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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Gets Back Her Jewelry

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti with her family and neighbors start ganesh visarjan pooja. Pratap disguised as Ganeshji’s rat carries a boy disguised as Ganeshji. Pari takes selfies. Kunti asks by if he will come to her house for feast. Pratap asks to agree before greedy woman changes her mind. Kunti scolds him. Bahus and Pratap take boy to thheir home. Kunti nervously prays Bhole to return her necklace if he wants to.

Kunti returns home and feed boy. Pratap does his jokergiri as usual. A real rat enters. Bahus panic. Pratap jokes at Kunti. Kunti says Ganeshji’s real vehicle came to their home. Rat crawls into Kunti’s room. Kunti takes laddoos and walks inside her room searching rat and finds her neclace in bowl. She takes it out and shows it to family. Family is surprised. Kunti reminiscing giving necklace to Kusum to polish and scolds her. Kusum reminisces feeling sleepy and asking Pari to police necklace and give it to Kunti. Kunti scolds Pari next. Kunti with whole family performs Ganesh pooja. Sarla asks how did they catch thief and get back necklace. Kunti asks to just concentrate on prayers and thinks she unnecessarily gifted 51,000 rs, then apologizes god.

Kunti enjoys tea sitting outside house. Prathana reads news about senior citizens’ bags being snatched and suggests her to not go out alone. Kunti asks if she is referring her as old. Kanhaiya walks out and says she looks like Hemamalini even now. Kunti mimics Hemamalini and continues her chat. She gives her promise to Kanhaiya and says she wants to go to Banaras. Kanhaiya says he cannot let her go alone. Kunti says Sarla is accompanying her. Their jokergiri continues. Kunti reminds his promise and walks out laughing she is going to Banaras tonight.

Kunti packs her bags. Pratap walks in disguised as dacoit Sajjan Singh and mimics. He jokes on Kunti as usual and asks whose bag she looted. Kusum says Maiya is going to Banaras. He happily asks really and suggests Kunti to sacrifice herself in Ganga. Kunti scolds him as usual…Kanhaiya enters and says he booked her Banaras tickets and only 2 buses go there.

Precap: Kanhaiya informs family that Maiya did not reach Banaras at all.

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