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Muskaan 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rakhi slaps Sapna

Muskaan 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak calling Dolly and asking about the girl. She asks are you mad, you spoiled my sleep to know her name. He asks her to please say the name. He smiles and says Muskaan. Muskaan stays sad and sees books. Tabassum asks VIP to enjoy the fun. Ghosh says Sapna has thrown ghungroos at me, she is refusing to dance. Tabassum gets angry. She tells VIP that she knows her duty. VIP scolds her and says I decide more than I talk, Muskaan won’t dance in front of them, I have right on her. Rakhi asks Sapna to open the door. Sapna argues with her and gets drunk. The people get angry when no one performs. They leave.

Sir ji asks VIP not to get angry, he will explain Tabassum. He sends VIP. He gives money to Tabassum and says this is for Muskaan, you have groomed Muskaan well, you worked hard, we need a backup for Muskaan, we can’t depend on Sapna. Sapna asks why don’t anyone value me. Tabassum comes and says I will tell you, your anger is useless, your body will be burnt by anger, you can use anger well and become hit. Sapna says you are lying. Tabassum praises Muskaan. She scolds Saona. Rakhi looks on.

Tabassum says we tried to teach you a lot, but you didn’t learn, you don’t know how much loss we are bearing, we didn’t expect profit from you, just understand, else time will teach him. She goes. Aarti sings a lullaby in jail and puts her imaginary child to sleep. Ronak sees his friend praying. His friend asks him to pray. Ronak wishes Muskaan gets a yummy tiffin. Tabassum comes to Muskaan and wards off bad sight. She asks Ghosh to give prasad to Muskaan. Sapna comes to Muskaan and taunts her. She says I heard you danced very well, you do anything, but I don’t care, if anyone compares us and scolds me, I won’t tolerate, remember what your mum used to say. She insults Aarti and laughs. Muskaan asks her not to say about Aarti. Sapna asks what will you do, will you beat me. She pours wine on Muskaan and laughs. Suzaine comes there and scolds Sapna. Sapna says you always take Muskaan’s side. Rakhi slaps Sapna.

Ronak asks Muskaan why did she go when he asked her to study. She says let me go, I want to study. He takes tiffin from her purse.

Update Credit to: Amena

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