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Siddhi Vinayak 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi extends a hand of friendship towards Manjari

Siddhi Vinayak 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The toe ring falls in opposite direction. Vin comes from that very direction holding a bowl of ice cream. His spoon falls down. Manjari diverts Vin’s attention. Vin heads upstairs. Manjari tells Siddhi to go in the kitchen to check if milk has boiled. I will apply oil on his head. Siddhi runs away. Rudra takes Manjari upstairs. I will do your massage.

Rudra pushes his mother angrily. I have warned you so many times to not come between me and Siddhi. Why did you do all that drama? Rudra warns his mother not to come between him and Siddhi. I only came here to get Siddhi. You know it very well! Let people find out I don’t care! Siddhi shouts his name seeing him holding Manjari by her neck. Manjari and Rudra look at her. He calls his mother a snake. She cannot be anyone’s. Siddhi

frees Manjari. I very well know how she is. I also know you are a devil who knows nothing about relations. You just proved it again by behaving like this with your mother. He tries to tell her about Manjari but she asks him to leave. I will otherwise call Vinu and tell him everything. Rudra goes for her sake. Manjari rebukes Siddhi for intervening between a mother and son. Siddhi accepts she shouldn’t have come here for the woman who is hell bent upon killing her son. I haven’t come here for you but for myself. I am a woman and I cannot see anyone behaving like that with a woman! I couldn’t bear to see Rudra behaving wrongly with you. You tried to kill me and Vinu many times yet we are together by God’s grace. Your own son is making your life hell here! Manjari asks her if she has come to rub salt to her wounds. Siddhi makes her sit down. I have come to nurse your wounds. My parents haven’t taught me to make fun of a woman who is hurt. I have been taught to nurse everyone’s wounds be it my enemy. Manjari refuses to accept her mercy. Siddhi tells her to let her step son help her then. Why don’t you tell it to Vinu? Manjari tells her not to teach her how to behave with her own son. Worry about yourself. I wont forgive you for what you have done to me. Siddhi clears she hasn’t come here to seek forgiveness. I came here for humanity. Manjari asks her to leave.

Siddhi tells Manjari she is going. I want to say something to you. I don’t have any sympathy for Manjari Kundra but I have sympathy for the mother, who has stooped so low for her son! Put this ointment for your son Vinayak atleast. She walks out of the room.

Siddhi storms in Rudra’s room. You are misbehaving with me and now hurting your mother! Why are you doing all this? Rudra says he is doing it only for her. whenever I try to say something to you, someone or other interrupts thus making me angry. Say yes once. You will then see how much I will love you! Siddhi asks Rudra if he even knows what love is. Love is what’s between me and Vinu. This mangalsutra is the souvenir of that love. Siddhi belongs to Vinu only and cannot be anyone else’s! It would be better to throw any such thought out of your mind! Rudra holds the mangalsutra. This might be of Vin’s name but you will wear the toe ring of my name. She calls it his misconception. It will never happen. She opens the door but her mangalsutra gets stuck in the handle. He offers to help her but she warns him against it. Rudra keeps his arm around her to free it but she pulls back. Mangalsutra breaks. Rudra says told you to stay put but you don’t want to listen to me. While trying to push me away, the favourite and closest relation broke. She points out that this is souvenir and not the real relation. It can never happen! I wont spare anyone who would try to do something like that!

Prachi worriedly looks at the chandelier. Tai must not find out what I did today or don’t know what she would do to me! She must not know! Siddhi asks her what who shouldn’t know. Prachi panics and fumbles. Siddhi shows the chains to her. I have been trying since so long but I cannot unwind it. Prachi says how I would do it if you cannot. Siddhi insists she can. You only opened it yesterday. You only did it yesterday. I know you did it. Prachi apologizes for her mistake. I was pressurised by Chachi ji. Forgive me for the last time. I will do whatever you will ask me to. Siddhi tells her to stop. I have no hopes from you. I am giving you last warning this time. Do to try to harm her or Vinu under anyone’s pressure. I will tell everyone your truth otherwise. Prachi agrees to abide by her words. What is your enmity with Chachi ji? Siddhi suggests her not to put pressure on her brain. You don’t need to know any of this. Tell me about Ma’s next move if you can. Prachi nods. Siddhi goes. Prachi is irked that anyone says anything to her nowadays.

Siddhi is angry with Rudra for breaking her mangalsutra. She thinks of all the past awkward moments with Rudra. I don’t understand what I should do right now. Vin comes there stealthily and asks her what she is thinking. I can help you if you want. She looks at him worriedly. He asks her what’s bothering her. She shares that mangalsutra broke. He fixes it for her and makes her wear it. You look nice when you smile. Shankar enters just when Vin is kissing her on the forehead. He coughs. Can I take my DIL for puja if you are done romancing her? Vin and Siddhi smile.

Pundit ji shares a story of Lord Ganesha with Kundra family. They all stand for the aarti. Siddhi goes first. She isn’t happy seeing Rudra standing near her. Prachi does aarti next. Siddhi smiles as Vin keeps his hand on her shoulder. She moves away when Rudra tries to touch her with his shoulder. She fails second time though. She prays to Bappa to remove all the ills of this house. I have to throw the devil named Rudra out of this house. You have to show me some way. Strong wind starts blowing. Both Manjari and Siddhi run to save the diya. They see Rudra with the fan. Shankar remarks that no one will be able to harm Kundra family till the time the women of the house are united. Siddhi finds Bappa’s answer.

Manjari cries in the room thinking what all she has done for Rudra. I never knew he will harm me in the end! Shankar was right. Rudra does not deserve to be here. How to ask him to leave though? I am his mother. He is my son. It is too much though! I must do something. How to throw him out of this house? Siddhi enters and asks her to tell Rudra directly to leave the house. You should get rid of him. I will help you in this. Manjari looks at Siddhi.

Precap: Siddhi says our helplessness and problem is one. We must unite. We should be together till the time Rudra is out of the house. Manjari keeps her hand over Siddhi’s.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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