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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 20)

Recap – Virat realised Sayi’s love.

Chapter 20

Pulkit – Sayi, please calm down. Let’s go outside.

Sayi – Jiju, but I really saw him here.

Pulkit – No Sayi, none was here. Let’s go out.

Sayi agrees and leaves..

Pulkit – Sayi, I have a call coming, and it’s pretty urgent. You go towards the library. I’ll meet you there.

Sayi nods and left.

Pulkit – Come out now!

Virat comes out with a guilty expression.

Pulkit – What the hell was that? You just made her scare to the core.

Virat – I never intended that to happen. But I was so happy when I saw her. She’s still the same. Her hair grew long, and she became more beautiful.

Pulkit – Virat, as I said before, start talking to her. Else, things will go out of your hand.

Virat – It’s already out.

Virat checks his phone.

Pulkit – What do you mean?

Virat – One of her cousin has started liking her. And her family is also fine with it.

Pulkit – What? But, you guys are legally husband and wife right?

Virat – Yes, we are. But things will end soon.

Virat checks his phone again.

Pulkit – You know that she loves you right?

Virat – Yes.

Pulkit – Then?

Virat – It’s very complicated Pulkit.

Pulkit – It’s not complicated. You are making it complicated. That’s all that I have to say. I’ll leave now, Sayi will be waiting for me.

Virat – there’s no need.

Pulkit – What?

Virat – Sayi left the college..

Pulkit – How do you know?

Virat shows his tracking app.

Pulkit – When did you do this?

Virat – When Sayi was admitted, without her knowledge I installed it.

Pulkit sighs.

Virat – I’ll leave then.

Pulkit nods.

Sayi was in daze and she reached near Aarav’s car.

Aarav saw Sayi and waved at her and saw that she was lost in her thoughts.

Aarav stood like a soldier.

Sayi hits herself with Aarav and comes back to her senses.

Sayi : I’m so sorry sir..

She looks up and found Aarav. She sighed.

Sayi – I have something to tell you.

Aarav looks around.

Aarav – Here?

Sayi – Anywhere is fine.

Aarav – Is it personal?

Sayi – Very much.

Aarav – Then let’s go somewhere.

Sayi nods and gets into the car quickly. Aarav noticed her urgency and quickly drove over.

They go near a park where not much people were there.

Sayi and Aarav walk around for a while.

Aarav – What is it that you want to say?

Sayi – I feel like someone is following us.

Aarav – What? Who?

Sayi – Idk. I said what my instinct felt.

Aarav – Tell me what is bothering you?

Sayi – okay listen.

Sayi tells him everything.

Aarav bursts out laughing.

Sayi – Arey, I’m telling you the truth. I really saw him.

Aarav – You are pakka lying.

Sayi – No mahn. Listen, I really saw Virat sir.

Aarav – It doesn’t sound real Sayi.

Sayi – It is real, I even touched his palm.

Aarav – Oh god Sayi.

Sayi – Aarav I’m telling the truth.

Aarav – Answer my question!

Sayi – Okay

Aarav – When did you see Virat?

Sayi – After viewing my results.

Aarav – You were very happy right?

Sayi – Yes.

Aarav – Do you see Virat when you are sad?

Sayi – I imagine him at times.

Aarav – And is that why you don’t sleep at night?

Sayi nods.

Aarav – Do you love him?

Sayi stays silent.

Sayi remembers all her memories with Virat.

Sayi sees Virat in daze…

Sayi – I love you…

Aarav looked shocked.

Virat stands still.

Aarav – I love you too…

Sayi looked shocked. She looks at Virat’s direction.

Sayi – Aarav look, Virat sir.

Aarav looks at her direction and sees him. He wasn’t surprised.

Aarav – Good to see you Mr. Virat Chavan.

Virat looks at him and nods. He looks at Sayi.

Virat – Let’s go home.

He holds her hand and she goes forward but is then stopped by Aarav.

Aarav – You can’t let her go like this.

Virat – I can.

Aarav – With what right?

Virat – With the right of being her husband. And you? What right do you have?

Aarav – The right of being her fiancee.

Sayi looked confused.

Virat and Aarav looked at eachother with dislike.

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