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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima is terrified

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. D’souza saying Riddhima wants to know about Ragini, she spoke to her dad, she said she wants justice. Vansh says he isn’t Ragini’s dad, Riddhima is hiding behind the fog, I want you to be with her and show me her real face, there is some reason behind her passion, I want definite proof, I break law but the law statue inspires me a lot, it says just trust definite proof. Riddhima recalls Vansh’s words. He says I want to know why is Riddhima doing this and why, why did she become my wife, does she have any agenda or is she the hidden enemy. Riddhima says Sita’s one move ruined Raavan, same way I will bring your destruction. He says you have to go close to her so that she shares every matter with you, just follow the plan.

Riddhima sees Vansh playing the game. She says he will play game and then exercise, till then I will call Ragini’s dad and get info. He stops her and says a call was made from landline when I asked not to, find out. She thinks how does he know. He says find out that man, he should be at my hideout. She says he was on call, I have to call Ragini’s dad and tell him before Angre reaches him. She looks for landline. Mrs. D’souza says Vansh removed all the landlines. Riddhima says I need to call Ragini’s dad, tell me, how can I do it, I m worried for him, try and understand, you said you will help me, give me your phone. Mrs. D’souza says no. Riddhima says there is no time. Mrs. D’souza says don’t tell anyone. Riddhima thanks her and takes the phone. She goes to make a call. She makes a video call. She speaks to Ragini’s call. He says I have made all details ready, I will send the file. He sends the file. Riddhima says just leave the city, Vansh is trying to find you. He says someone has come, I will just come. She says no, don’t open the door. She hears a gun shot and sees the blood marks on the sofa. She gets shocked. The file transfer stops. Riddhima says Vansh has killed Ragini’s dad, I told him that I will help him, he trusted me. She cries. She calls Kabir and says Ragini’s dad died because of me, I m responsible for it.

She says Vansh is a devil, I have married a devil. Kabir says this marriage isn’t a marriage, its a deal, always remember one thing, you are there to get Vansh punished, that’s it, you have no relation with him, its not your mistake, Vansh is doing crimes, we will punish him, its possible when you don’t let yourself break down, remember how you went into his world to ruin him, become that Riddhima. She cries. He says I have a plan, just do what I tell you. She says Kabir, I came here for your sake, but I want to get this murderer punished. Riddhima sees Vansh with the gun. She gets scared and holds a vase. He keeps the gun in the drawer. She thinks I have married a murderer. She recalls Kabir’s words to keep an eye on Vansh. Vansh asks where are you going.

She stops. Mrs D’souza comes there with the food trolley. Vansh says I know you didn’t have food, so I got it here, Dadi says that love increases when we dine together, we both need it a lot. She thinks how can anyone be so stone hearted. He asks her to sit. He eats the food. She thinks he is eating peacefully after killing someone. She recalls Kabir’s words. She drinks water. She gets up and slips down because of oil. Vansh gets up. She says don’t, I will manage. He says no, you will fall again, you are making a mistake. She says no person is perfect, anyone can make mistakes. She taunts him.

He says maybe you are right, what about those who control time, their bad time never comes. She says I don’t need your help. He asks where is it hurting. She says where you held it. He twists her foot to relieve her pain. He says your pain disappeared. She gets up. He says these hands have magic, none knows what they do and when, you are a physiotherapist but I also know to end pain, I have hidden a lot inside me. She sees the red mark on his hand. She recalls the murder. She says you are right, I m your wife, I will bring your every talent out. He sees the red mark and says oh this, I got hurt, how did this stain stay. He cleans the mark. He goes. Dadi and Anupriya see someone. Vansh asks what happened. Dadi shows someone. Kabir comes home. Vansh looks at him.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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