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Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: The robbers were arrested

Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The robbers check Samar’s bag. They recognize the real diamond. Samar snatch the real one and tries to run away. Everyone get behind him, the diamond is flown in air for everyone to catch.
Sarla and Karina walk to the hall and were shocked to see the chaos.
Preeta calls the police to reach Luthra’s house. The police wasn’t ready to leave their station as PM had to come. Preeta deters to upload their carelessness in this emergency situation over social media. The police agree to reach.
Samar held Shrishti hostage by placing a knife at her neck. Sarla had brought a knife and throw at Samar. Robbers get a chance to grab Samar by collar and get hold of the diamond. They were happy with Bee ji for helping them. Bee ji takes a chance and slaps Samar. The robbers ask their lead

what to do with these all? Robert says they have all seen their faces, they must kill everyone.
Preeta finds a gun in her feet. She place it over Robbert’s head and holds everyone at gun point. The robbers back up. Preeta fires a bullet in the air. Everyone in Preeta scolds. Rakhi now get hold of the gun and tries to fire a bullet in the air. The gun was empty. The robbers head to snatch the diamond off them. Karan fly the pack in air, it gets tangled into a flower chandelier. Samar and Robbert’s man race upstairs and pulls the chandelier with a rope. Karan and Rishab discuss that they must get the diamond, it would be enough for their generations to get rich. Preeta catch the pack of diamond as it fell off. Karan and Rishab grab the robbers. The police arrive and arrest the robbers as well as Samar. The police was thankful to Preeta for calling them in time.
After it’s over, Rakhi asks Manisha to come upstairs where she can fix her hair. Pandit ji will decorate Ganapati once again. Rakhi thinks about some idea to make Manisha leave the Roka by herself. She thinks about a film from the movie. She sits beside Manisha and says she feels lucky, even Karan is lucky to have Manisha as her daughter in law. She says she is sure Karan would only be Manisha’s now. Karan had a huge list of girlfriends since teenage. She was appreciative of Manisha as she agreed to marry Karan. Manisha was thankful to Rakhi for being so loving. Rakhi says she is like a friend to Manisha and there is no sorry or thank you among friends. She promises to get Manisha cotton as her Karan snores really loud while asleep. She further continues with another secret and says she took Karan’s birth chart to a Pandit when Karan was a child. The Pandit said there must be great love between Karan and his wife, because Karan will kill that girl after marriage. The good thing is that Karan would come out safe from the case. Manisha was terrified with the revelation. Rakhi now leaves the room.
Manisha calls Prithvi and tells him to reach the guest room as soon as possible. Prithvi passes by Shrishti and pass a smile. Shrishti questions why is he smiling, Sarla isn’t around. Prithvi says Shrishti is there as his sister in law and deserves his smile as well. He heads on. Shrishti curtly throw a flower towards him. Rishab watch this and smiles thinking that Shrishti is a child. Sameer and Mahesh walk there. Sameer was curt watching Shrishti and Rishab smile at each other.
Karan sat in the room with his injured hand. Rakhi couldn’t find the first aid box. Preeta comes in. Rakhi tells her to get the first aid box from her room, but Preeta knew where the box was in Karan’s room.

PRECAP: Karan asks Preeta if she has fallen for him?

Update Credit to: Sona

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