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Episode 18

Starts from continued part©️©️©️©️©️©️©️
Kunj and om reached the hospital along with aayat. She was burning in fever very badly slightly crying in kunj arms.

They went inside the hospital directly they went inside doctor cabin while doctor was present there because kunj already told the doctor they are coming so he was just waiting for him only. Doctor see them and gesture them to come inside they both of them take their seats while after see doctor aayat started crying loudly kunj consoling her..

Doctor:hi mr sarna.

Kunj:thanks doctor for waiting for us.

Doctor:it’s okay.

Kunj:she is my sister check her.

Doctor:yeah.kunj make her sit while she didn’t want to leave kunj.Doctor smile..

Baby don’t worry I’ll not do anything..

He examined Aayat., fever is very high What did you eat baby..

Kunj:nothing as such.India climate didn’t suit her very much.

Docter:hoo. Don’t go out in sunlight okay. I’ll suggest you I’ll give her injection it’s good for her.

Om:yeah sure..

Aayat:no injection😭😭😭..

Kunj:Aayat you feel better.Kunj hold Aayat tightly let doctor give her injection she cries lot.Than doctor prescribed medicines. They left for Sarna Mansion Aayat blabbering she’ll complain about them to tej.

Kunj: Aayat bas don’t worry.

Aayat: Bhaiya you are so bad Soon They reached Sarna mansion they went inside and everyone was in the room While tej was waiting for Aayat As soon as tej See the Kunj and om Listen Aayat crying He run towards them

Tej: What happened to her why she’s crying.

Om:Doctor gave her injection


Om:She had high fever.

Aayat: pa😭😭😭

she went in tej arms and crying in his father embrace as well.while tej consoles her. He take Aayat in their  room Avantika see Aayat.

Avantika: Aayat kya hua..
aayat started crying more after see her mother. While Avantika takes her and she and tej sit on bed along with Aayat.

Baby don’t cry.. she wiped her tears and caress her hairs too.

Aayat:mamma Bhaiya.😭😭.

Avantika:what Bhaiya did😱.

aayat .Mumma bhai Dr give me injection.

Avantika: so what Aayat you will fine soon after injection don’t worry my doll okay.

Aayat: I’ll not talk to Bhaiya now even O bro too.Tej and Avantika smile. Avantika change her night dress later kunj and om or Rudra come in tej and Avantika room while tej was in study room.They see Avantika putting oil In Aayat hairs.They went takes their seats.

Rudra:hi pidhi hows you.Aayat didn’t said anything just make faces at him.

Om:badi MAA did she take medicine.?

Avantika:no I’ll give her.Kunj understand Aayat angry with him the way she rolling her eyes on kunj.Kunj give smile on his little sister cuteness . He cupped her cheeks and kiss aayat makes faces.

Aayat: ahaa 😏😏mamma..

Avantika:Aayat bas. Kunj laid down. Aayat lay down in middle while om and rudra beside her even Kunj next side of bed. Avantika went downstairs goes in kitchen make soupy noddles for Aayat and coffee for tej and for her sons.  she send coffee for Tej by harikaka.Avantika takes and went to her room back. While om and rudra teasing Aayat kunj enjoying..

Rudra: today reception was amazing 😉 by the way Bhaiya you didn’t informed us about this you were the incharge of reception arrangement. Avantika come sit beside them..

Avantika:coffee. They tiro give smile. Thanks together. Avantika give them coffee mugs. They took it..

Kunj: thanks.

Aayat: what about me.. you went for me or for them..

Avantika:only for you.See your favourite soupy noddles. Come to me I’ll feed you.

Aayat: no I’ll have..

Kunj: how you’ll Aayat come I’ll. Aayat look at Kunj face and melted immediately to see her favourite brother face.

Aayat: okay.

Rudra: she is so mean Bhaiya if I’m in your place she’ll not talk to me till one week surely look at you..

Aayat:haa so what.. he is my Bhaiya she hugged kunj her hand lock around kunj neck.

Avantika: ho ho what about this two brothers.

Aayat: nothing they are to but this ru brother tease me lot make me cry but my Bhaiya never ever he loves me lot. Hai na Bhaiya she look at Kunj face who nodding in yes Aayat kiss on kunj cheeks.

Rudra: huhu pidhi. Rudra kiss on om cheeks while he makes annoying faces.

Om:Chii rudra 😛😂. They all laugh out.

Rudra: Bhaiya you didn’t tell me.

Kunj:haa so what Rt uncle told me to do so I did it.

Avantika: great kunj.

Rudra: see o abhi se sasur ji ki helping impressive.

Om:yeah rudra they both did hifi 😛😉.

Kunj: Carry on. Kunj feeding Aayat noddles with his hands. After they lay down Aayat on kunj he caress  her hairs.

Om: I’ll come.

Avantika: where om.

Om: I’ll come just badi MAA.

Avantika: okay.

Rudra: mummy come here na.

Avantika: yeah I’ll. She went near him. Rudra rest his head on Avantika lap.While she caress Rudra hairs he closed his eyes feels good in his mother embrace.He hold her tightly Avantika smile.Kunj see Aayat sleep on him only he place her on bed. Keep his head on Avantika shoulder she see him and keep her one hand on his head and kiss him.

Kunj:where is pa today??

Avantika:your pa is in study room..

Kunj:hoo.Avantika rest her head on headboard.Even Kunj too closed his eyes.
Kunj Rest his head on his mother shoulder.

With one hand Avantika caressing Rudra hairs with another hand patting on kunj head.While Avantika too closed her eyes and resting.After sometimes tej entered in room.And see the scenario in front of his eyes he gives smile to see beautiful moments in one frame.He went ahead
Tej sits on side couch while due to voice Avantika wake up she open her eyes and see Tej.

Avantika:when did you come.

Tej:just now what’s going on here.Today your  kids here.

Avantika:yes see three of them sleep. Avantika place rudra head on pillow even Kunj too make them lay down properly.She get up.they both stand together.Tej and Avantika together look at their kids

Tej:just for name they become big still small for us.

Avantika:true tej.They both covered them with duvet fully. Now where are you sleep.

Tej: today your kids take my place now what I’ll do.

Avantika:this couch is perfect for you.

Tej: yeah what about you.

Avantika: I’ll beside Aayat little space for me.

Tej:okay. Avantika and Tej settle down and off the lights sleep peacefully.

Other side at Taneja mansion.

Twinkle was laying down in her room she was using her phone just chitchatting with her friends gang they just making fun of kunj. He is so boring while twinkle just giving them answers in no and yes.

And blushing as well they teasing on dance how they both dancing even music to get stop.

Naman: bata twinkle what’s going on between you and kunj.

Twinkle: nothing naman just shut up making fun of my would be husband.

Chinki: ho ho..

Twinkle: okay guys I’m going to sleep hell tired due to this wedding.

Asha: yeah same. Did you guys coming college tomorrow.

Chinki: of course yaar one week has been passed away we didn’t went college principal will throw us out of the college.

Twinkle:true even exams are too coming very soon.. so guys meet at college.

Chinki:okay bye goodnight love you babes.

Twinkle:Same babes they end the calls

And sleep twinkle closed her eyes and see kunj face And smile slightly. Soon sleep took her other side in Kabir and Malika room they busy in their romance making love and express their love for each other whole room filled with love and pleasure

Moan and groans.

Next day in morning.

Leela wake up and get freshen up and went downstairs Bebe and hansh was already there and having tea Leela went towards them and wish them good morning.

Bebe:good morning Leela puttar.where is our bahu. Just than malika coming from upstairs.

Malika:I’m here mothers.. they see malika and give smile.Malika went near them and take their blessing. Good morning mummy ji and Bebe or dadu..

Hansh:good morning puttar.

Malika:I’ll see breakfast.she went in

kitchen and see breakfast.

Leela:I’ll see twinkle and Mahi they both will get late for their college.Leela went upstairs goes in mahi room first.She see mahi still sleeping peacefully. She went to mahi and sit beside her caress her hairs due to Leela touch mahi open her eyes and give smile to see Leela.

Mahi: MAA good morning.

Leela: caress her hairs goodmorning my bacha. Get up college nahi jana hai kya.

Mahi: haa jana hai maa.

Leela: go and get ready okay bacha. Till than I’ll see your big sister. Mahi get up and went in washroom while Leela about to go in twinkle room there Kabir come and see Leela.

Kabir:good morning MAA kaha.

Leela: good morning beta go down your dadu waiting for you at breakfast table. I’ll see twinkle.

Kabir:MAA you go I’ll wake up Mrs sarna. Leela laugh and pat on Kabir cheek.. Leela went down while Kabir went in twinkle room he went near her bed and see twinkle taking 😴 snoring Kabir make her video and giggling as well. Twinkle princess heheh see what I’ll do with this video blackmail you anytime when I wanted. Try to make out my work. Twinkle wake up she just turning here and there making faces..
Abey oyye Twinkle get up kunj come waiting for you. Twinkle wake up with jerk after listen Kunj name.

Twinkle: what kunj here why..

Kabir: I don’t know why he come maybe about your and his wedding. So sister come down everyone waiting for you only. Kabir see twinkle face expression and happy inside he went down while twinkle tie her hairs.

Twinkle:wedding just one day before bhai and bhabhi wedding get over now our shit. Twinkleeeee babaji..twinkle take her clothes and went in washroom. Soon she get ready and come downstairs everyone was already settled for breakfast just waiting for twinkle. She come dinning area while her eyes were finding Kunj that Kabir can see. Where is kunj..

Leela:What happens twinkle.

Twinkle: nothing MAA where is kunj.

Kabir: what is this where is kunj in his house obviously twinkle. She look at Kabir face.

Leela: yeah twinkle.

Twinkle:Bhai told me he come here.

Kabir:hoo when did I told you twinkle don’t lie you Itself missing kunj why taking

My name twinkle he smiled slightly that twinkle see and take her seat.

Malika: today have breakfast made by me.

Rt: haa malika beta smell coming good..

She served everyone than take seat beside Kabir they all having breakfast and it’s really yummy.

Mahi: bhabhi nice food..

Kabir:yeah see twinkle my wife win in cooking what about you.After having your

Food at Sarna Mansion everyone having constipation problem. All laugh out.

Twinkle:haa so what they will eat what I make for them.Yeh toh waqt batayega bhai.

Kabir:let see sister.. when your time will come that very soon what’s say Papa. After see twinkle grand father in law excitement for twinkle and Kunj wedding after see them they are very much curious to make twinkle their bahu as soon as possible but they unaware which toofan they were inviting. Kabir burst out in laugh others too twinkle get irritated with this all she throw apple at Kabir.

Twinkle: I’m going mahi are you coming or not. Twinkle get up take her bag while malika went to her.

Malika:Kabir stop teasing my beautiful sister in law.

Mahi:di lets go.Mahi and twinkle left for college.

Back to Sarna Mansion everyone having their breakfast expect kunj and Aayat or rudra still they are sleeping.

Lata:where is kunj.

Tej:your both grand son and daughter sleeping.


Usha:But I check kunj room he wasn’t in his room.

Avantika:they both slept in our room.

Anjali:mamma’s kids. After breakfast Avantika and tej went in their room and see still their kids sleeping..

Tej:look at them.

Avantika:I’ll wake up them.She went near bed. Kunj and rudra wake up..

Kunj:hmmm. Let me sleep mummy.

Tej:you’ll miss your meeting kunj.After Listen Tej voice kunj immediately wake up.

Rubbing his eyes see Tej and Avantika.
Rudra get up even he too wake up.

Rudra:good morning.

Kunj:good morning.

Avantika:good morning my sons.

Tej: kunj go and get ready I’ll see you in meeting.

Kunj:yeah pa.

Avantika:Tej something leave your office work sit with your son and talk to him apart from office work.

Tej:acha.Tej come and sit beside Avantika.
Kunj blow down his face.WhAt I’ll talk to your son Avantika he didn’t speak anything.What should I do now.

Rudra:don’t worry pa I’m here.Rudra rest his head on Tej shoulder. Bhaiya is shy man.

Tej:only with me. Tej lock his hands around rudra and Kunj neck pulled them near.

Rudra: my pa is the best he hug him.

Tej:laugh slightly while Avantika taking out Aayat clothes. Acha today pa is the best what you wanted so you buttering on me kunj laugh too.

Rudra:nothing pa. Can’t I hug my pa.

Avantika:hoo Tej.

Tej:why he wanted anything from me he had his Bhaiya. Haina kunj.


Tej:kuch nahi

Rudra:pa sometime you feel proud that you have two sons like us..

Tej:see kunj what you brother telling proud on him.Rudra passed the joke kunj and Tej laugh out like anything to see kunj happy Tej get so happy.Both Rudra and Kunj hugged Tej while he too.You look good kunj when you smile.Kunj look at Tej face while tej pat on his cheeks.I’m your father too before boss.

Kunj:hmm I know pa.He hugged Tej back tightly.After having happy moments.Kunj and rudra went in their rooms soon both get freshen up usha come in kunj with coffee she give him his medicine and than Kunj have his breakfast quickly.

At hall Priyanka was waiting for rudra she was getting late for college.. Rudra come.

Priyanka:Bhaiya see the time.

Rudra:so what??..

Kunj: look at him how casually he said so what college wasn’t of our father.

Tej: kunj you drop them than come office.

Kunj:okay pa.Tej and Manohar left for office while Kunj was waiting for rudra and Priyanka In car they both come and sit while Kunj starts the car and they left for college.

At college twinkle, mahi along Yuvi or naman, raj and Rishi even chinki or Asha as well they standing near college main gate.

Raj: last night how much you fret twinkle.

Yuvi: why??

Rishi: Arey we tease her lot on kunj.

Twinkle: haa now bas don’t make fun of him why you guys behind him he didn’t tell you all anything.

Naman:that’s his problem twinkle he is silent man what we can do in this.

Yuvi:that’s true twinkle your whole life going to become boring.

Twinkle:let it be but I’m happy how he is.

All started hooting while twinkle don’t why she blushing on kunj name every time this happened with her on kunj name automatically blushing come on her cheeks.Chinki and Asha who standing beside twinkle they both shaking her with their both elbows in teasing manner.

Chinki: guys look at our punjabi padaka really twinkle tu blush kar rahi hai. Hmmm.

Just than there kunj car stop. Rudra and Priyanka come out from car. While Asha eyes went on rudra.

Asha: finally devar ji come they all turned and see only Rudra and Priyanka because kunj was hiding due to Priyanka. They all waving towards them they both give smile back Priyanka turned finally kunj face revealed all see kunj.

Raj:kunj he lived 100 years. Kunj who was busy in phone twinkle continuously looking at Kunj how calmly he was talking at phone.

Rudra: okay Bhaiya bye.

Kunj:hmm.He starts the car in hurry he went from there.They all went in their classes and get busy in their students they wasn’t attend their previous classes so all busy to get their all notes.

Like this one week passed very quickly. Kunj was busy in his project he daily went hissar to see the side and come back at late night this become his daily routine to go hisaar. Abeer and mehar shift in Taneja mansion as per Bebe request. Aayat and nakash was in same school. After school Aayat just persistence to go Taneja mansion play with nakash there. After so much drama Anjali take her daily.

Today Luthra’s kept the dinner small get together at their house specially because of Kabir and Malika to invite this newly wedded couple for dinner even sarna’s and Malika family as well there this family gathering.

At Kabir and Malika room she get ready wearing beautiful saree looking stunning. While malika closing Kabir shirt buttons.

Kabir: what happened wifey..

Malika: nothing Kabir just sad mom and dad going back to newt York tonight.

Kabir: don’t be sad malika we all are here for you they’ll come back soon whenever you feel to meet with your parents just tell me once I’ll take you immediately.

Malika:aww baby I love you so much.They both share lovely hug..

Everyone was get ready and they all set to go Luthra house. Other side sarnas too.

They both families reached together they come out of their cars. Twinkle see her in laws she went towards and take their blessing first Lata and prithviraj.

Prithviraj:khush raho beta.they all went inside happily Anita along with her whole family they were waiting for them.Sarnas come Anita place for the first time.

Anita hugged her both bhabhi’s.

Surjit: aayi ye we just waiting for them. They all sit together servant come and served them juice.

Usha:nice house.

Anita: thanks Usha bhabhi.

Anjali: where is maya bua.

Anita:she is in her room beta just coming,
Just than maya and Dev come all see and confused who he is.??

Maya:hi everyone..

Yuvi:you guys didn’t meet with him. So I’ll introduce you people Yuvi come near dev and stand beside him.He is dev arora my jiju and husband of maya.Dev meet with all Sarna family everyone like him.

Rudra: maya di where you hide your dev till now.

Maya:nowhere he just went my mother in law house. In village.

Tej:what you doing dev.???

Dev:I’m police officer.

Tej:great.Even Malika family too come. Malika saw her mother she hugged her..

Mehar:where is Kunj today he didn’t come.?

Manohar:haa Bhai shab.Till now he didn’t come.

Tej:I told him to come early today.Tej try to call Kunj but he didn’t answer his calls.

All sits and chit chatting with each other’s while aayat and nakash playing together.

Kabir: dev you miss our wedding yaar.

Dev:I know what can I do in this I had work that’s why I went.aur twinkle suna hai you engaged with whom..

Maya:with whom you’ll know soon.

Kabir was talking yawn rudra and Yuvi see this and smirked.

Yuvi:what happened bro didn’t you sleep at night.

Rishi: haa nowadays toh kabir bhai giving kasht to his sleep..

Abeer: true all tease them.

Kabir:you peopl know very much about our sleep.You know what our sleep is our

Sleep none of your sleep 😂😂😛😛.

Twinkle:bhai very lame.,while tej fuming at Kunj he didn’t come that making him angry he gives him time still he didn’t come even he didn’t answer his calls..
Avantika sense tej anger.

Kunj stuck in traffic he know today gone most important his phone battery dead.
After one hour he stuck in traffic.Om and Mahi sharing eyelocks.Somehow Kunj reached luthra mansion most important thing Kunj don’t know about address he asked many peoples than he reached.He parked the car and went ahead.

Anita:finally you come.Kunj went near them.

Tej:where are you till now I was calling can’t you pick up and answer me is not necessary Kunj.

Kunj:sorry pa I was stuck in traffic.And my phone battery is dead that’s why..

Lata:leave tej.ek tera hi kaam karta hai tu bhi na.Come to me Kunj.Kunj went to lata and sit beside her.Lata caress his face

Twinkle look at Kunj face admire his innocent..

Maya:dev you wanna see with whom twinkle got engaged.

Dev:yeah definitely I wanna.Maya give voice to kunj.

Maya:kunj come here..

Kunj: yeah. Kunj went to them.Kunj see twinkle who looking here and there.
Rudra and Anjali come near kunj stand.

Maya: kunj he is dev my husband and dev he is kunj my Tej maamu son..

Dev: hi kunj.

Kunj:hi nice to meet you..

Rudra: this twinkle is our bhabhi she engaged with my Bhaiya.

Dev:hooo kunj and twinkle.You are twinkle fiancé.


Anita: kids come let’s have dinner.

Om: where..

Anita: in garden.Weather is so beautiful. They all went in garden they all take their seats.Twinkle see there is no Place rather than beside kunj.She come and sit beside kunj. Long and beautiful candles was there making this ambiance more beautiful.

Avantika: Aayat come have your dinner nakash and Aayat come.Aayat sit on kunj lap.Servant served them food all yummy dishes.Kunj feed Aayat even Aayat to him twinkle see this give smile. While having food twinkle and Kunj hands touching.

Twinkle:in heart what happened today this sadu he didn’t talk to me once.

Malika:aunty dinner was really amazing.

After dinner everyone all sit garden only.

Dev:aur kunj what you doing.

Kunj:working in Sarna empire.

Dev:hoo family business.

Kunj:hmm but not fully like a employee.

Yuvi:when we meet with Anjali Di husband.
Who is that crazy 😜 guy.

Rudra: don’t say anything about G Bhaiya is here..

Yuvi: so what..

Om:so what not Yuvi he is kunj Best buddy.Kunj just Listening their conversation he was hell tired and sleepy as well..

Sapna:okay we should take leave we have to catch our flight too.Malika get tears in her eyes. Malika father and mother hugged her..

Malika: I miss you mom and dad..

Even we too Miss you bacha we’ll come back soon you don’t worry see everyone is here. Kabir takes their blessing..

Sapna: take care of her Kabir. They meet with everyone and than left malika was sad all Cheer up..

Rudra: today feeling like her real bidaai happened kunj and om laughing loudly they did hifi..

Om:see her Kunj how she cried when her mom and dad went out of the town.

Kunj: yeah how Rahul teased her and .

Malika: and I pulled her pant..😂😂😂..

Yuvi give drastic and funny look to Kabir 😂😂..

Twinkle: don’t make fun of my bhabhi. This is natural. You boys didn’t understand what happened on girls they have to leave their house and parents or family.

Avantika: true twinkle.

Rudra: Bhaiya I think this same happened with twinkle bhabhi too.

Twinkle: why??? How

Rudra:when we too go back to London with you.Twinkle become sad immediately.

Kunj: bara baje gaye..😛😂. Twinkle look at Kunj face.

Twinkle: you shut up sadu..

Kunj: even you too siyappa queen they both forgot their families was there only.

Twinkle: don’t irritate me she show him her finger while in side rudra and om dancing.

Kunj: even you too don’t mess with me. Their families shocked. Specially for kunj.

Tej: kunjjj.

Twinkle: see him uncle.. he just fight with me.

Kunj: no pa she started first..

Tej: kunjj.

Kunj: But pa okay.. they both give tashan look at each other’s. All moving inside twinkle went near kunj she hit on kunj foot with her sandal.ouchhhhh. He look at twinkle while winching in pain..

Twinkle: don’t mess mr Sarna with soon Mrs Sarna.Twinkle went inside while giving him killer look. Om and Rudra come from back and give Kunj back hugged.

Om: ladki is very smart Bhai.

Rudra: true abhi se our family control in her hands Bhaiya.

Kunj: shut up you both. Specially you both make her sit on head.episode end on Sarna brothers face..

In next episode:ganpati celebration in Sarna House.Kunj and twinkle did aarti together what this ganpati bring for twinj.

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