadkanon pe deke dastak
Uthe dil se jaaye dil tak  

Dil se dil tak, dil se dil tak
Dhadkanon pe deke dastak
Uthe dil se jaaye dil tak  

“I want to tell you, no matter what my  trust, love, in you will never fade away….I will never let you or your family face any problems alone….I will always be your back, whenever you need me….I will never let anyone come between us….We will always share our problems with each other….I will never let you down and that’s my promise….I will always respect you….” He holds her hands….

Dil se dil tak, dil se dil tak
Dhadkanon pe deke dastak
Uthe dil se jaaye dil tak  

She moves her eyes conveying her promise to him, as her eyes speaks more than her words…. 

Tooti har khushi, tukda tukda hui
Beekhri zindagi, kyu nazar lag gayi  

Tarsi reh gayi, in labon ko hashi
Dundi bahut, par mili na khushi

Suddenly, Vidya and Uday comes there to take them inside….They parted ways sadly, still looking at each other…. 

Ab dard hai seenein mein
Mere dil se tere dil tak

Dil se dil tak, dil se dil tak
Ab dard hai seenein mein
Mere dil se tere dil tak  

Dil se dil tak, dil se dil tak
Ab dard hai seenein mein
Mere dil se tere dil tak

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