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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya and Rama at Loggerheads

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya over phone asks Samar to meet her tomorrow and disconnects call. Samar stands tensed. Rama says she would have called to talk about marriage. Samar says Jaya rejected his proposal. She says he did not disconnect call and she heard everything. She suggests him to go and meet Jaya’s mother with a positive thinking.

At Jaya’s house, Satya eagerly waits for Samar. Jaya pleads her not to insult Samar as he is a good person. Shikha and other sister say Jaya that Samar is a fraud and will not come. Naani says he is Samar and will not run away. Samar enters. Jaya greets him and says her daughter arranged his sister’s wedding, he was staring her instead of enjoying wedding, he called her alone and proposed, whose idea was it. He nervously says his mother.

She says it was a good idea. He relaxes followed by Jaya and others. Satya continues that his mother gave him a perfect idea and even Jaya loves him as she used to talk about him a lot after returning home, she rejected his offer afraid of her mother and thinking what she would feel. Jaya nervously looks at them. Satya asks Samar will he marry her daughter. He happily nods his head and touches her feet. She warns not to make any mistake that her daughter remembers her, nothing is more important to her than her daughters. She walks away. Samar relaxes. Shikha taunts him and asks if he wants to have tea. Naani asks him to sit and asks Jaya to sit, she will prepare tea for them and takes Shikha and other sister. Jaya and Samar nervously talk.

At a charity mass marriage event, host address newly married couple and calls guests. Rama walks in. He says Rama sponsored their mangalsutra. Rama walks in. They all clap for her. Satya walks in next. Host says Satya is a lawyer who will help them get marriage certificate.

Jaya takes Samar to her room and shows her favorite corner where she thinks, dreams, works, etc. He says her dream has come true and she does not have to think about her future, she will be leaving this room anyways. She says she will stay here whenever she comes here. They both get romantic. He says he will give her happiness of whole world and will change if situation demands and will not let her change though. She says every boy says same. He says he means what he says. She smiles.

Host requests Rama to give some moral gyaan to newly married couple. Jaya gives moral gyaan about their pious relationship, to solve issues among themselves and take in-laws help and inform their mother as the last resort, not inform her mother even minute issues, et.. she is telling this with her personal experiene. Host requests Satya next. Satya says they are lucky not to have Rama ass their saas/MIL and starts talking about breaking marriage if they are not compatible to each other, et..

Precap: Rama tells Satya she would have felt bad if Satya was her son’s saas. Satya says she is happy that she is not her daughter’s saas. Dadaji over phone informs Satya to perform Jaaya and Samar’s engagement tomorrow. Satya with Jaya travels in a car and says she is carrying sweets for her daughter’s engagement. Rama says it is even her son’s engagement today. Satya congratulates Rama for getting a bahu who will adjust.

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