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Mere Sai 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Abdul and Ranoji Reconcile

Mere Sai 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarla confronts Ranoji and Abdul and says they boast of being his biggest disciple, then how can they accept defeat and trouble each other. he scolds Ranoji for ignoring his family making their life miserable to serve him and says today he snatched food from his child, which father does that, does he think he can make me happy by making a child sad. He then scolds Abdul that he was sad that he does not have a family and when he came here, he bet his loyalty to win. Abdul says he got a sister after coming here and did not want to go back to his lonely life. Sai says he did not ask anyone to serve him, but they themselves decided and started fighting each other for their ego, now they should decide what they want. He walks away.

A drama company artist gathers villagers and in a dramatic style

annonces his drama company Rangamudra natak mandali’s arrival in their village. He describes they will enact Raja Nal and Rani Damayanti’s story and their immortal love story, acting will be so amazing that they will feel they are watching it in real.

Abdul apologizes Ranoji and says Ranoji was serving Sai before he came, he made a sin and has decided to go from here. He reminisces Lakshmi tying him rakhi and asks Ranoji to take care of his wife and child and even Sai, inform Lakshmi not to forget his brother. Ranoji says he cannot leave home for a small mistake and as an elder brother, he will not let him go. They both hug each other. Ranoji says they both will help Sai together and serve people. Sai returns and gets happy seeing them reconciling their differences. He comments serving others means not fighting to fulfill their ego, but to help selflessly.

Tatya tells his friends he liked this drama concept and they all will go to watch it. Appa and Gappa fume how can anyone play drama without Kulkarni’s permission, catch drama artist and take him to Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks who is this specimen. Gappa says this drama artist is really a specimen and his drama troupe has come here to show their drama. Kulkarni says it is against their culture. Keshav says it is called theater and in London it is common form of entertainment. Kulkarni continues that it is against their culture and a sin, so will not permit.

Lakshmi complains Sai that she wants to watch drama, but Ali and other friends don’t want to. Ali says their farm yeild has spoilt and they don’t have much to even eat, they did not celebrate eid also this time. Anothr friend says same. Tatya says he did not know they are in such a dilapidated state. Another friend says they can help each other though. Sai says it is a good idea, but how…

Precap: Sai sings Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari.. A wealthy man comes to meet Kulkarni sarkar.

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