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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 19

 Thank you for your lovely comment and support…and your comments motivated so much that I wrote this one very second of last post….keep supporting and reading my ff…

@cutie I tried to give what you had asked….and vansh didn’t told whole truth to Angre as he is wallflower and  didn’t like to share things…

@farhana yes of course he can handle Ridhima’s touch and it will be reveal in next episode why he fainted….

Episode starts…

Angre started dragging her and Ridhima tried to stiffen her legs but can’t as she was just a child in front of him. Ridhima was crying and shouting ” leave me Angre…leave me…”. Ridhima bites his hand by which he was holding her. Due to pain, he left her arm and taking this opportunity Ridhima slapped him harder.

Ridhima: not this Angre…you can’t throw me like this. Why don’t you get it that he loves me and the same I do? And who are you to decide whether I should live with him or not? You know what because you Mr…me and vansh suffered a lot. Andre, last time I said nothing to you but this time I will not leave you if you tried to snatch my vansh.

You are throwing me out because you think vansh is in danger nah….then tell me where were you when he needed you…and your support. Do you even know he was in depression in last month….nhi nah…have you ever checked why he is not coming to the office…have ever tried to know the reason behind is his absence ….so the answer is “NO”

Angre was shocked and silent because she was right. He never tried to know the reason why vansh is not attending the office.

Ridhima: if you don’t know anything about your so-called childhood friend then you don’t have any right to make decisions on the behalf of vansh.

Ridhima closed her eyes to cool down herself and took a deep breath. Ridhima continued ” Angre!!! I am sorry….mujhe aise tumhe thappad nhi marna chahiye tha…. Angre try to understand that he needs me and my love. Angre don’t you think that he should get all the love for which he craved since childhood. Nothing is hidden from you then why are you not understanding damn it.
Don’t you want to see your friend happy and laughing.

Tell me when you have seen him laughing last time. If I am not wrong then you even don’t remember when he laughed wholeheartedly. Angre I am not going to live him this time do whatever you want to do.

If you want to come home and see vansh then you are free to come…if not then you can go…
Time passed and it late was at night but the same day…vansh didn’t wake up yet. He was in Ridhima’s room and she sitting near him caressing his hair.

Ridhima: Vansh wake up nah.. it’s been long I didn’t hear your voice. Get up vansh scold me as I am sticking to you…please call me “Chipku”

“Ok leave it…I am hungry and you know I don’t like eating alone. Get up nah…” A lone tear escaped from her eye.

She kissed his forehead and moved to the balcony. After some time vansh woke up and called her ” Ridhima”.
She ran to him and hugged him tightly and cried.
Ridhima ” vansh!!! I can’t tell you. How much I scared and please don’t do this to me again…I am warning you…”

Vansh broke the hug and wiped her tears. Vansh ” don’t cry Ridhima it hurts me here (pointing to his hurt).”

Ridhima: okay!! I will not cry because I can’t see you in pain. How are you feeling now?

Vansh: fine!!

Vansh again here and there then asked ” what I am doing in your room.”

Ridhima: because you told me not to enter your room and I can’t stay away from you as I am Chipku nah…

Vansh smile at her childish talk and seeing him smiling ridhima felt joy in her heart. Vansh started coughing so Ridhima panicked and immediately she offered water to him.

Ridhima: vansh don’t stress yourself as very vary vary vary very vulnerable.

Vansh: ok!

Ridhima: bhookh lagi hai…kuch khaoge….kya mann hai…batao…

Vansh: Hmm!!! Something light and less oily

Ridhima: okay!! I will be back soon…

Vansh held her hand said ” don’t leave me” and looked into her eyes. Ridhima sat and cupped his face with lots of love and affection ” vansh I just going to the kitchen only….” Vansh looked at another side.

Ridhima smiled and sat in his lap and encircled her hand around his neck. She also gave a kiss to him and rested her head on his chest near to his heart. Vansh felt relief and caressed her cheeks. They remained in the same position for some time.

Ridhima: vansh!!

Vansh: hmm!!

Ridhima: you also come with me and I will cook for you. Aur tum mujhse baatein krte rhna…..

Vansh looked at her and smiled. “you go” said he.

Ridhima: if you don’t want then I will not go….

Vansh: no need to worry about me. I am okay you go and do your work….

Ridhima looking at his face said, ” vansh are you angre with me….”

Vansh looked down to see her face said ” nhi Ridhima…”

Ridhima: vansh I never intended to hurt you…..and due to my foolishness I always end up hurting you..please forgive me….

Vansh: Ridhima!! I am not that vulnerable so you are showing sympathy to me…

Meherbani nahi tumhara pyaar maanga hai
Tumhein manzoor hai
Tabhi to yaar maanga hai..
Gairon ke dar se, tere shehar se
Hai kasam rishta todoon na..

Tera rasta main chhodoon na..
Tera rasta main chhodun na

Zinda hoon lekin
Woh baat nahin hai..
Haathon mein tera
Jo hath nahin hai..
Ishq ka hai naam bada
Maine hai kiya kaam bada
Karke magar aadha chhodoon na
Tere rukh se yeh chehra modoon na

Tera rasta main chhodoon na..
Tera rasta main chhodun na….

He sings these lines…..directly looking into his eyes and this made Ridhima cry….she don’t know how to make him feel that is not showing any kind of sympathy for his agony. It is her pure love for him.

Ridhima: vansh!! This is not sympathy…I am doing this because I care for you and all my emotions are not fake….they really mean to me and what I am doing or saying is directly from my heart.

Vansh: I know Ridhima…but behave as you are and there is no need to change for anyone not even for me.

Ridhima: I am doing this is out of love vansh…..

Vansh: Ridhima this is not love…it’s sympathy on vulnerability…

Ridhima holded his face by one hand and said calmy” who told you that you are vulnerable or weak….don’t forget you are The Great Vansh Raisinghania….another name of success.”

Vansh just looked at her and said nothing. Ridhima continued “vansh tell me who told you this rubbish…I will break his/ her mouth….how dare he/she talk to you like this”

Vansh again said nothing closed his eyes to calm down and understand what she is saying…he don’t want to reveal the name who said all this rubbish to him and extend the matter unnecessarily.

Ridhima: vansh I know…I am not as mature as you are and you are more understanding and tolerating than me but you can’t disrespect my feelings like this. It’s hurt me here (pointing to her heart)

“Vansh before meeting you I was just living in an illusionary world of love…I wasn’t aware what love is…that is why I never understand that Kabeer doesn’t love me….even I misinterpreted my feeling for viyom….vansh you taught me what is love…..how love is selfless..vansh love took birth in me when I saw you struggling for breath on the cliff and I felt I will also die with you but didn’t recognise these feelings. I realised my love for you when I wasn’t able to see you in front of me for the whole month and tried each way to just get a glimpse of you. I accepted my love when I saw you going away from me because I can’t afford to lose you.”

“I love the way you kiss me, your lips are rough but I love them when they are on mine. I love the way you make me happy, and the way you show your care for me. I love the way you say, “sweetheart” And the way you are always there even when I pushed you away and whatnot. I love the way you touch me and hiding from me(smile). I love that you are with me, and glad that you are mine….I will never leave you meri Jaan…when you were unconscious I am missing your voice. I love you scolding and teasing too. I want to get close to you and want to bury myself in you. One smile on your face makes my day. I wonder why I met you so late. Anyways you are mine. And dare you leave me.”

Vansh was astounded at her confession. He Never thought something like this. It is just out of the box. His eyes got blurry due to tears. He hugged her tightly and said ” I love Ridhima”

Ridhima: I love you vansh!!

Vansh: I am sorry Ridhima!! Mujhe aise tumse baat nhi krni chahiye…I am sorry!!! Please forgive me…

Ridhima: it’s okay vansh….I am happy that you are with me..and nothing is important than this.

Vansh: Ridhima you what….I am lucky to have in my life..

Ridhima:No!! I am more lucky than you…. Vansh I am hungry…so I am going kitchen to make for us.

Vansh nodded in positive. Ridhima looked at him and hugged him tightly. Vansh ” what happen why are you hugging me so tightly.”

Ridhima: nothing vansh!!! Just want to say that tag me into your life forever.

Vansh kissed her forehead and said, “you are my life so I don’t need to tag you into my life.”
They had their dinner. As it was already late so Ridhima said ” Good night vansh!!”

Vansh: Good night sweetheart!! (Smiled)

Ridhima: why are you sitting here go and sleep in your room.

Vansh: I have to do office work…

Ridhima: but that you can do in the morning also…

Vansh: vaise bhi mujhe need nhi aayegi nah..to isase achha mai apna kaam hi krlu..

Ridhima: if you retire to bed only then you will going drift into sleep not like sitting in this position…

Vansh: I am suffering from sleeping problem so I hardly sleep 3-4 hours only in a day.

Ridhima was shocked to know this but she didn’t react because she didn’t want to create any misunderstanding between her and vansh.

Ridhima: okay!!! but I have something that makes you sleep peacefully

Vansh: Ridhima stop kidding….

Ridhima: vansh I am very serious vansh.

Vansh: ok! Tell me.

Ridhima: I can’t tell but I can show you…for this first you have to tell me where you are going to sleep.

Vansh: of course in my room only…

Ridhima: so can you allow me to enter your room.

Vansh: not now!!

Ridhima: then you will sleep in my room.

Vansh: Ridhima!!!

Ridhima: you want to sleep or not…

Vansh: ok fine!

Ridhima: let’s go!!

They moved to Ridhima’s room and retired to the bed. Ridhima slowly came to vansh and adjusted herself little above than vansh then placed vansh head on her chest near her heart. Vansh looked at her in surprise and going to say but place a finger on his lips and nodded her head in negative.

Taking his hand and placed it around her waist. she started caressing his hair by hand and the other was rubbing his cheeks.

When vansh started listening to her heartbeat which was having a soothing effect on him. Vansh closed his eyes to feel each effort of her. All three things worked as sleeping pills for him and soon he slept.

When Ridhima realised that he slept and she pecked his crown and tried to free herself but the grip of tight she even can’t move much.

She was uncomfortable position because she was in a more sitting position than leing. It was difficult for her to sleep in this posture. She looked at vansh who sleeping like a child while holding his doll and she don’t want to disturb him.

Leaving all this she started thinking about when vansh lost his consciousness….she had many questions but he don’t want to ask vansh as they will refresh his wound but on the other hand she wants to know the truth too. After thinking much she thought to take help from viyom as he is his childhood friend so she decided to meet him in the morning.
So let’s see taking help from viyom will be against her love story or in the favour.

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