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Mere Sai 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kashinath’s Struggle To Leave Alcohol

Mere Sai 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kulkarni brings British officers to Dwarkamayi to get Lokmanya Tilak caught, but doesn’t find anyone there. British officer scolds him. He says fakeer/monk must have taken Tilak somewhere else. Santa and Panta inform him that fakeer took some people towards Shirdi border. Kulkarni asks if Lokmanya Tilak was one among them. They say yes. Kulkarni with Britishers rushes towards Shirdi border. At Shirdi border, Sai wishes Lokmanya happy journey and asks him to go via specific route. Lokmanya says that route is thrice longer. Sai says he will not have besan/gram flour problem in that route. Khapade informs that Lokmanya is allergic to besan, but didn’t in Shirdi. Lokmanya says he understood and hugging Sai leaves in bullock cart. kulkarni with Britishers reaches and sees cart leaving. Keshav hopes his father doesn’t see bullock cart. Sai creates smoke around Kulkarni’s team and they stand shouting. Once smokes fades off, Kulkarni walks to Sai and asks where is Lokmanya. Keshav asks why would Lokmanya come here. Kulkarni asks officer to torture Sai and make him reveal where is Lokmanya. Keshav asks if he has any proof. Santa says he saw Lokmanya here. Sai asks officer to find out where he has gone. Officer says Pune as he already knows and his subordinates are waiting in Pune route. Keshav and others realize why Sai told Lokmanya to take long route. Officer says Tilak left Shirdi, but will be caught on the way to Pune. Kulkarni asks him to arrest Sai. Officer says what will he do catching a monk, mok said truth, his target is Tilak and walks away with his team. Kulkarni stands fuming. Sai with his devotees leaves chanting Ramji Bhala Kare.

Keshav asks Sai if he knew that police is waiting for Lokmanya in Pune route, so he asked Lokmanya to take long route. Sai says getting arrested today is not in Lokmanya’s fate. They reach Dwarkamayi. Kashinath says he brought ajwain/carrom seed water. Sai asks him to consume 5 spoons of ajwain water each day as it will help him get rid off alcoholism. At Kashinath’s house, his brother, SIL, and father visit and taunt that Kashinath will never change and will not leave his alcoholism. Bhola gets sad reminiscing inebriated Kashinath misbehaving with him. Baizamaa seeing Bhola asks him not to get disappointed. Mureshwar, his wife and father laugh that Kashinath will never change and Renu is having false hope. Father says he has found a monthly wage job for Kashinath, so she should bring him back from Dwarkamayi.

In Dwarkamayi, Kashinath experiences alcohol withdrawal symptoms and thinks of alcohol, but sits sadly reminiscing Renu’s words. Keshav asks if he is remembering alcohol, he should have patience. Kashinath says its difficult to leave alcohol. Keshav says even he was alcoholic and knows what Kashinath is going through, he describes his experience and says Sai helped him get rid of alcoholism. Kashinath says he is feeling good seeing someone like him and now thinks he will also get rid off alcohol. Keshav asks him to call him by name as they are all equal in Dwarkamayi. Back in Kashinath’s house, Mureshwar’s wife continues taunting Renu and asks her to bring back Kashinath from Dwarkamayi as it is tarnishing family’s image. Baizamaa walks to them and asks being a family how can they be so discouraging and unsupportive, they should trust at least Sai who is helping Kashinath. Renu says whatever they say, she trusts Sai and knows he will cure Kashinath soon. Kashinath’s relatives get jealous hearing that.

At night, Sai asks Kashinath to prepare garland chanting Jai Sri Ram for khandoba as he wants to serve Khandoba. Kashinath with trembling hands prepares garland chanting Jai Sri Ram and thinking he cannot disappoint Sai and Khandoba ji. Ramdasi Bua watching him offers him water and asks if he is nervous. Kashinath says yes. Bua says he can understand his mind and will describe him Khandoba’s story. He describes Shivji’s avtar Khandoba’s story in detail. Santa and Panta reach there with alcohol and hiding behind wall think they need to do something.

Precap: Santa and Panta offer liquor to Kashinath. Kasinath is about to consume it, but stops seeing Sai.

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