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Mr and Mrs Perfect – KUMKUM BHAGYA EPISODE 20

Hello my dear readers.
So are you all okay with pace and story. I mean it is a teenage love story which initially started as infatuation and went to love.
All of you like it right. If not shall I change the story. To sonething else. Please tell me in comments.
Okay no more bakwas let’s go into the story.

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Abhi warned Harshi to be away from him. They all left to their classes for exam.
Abhi was waiting for Pragya to return in the reception. He was reading some reports which came from lab regarding the problem about their bodies. Pragya came after her exam. And they left to visit all the place in vijayawada.
Abhi was having with pragya. Pragya was falling in love with Abhi without realising also.
Abhi was supposed to leave to Hyderabad the next day. That day in hotel. It was Saturday
Abhi : fuggi can we go to special place tomorrow. I have something to tell you. If you are okay? ? ??? ? ? ?
Pragya : what is this rockstar. We can go but don’t do anything stupid you will miss your flight.
Abhi : okay meri maa
Pragya: abhi what shall we do know I am bored.
Abhi: let’s go to any pub.
Pragya : this is India not UK. Pubbing is allowed at 21 not 18.
Abhi: ohhh.
Pragya : I have an idea.
Abhi: what is that.
Pragya : come with me. Match is about to start.
Abhi: where ? Which match?
Pragya: near D Adress Mall there will be match going on live. If any important matches are there they will project. Now football season. So football match will be going on.
Abhi : fuggi we can watch here only right.
Pragya : no rockstar let us go there. It is my dream. Ma and pa never used to allow me.
Abhi: exactly they will be angry please no.
Pragya : you are coming or not I am going. Bye.
Abhi : I am coming.
Pragya : thanks u Rockstar. Love you soo much.
Abhi was shocked to hear that. Pragya realised what she said.
Pragya : abhi what I meant is…
Abhi: I can understand Pragya, you need not feel embarrased. Shall we go.
Pragya pov
Oh God where did you put me in. What buddhu rockstar is he? Before I complete only he stopped me saying it is friendly gesture. Can’t he understand the difference between friendly gesture and love. Ekai number Ka tubelight. Pragya you have tough time a head. If this is his pace for your kids you have to seduce him baby. ( the thought of babies made her blush😛😛😛😛).

Abhi’s pov
Oh Pragya why don’t you tell me that in a lovely gesture. I would be happiest on earth. If you tell or not I will tell what is in my heart tomorrow. Be ready for SUPRISE baby. Love you soo much.😘😘😘😘 But don’t know whether you will accept me for hiding my identity. Please pragyadon’t hate me.
(Seeing her blush) Abhi be careful if she blushes you may slip your control and spoil the surprise.

Pragya and abhi had a SLIENT journey in their own world.
They reached D Adress Mall. All people were seated on their cars and bikes and enjoying the match. Pragya was about to sit on her car when she noticed that some people were looking at them. She didn’t understand why but followed their gaze even she was shocked.
Abhi was casually sat on the car.
Abhi: fuggi baby come and sit why are you staring like that.
Pragya : abhi I think we got a wrong car.😨😨😨
Abhi: why you asked like that,
Pragya: it is audi latest model. It is not even released in India.
Abhi: perfect so what.
Pragya : it is costly car and you are asking so what.
Abhi: I got it shipped here so that I can use it for my travelling. And I don’t think it as costly car. It is alright.
Are you going to stare at car and me or watch match.
Pragya : but….
Abhi: I will tell you tomorrow everything so now sit and enjoy the match. ( He pulled her onto the car. They were sitting on car and enjoying the match.)
Pragya was shivering. Abhi pulled her closer to him. Pragya looked at him and smiled. Hugging each other they were seeing the match.
Pragya: abhi would you like to eat sweet corn.
Abhi: no, I don’t eat them . You want.
Pragya : yes. I love to eat them during the match.
Abhi: I will get you wait.
Pragya : no, you don’t know to bargain wait here. I will go and get us.
Abhi: I will come with you. You can not go alone,
Pragya : fine come, let us go. Lock the car.
Abhi: no one will steal the car.
Pragya : you don’t know about people here. They will not steal car they will steal the things inside it.
Abhi: then we have to lock the car.
They went to buy corn when they came back they saw a group of boys clicking pictures with the car.
Pragya : see what they are doing with our car. That is why I told you to be here.
Abhi: Pragya listen to me properly. If car goes I will buy another one but if anything happens to you i can’t forgive myself and I can’t live also. Nothing is more important than you for me. Keep it in your little brain.
Pragya : abhi I am so lucky to have you. Thanks for coming into my life. ( Abhi’s phone started to ring )
Abhi: okay you go and sit on car i will attend this call and come.
Pragya went to the boys abhi went to side to attend the call.
Pragya : excuse me. This is our car can you move aside.
Boys turned to her and she was shocked to see shyam and his friends.
Shyam : you what a surprise. Came in search of me. Even I was searching for you like a mad person. Where did you go these many days. Finally you only came in search of me I am so happy.
Pragya : sorry but I never thought about you in this week. One of the best weeks in life.
Shyam : then why you came here.
Pragya : because this is my car. So I came to sit. Not for you.
Shyam : I know you love me. Don’t hide it.
Pragya : shut up as I said I love some one else from past 2 years and will love him forever don’t dare to mess with me again.
Shyam: then this car. Got some rich person for weekend
Pragya : I am not so characterless like you. This is my cousin’s car.
Abhi: fuggi. What happened.
Pragya : nothing abhi. I just met some unwanted people in my life. Leave about that who is that in call.
Abhi: maa, she called as she left I am going to face some problem.
Pragya : are you missing them.
Abhi: I am used to this . I have to be away from them for longer.
Pragya : ohhh baby I am there for you don’t feel bad.
Abhi hugged her and kissed her head: I will miss you I don’t want to go.
Pragya : I know but it is for your life. Please for my sake. After that we will be together right.
Abhi: Pragya shall we go back to hotel. I am in no mood to watch the match.
Pragya : yaa sure. Come let’s go. You said we have to go somewhere tomorrow we should sleep early right.
They both left leaving shyam and his guys dumbstruck.
Next day they started early morning to reach the place.
It was romantic site. No one completely natural. A small waterfall and small river like stream flowing , a tree fully bloomed flowers and it was completely beautiful.
Pragya was enjoying the sunshine and flowers.
Abhi was enjoying her.
Abhi: Pragya will you be my best friend forever.
Pragya : abhi what is that question. I will be with you forever.
Abhi : I will tell you something you should never leave me for hiding it from you. Please don’t hate me.
Pragya : how can I hate you Abhi. You did so much help for me .
Abhi : I love you Pragya. (Pragya was shocked ) I really love you. I can’t be with out telling you about this. I want to be with you through out my life will you be with me and support me as my best friend, as my wife, as my soul mate, as mother of my kids.
Pragya; abhi actually that.
Abhi: no need to struggle Pragya I know what would be your answer .
Pragya : you know
Abhi: you love someone else, right. I don’t want to make you agree by forcing my love on you. I said my feelings and now the decision is yours. Make sure that what you feel is good for you.
Pragya : abhi listen to me once.
Abhi: let me complete Pragya. I do not want this confession to affect our friendship. Just as we are before let us be like that. I will not let my feelings affect you. I mean it Pragya. And one more thing Pragya. I will be there for you always remember that.
Pragya : but abhi, lis……..
Abhi: I am not yet done Pragya. I am working as secret agent i will never know when I will die when I will be alive. I am here for that work. And no one knows it except you and arjun not even di and jiju. I may not return once I go will you promise that you will take care of my parents if anything happens to me. Just like I am to them you are also same.
Pragya : abhi please do not talk like that.
Abhi: no Pragya it is truth, we have to agree as it is fact. Pragya one thing I will ask you, will you do it for me.
Pragya : abhi… I will do anything for u
Abhi: I will say I love you once will you say no.
Pragya : abhi I can’t. I will never hurt you by saying so. I know abhi what it feels when we love someone and they don’t love back what will be the pain.
Abhi: Pragya shall we go back to your hostel in need to go and pack my things.
Pragya : listen to me once.
Abhi: what will say dammit. That you love someone and be with him. I can not hear that I will just die than hearing it.
Pragya let us go I need to go back I don’t want any problem for you because of me.
Pragya was about to say something but. He stopped her saying it is getting late for his journey.
They didn’t talk anything in the return journey. He dropped her off was about to move.
Pragya hugged him and cried
Pragya : don’t go abhi I will miss you please stop this job .
Abhi: if you want any information about me ask jeeju he will tell you. Bye. ( He kissed her forehead and left )
Pragya pov :
What happened abhi why are you not letting me tell my opinion and why are you ignoring me. I want to love you. Show you how much I love you. Tell you how badly I missed you these to years. But not even allowing me to answer. I hate you Abhi, I hate myself for loving a person who is not even ready to hear her words
Abhi’s pov :
I know Pragya you love someone but your eyes shows how much you love me. But for now I have to be away for you to realise your true feelings. Love you soo much.

Pragya was sad about the days happening. All her friends came back from college.
Harshi : Pragya were did you go all these days. We missed you a lot.
Pragya : all of sudden my relative came i had to go with him.
Praneeha : so watched the movie.
Pragya : Haa.
Valli : prags you look dull is everything alright.
Mrudula : yes your eyes are red have you been crying for long time.
Pragya: nothing I got up early today morning so only. If I sleep it will be alright.

Pragya tried sleeping but sleep was far from her. Pragya became completely SLIENT after that. Her friends were shocked to see this new avatar of her. Pragya did not eat anything properly. She was so upset. On top of all this shyam was torching her to love him. She was worried for abhi. She would get information about her when she used to call Purab. In this span abhi made a plan to protect Purab, Bulbul and pragya form attacks. He made sure that none knows that they are similar to him. And have all his features. He’s only plan was being away as he was clear that he was their target. As far as he is alive they will not touch his family. For that was to run away. He made a news in the house by fighting with Bulbul and Purab and making every one believe that they were against his love. And ran way keeping the letter. After the letter incident Purab acted as he was guilty and moved away for week. Bulbul went away saying she wants to pick up Pragya. Every one believed it and even the villans.
At the London airport,
Purab : what acting man, killed it. For your acting Oscar will be given.
Abhi: thanks jeeju. But remember no one should doubt us.
Bulbul : but abhi in flight details we will be there right.
Abhi: I made sure of everything. Jeeju will be flying to lahore. And from there to mumbai, there to Hyderabad and then to vijayawada. You will land in Delhi, from their to chennai, and from there to vijayawada. I will move to Beijing, there to Jaipur, there to Colombo, there to rameshwaram by ship, then from there to cochin, and there to vijayawada.
Purab : abhi you have wounds and so long journey.
Abhi: it is okay jeeju. I will come 8 hours later after you too reach vijayawada.
Purab : be careful abhi , bye.
They left to their respective destination.

Mean time pragya’s exams started she was not letting theheart break effect on studies. She was giving her exams well. She was the only hostel girl from her college in that examination center. There were few days collar girls she is quiet friendly with them. There were some boys but she never talked with them, to her bad luck shyam was in her center.
Here Purab and bulbul landed in vijayawada at midnight. They went to hotel to check in.
Last day of their exam preparation for their final exam. After that she will have to go to London. She doesn’t have any idea how she will. But was sure she will go.
That day evening, she was walking in the college ground when shyam came to her.
Shyam : Pragya please accept my confession.
Pragya : I already said you I love some one else. Please leave me alone.
Shyam : Pragya you know , what ever I want, I will get it by hook or crook.
Pragya : you too know, once I say no, it is no.
Shyam : I did not come for that. Tomorrow after exam there is party here in college for second years, all will go to hostel and come back dressed. I will tell you as my girlfriend to everyone. It is better you dress up nicely.
Pragya : what the hell are you thinking of yourself and listen I will never give you that chance.
Shyam : I will take that chance.
Pragya: what if I don’t turn up.
Shyam : every HOSTELLER has to come.

Pragya left the place cursing her parents for putting in hostel and her friends for insisting on her. She decided to tell some reason and stay back in the hostel.
Next day near her college center.
She arrived at 7.30 when the exam was at 9. She asked one of her friends to come early saying about shyam. Her friends name is POOJA.
Pragya : hi poo.
Pooja: hey prags. Don’t worry everything will be alright. Pragya : hope so.
They were studying, something like last minute revision. Shyam was coming towards her. He was about to touch her. When they heard ” Excuse me “. They saw a person who was tall, well built, and fair.
Man: excuse me mam, you are Pragya Arora right.
Shyam : no, she is Pragya Chowdary.
Man: but sir showed your photo.
Shyam : get lost we have better work to do than waste our time.
Man: one second mister, (he turned to Pragya ) mam once you talk with sir. (He dialed some number and gave her)
Pragya : who is this sir,
Man: Purab sir, mam.
Pragya : bhai. Hello, bhai how are you? Where are you all? You didn’t call me for 2 days.
Purab : choti. I am in vijayawada. I came for you. Even Bulbul is with me and abhI is alright. Come with John, he will get you to our hotel. We can have breakfast together and go.
Pragya : it is okay bhai I will see you after exam.
Bulbul: no means no, we want to have breakfast with you. Please princess.
Pragya : okay fine BB I am coming.
Purab : choti love you so much.
Pragya : bhai…. ohhh. …
Purab : what happened choti tell me,
Pragya : is abhi alright. I mean when did he come here.
Bulbul : he didn’t come here will be here in an hour. We met him in London. He came home. Big drama happened we will tell everything afterwards first come hotell.
Pragya : yep coming. (She endedthe call ) John shall we go.
John: yes please mam, this way (he guided her to car).

Pragya left with John leaving others shocked and confused but she was least bothered all she wanted was her family.
She went in to PURAB’S room where they were waiting for her. She ran and hugged him and cried. Purab and bulbul were shocked to see Pragya crying.
Purab : Baby what happened look at me. (She hugged him tighter)
Pragya : bhai don’t leave me and go. I will be with you here i don’t want to go back.
Bulbul : princess what happened. You should be strong. Tell why are you crying.
Pragya : I missed you both a lot. If I leave you will run away again.
Purab : where will we go. Without our princess. Here after I will never leave you.
Pragya : pakka
Bulbul : Haa pakka
Purab : come let’s us have breakfast we will not go any where. You have an exam , right.
Pragya : no, I am not going to write any exam I don’t want to write.
Purab : what happened did anyone tease you.
Pragya : I will tell afterwards shall we breakfast peacefully please bhai.
Prubul, didn’t say anything, they had their breakfast chit chatting happily.
They had half an hour for exam. They decided to talk on the way.
Purab and bulbul went along with her.
In car,
Purab : bAby don’t worry if any problem John will be there infront of your college call him for help.
Pragya : okay bhai.
Bulbul : prags give me your hostel locker keys. I will pack everything.
Pragya : babhi don’t stress yourself I will pack once I return.
Bulbul : we don’t have much time Pragya. We have flight to mumbai tonight at 11
Pragya : babhi you didn’t tell me about this. Where we all going.
Purab : not we , you and abhi.
Bulbul : he will tell once he comes. Now go and write the exam well.
Pragya : till now with out your wishes I wrote well, now after this i will Rock.
Bulbul : all the best.
Purab : all the best.
Purab and bulbul left while Pragya went to examination hall as entry is permitted.
She completed her exam through out the exam she was thinking of abhi and how to handle him.
She completed her exam. Collected her things and ran out after giving her paper. She didn’t want to face shyam and others. But shyam saw her and moved towards her. She saw John waiting for her near a tree. She went to him. After seeing them shyam stopped
John: afternoon mam.
Pragya smiled back: where are bhai and babhi.
John: they went to hotel mam. Bulbul mam packed your things and went to shift them. Sir is sleeping.
Pragya : abhi did he arrive.
John : sorry mam I am an security guard in India so I don’t know who is abhi. But sir picked up a guy from airport 2 hours back.
Pragya : ohh, fine you leave , my hostel vehicle came.
John nodded and left. Pragya went to her hostel to find some parents waiting for their kids.
She went back unable to hold her tears. She was missing them all though Purab, Bulbul and abhi made her smile she was missing them. She saw that her friends are back and getting dressed up to go out.
In her room she was to fall on her bed she saw a cover on it and nothing else. Not even mattress. She silently went there without disturbing them she opened the cover to see a letter, a dress and her essentials and a iPhone.
Harshi : prags where is aunty and uncle you said they will come today.
Pragya : they will not come. My brother and cousin came here.
Praneeha : give me your blue jacket.
Pragya : I don’t have it i mean they packed my things and shifted them. ( examining iPhone. She switched on it when she got a message having her all their parents numbers, she called them immediately. And talked with them. )
AFTER her call.
Valli : dress code for today’s party
Harshi : black.
Praneeha : prags your dresses are packed what will you wear.
Pragya : I have it here. Let me have shower and Wear it.
All girls pushed their mothers out to get dressed up. Their mothers went to have food in the mean while. Pragya came out in towel with out wearing the dress.
Mrudula : hey what happened you are not wearing it.
Pragya : it is above my knees, body hugging dress. Minimum length shocked be my knee length right. I am going to Kill the person who selected it.
She picked up her phone to call Purab when she got a call from abhi. Caller I’d “Meri Rockstar”. She smiled seeing it.
Abhi: Pragya listen, please do not bash me for dress. I am sorry. It was designer fault. I told all your details. He gave that dress. I was in hurry that I didn’t check. Please wear it for today. Meri sweet heart pls.
Pragya : abho I can’t, you know minimum length is knee. It is above it.
Abhi: so what, it will be difficult for me to resist. It is punishment for me not for you.
Pragya : okay I will call you after getting ready. What are plans for today.
Abhi : nothing much. We will go to mumbai tonight. Di and jiju will go to goa we will be in Mumbai.
Pragya : why abhi we can also go right.
Abhi : I have something to tell you. Bye darling will wait for near your hostel get ready and come fast. Bye love you.
Pragya :bye.
Her friends were shocked to see her blush they got back getting ready.
Pragya was talking with Prem when Harshi came and shouted something Pragya went out unable to hear them.
Harshi : guys my prince charming came in search of me.
Praneeha : that Mall guy.
Valli : he must he have come for some one else.
Harshi : then why is he talking with my parents. May be here will ask me out (reality he was talking in his phone her parents are talking among themselves. From far they may look like talking. )
Mrudula : come let’s ask him why he is following us. We will get to know right.
Pragya came just then and saw their friends in some discussion.
Pragya : guys one selfie. I am leaving.
Mrudula : you will come back to party right.
Pragya : no, by the time party starts i will be on my way to home.
Valli : but your advanced.
Pragya : I planned every thing. Please come fast I need to leave.
All friends possed a photo. And went down to give her send off and ask abhi why he was following them.
Pragya saw shyam there she got scared but after seeing abhi he started smiling.
Her friends were shocked to see her smile after seeing shyam but when they followed her gaze they were even more shocked to see her drooling on abhi who was busy in phone.
Harshi : prags where are you dreaming.
Pragya : nothing just thinking.
Valli : you know Pragya that guy (pointing towards abhi)
Pragya : one second I will be back. (She went near abhi. He was pleading someone saying baby please. Hearing it pragya’s blood boiled. She pulled his phone and cut the call. Abhi was shocked to see her. And friends were shocked to see this )
Pragya : idiot, tubelight, dumbo, waste, stupid,
Abhi: what happened why are you scolding me.
Pragya : scolding not I should kill you for what you did. I waited for these many days for your confession but you knowing half half spoiled the day.
Abhi: how did I spoil it. And why you waited for my confession when you love someone else. .
Pragya : idiot because I love you. Can’t you understand the one I love is you idiot.
Abhi: what….. means you love me. But that day.
Pragya : what that day did you allow me to speak. Your know information is correct.
Abhi: OMG fuggi you love me, (saying this he hugged her) love you. Love you soo much.
Pragya : I love you too abhi.
Abhi : say once more
Pragya : I love you too rockstar.
Abhi: ohhh God. Jeeju and di will be so happy to hear it.
Pragya : they know.??????
Abhi: ha, I will tell everything afterwards first come. I am damn hungry.
Pragya : one minute. Abhi meet my friends.
Abhi: chalo.
Pragya : this is VALLI, MRUDULA, PRANEEHA, HARSHITHA . And guys this abhi, my cousin and boyfriend.
Abhi: Hello everyone.
Harshi : you don’t remember me.
Abhi: have we met before.
Valli : do you have short term memory loss.
Abhi: I meet many people daily basis so I remember if they are needed. Otherwise no.
Pragya : abhi, what about arjun where is he . He told he will come with you this time.
Abhi : he was busy. We came without informing him. You will stay together anyways.
Pragya : as if you are not going to be with us.
abhi : I am moving to NYC.
Pragya : what .why
Abhi: I will tell you tomorrow everything. Wave them bye.

So what will happen next?

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