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Riansh Os: Trust is important

Hey guys, wanted to share this os with you to hear what you think about it. This os is so important for me as it’s the first os which i think that i did a great work and this os is somehow connected to my life.

TFR, will be updated soon and that part will be the last.


Riddhima: What’s happening in VR Mansion? What is this decoration for? Something’s fishy? I have to go inside and see what is happening

Vansh: Welcome guys. I got married when covid-19 restrictions were really strict so I couldn’t present you my lovely wife who I love so much. But better late than never, that’s why today I called you to present you my wife

Riddhima entered and was confused to what vansh was saying. When she heard that he was going to present his wife to their world, she started organizing her hair so that she could be presented.

“So guys, please welcome Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania,” said vansh

Riddhima started to come but she was shocked when vansh turned to Ahana who was coming downstairs. She just couldn’t believe that the vansh she trusted so much was the one doing this. Was she still being punished for coming in his life to destroy him or was it something else. She just didn’t know what to say and how to react. But being the riddhima she is she never learnt to give up, especially give up something, which was hers. Now it was something but someone, it was her husband. She wouldn’t give up without giving up

“Lie” she reacted while everyone turned to that voice

“Vansh, what are you saying? I’m your wife how can this Ahaana be your wife. She isn’t fit to be your wife. And why is she wearing your mother’s lehenga, you had said that it was my right, then how can you give my right to someone else” asked a depressed riddhima

Vansh: Ms. whoever you are, I don’t know you. And I don’t understand what you are saying. How can someone like you become my wife? You don’t have any standard at all

By just those words, riddhima’s heart broke into pieces. What the hell was he saying? He used to say that she was the most beautiful thing that had happened in his life, but now she didn’t have any standard. How did he change so much? What had happened that he couldn’t recognize her?

Riddhima (going near him): vansh, look at me. I’m your riddhima. What are you saying? How can you forget me?

Vansh: how can I forget someone that I don’t even know?

Riddhima: please vansh don’t say that

Kabir (thinking): what a movie that is being played here. Sometimes, I think that in VR Mansion, we are like always shooting movies. Sometimes, we are shooting some action movies, with bullets and whatever. Or sometimes some drama, series drama. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying this so much. But, I will surely teach a good lesson to this Ahana who betrayed me

Riddhima (goes to Angre): Angre, you always considered me like your sister then say it to everyone that all of this is a lie.

Angre: I’m sorry ma’am but I don’t what you are saying

Riddhima: you all are lying. You know that this Ahana is not Vansh’s wife but still you are lying. But there is one person who will not lie. (Shouting): Dadi, Dadi

Dadi: what happened? Who is calling me?

Riddhima (Going near her): it’s me, Dadi. Dadi you don’t know what is everyone saying. They are saying that Ahana is Vansh’s wife but you know that it’s not true. Please tell everyone that I’m Vansh’s wife

Dadi: beta, how can I say that? I don’t even know who you are. (To vansh): vansh, please check who is she

Vansh: yes Dadi, do not worry

Reporter1: Mr. Raisinghania, who is this

Vansh: even we don’t know but I’m sure it’s someone who escaped from the mental hospital. I will call and get her back from where she escaped. For now, this press conference is over, so see you next time

After the press left. She didn’t know what to say. She never except anything from the rest of the family but vansh, Angre and Dadi betrayed her completely. They made sure, that now, she won’t be able to trust someone ever again. She had nothing left now. When the person she was fighting for left, she had to leave too. She walked toward the door but was stopped by Vansh’s voice. She smiled thinking that maybe he remembered her

Vansh (smiling): so Ms. Whoever you are, oops Ms. Riddhima. What did you think? That I would forgive you for whatever you did. No, no, you see I’m not that generous, you should have remembered that. Remember, last night, you told me that your identity, the one I gave you, the tile of Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania is so important for you. So I snatched it, like you snatched my lovely sister Sia. If she is in com right now, it’s all because of you. Now, you have become the orphan you were before I give you the right to become my wife. I hate you riddhima.

Riddhima (crying): what you did today, I will never forget it. (Swiping her tears): and who told you that I was an orphan before you married, I was with Kabir. Even if he acted to love me, he was far better than you were. At least he didn’t betray me

Kabir: aree waa now that vansh left me you remember me

Vansh: you shut up.

Riddhima: why should he shut up? Whatever he is saying is right. As you left me, I remembered him. However, you shouldn’t worry Kabir; I don’t want to be with you as I know you don’t want to be with me either. But remember, Mr. Raisinghania, I will surely come back to take revenge for my insult. You snatched my identity thinking that siya is in come because of me but the day she will wake up and tell you the truth, you will hate yourself and regret a lot. Just, remember, I will come back and destroy you all.

Vansh: yeah, yeah go

Riddhima went but she didn’t go with a sad face but she went with a determined face. She was determined to come back and destroy the whole Raisinghania’s Mansion. This time, she wasn’t going to forgive anyone of them because no one stood for her. She was going to destroy everyone except poor siya, who was still in come. She was about to step outside but Kabir stopped her

Kabir: let me come with you

Riddhima: and why will you do that?

Kabir: you were my first love and it’s not that easy to forget your first love. Even if your move on, your first love still has a special place in your heart like I have for you. So I’m coming with you.

Riddhima: Kabir, I know you. I’m sure that’s not the only reason

Kabir: yes it isn’t. The other reason is Ahana. She betrayed me like vansh betrayed you. That’s why, I will go with you and come back to take revenge with you

Riddhima: ok, lets’ go then

Vansh was fuming in jealousy. Even if he presented Ahana as his wife, only he knows whom he really considers as his wife. One part of him hoped that something could stop her but the other part made him remember that if his sister is in coma it is only because of Riddhima. She was about again to step out but siya’s voice stopped her. She went running to siya’s room with everyone running behind her. Siya was shouting riddhima’s name while closing her eyes. This made vansh surer that it was riddhima who injured siya. Riddhima was about to enter siya’s room but was stopped by vansh.

Vansh: where do you think you are going? Now only family members can enter this room not you. You see that she is already scared and shouting your name as she surely remembering that incident where you were hurting her. So don’t you dare enter this room, now get out of this room and my house. (To ishani): ishani, please call the doctor

Riddhima: even I don’t want to stay in this house. I just came here thinking that maybe she might be needing my help but I was wrong. (To Kabir): Kabir, let’s go. We will surely come back again

Kabir: let’s go

This time, she went. She left the house for sure. But she will surely come back. She went with Kabir who was now her only support. She wasn’t going to trust him like she used to trust him before, but she would surely need him as her support. In VR Mansion, the doctor arrived and told everyone that only riddhima could calm siya down but it was too late for that, they had to try to calm siya down on their own as riddhima had already left. The doctor told them that it was impossible to calm her down without riddhima’s help but she would try to calm her down for a little while with the injection.

Doctor: I just injected her but I can’t assure you that this will keep her calm for long. You have to understand that this injection will work for only three hours after that she can wake up or she can panic again or stay in coma. I’m going but if you need my help again do call me

Vansh: thank you, doctor

Three years later,

It had been three years since riddhima left VR Mansion. During those three years, VR Empire wasn’t doing well at all. Every day it was at loss. It was if the Raisinghanias lost their lucky charm. Dadi who had supported vansh, three years back, was always telling vansh that she was sure that riddhima didn’t do anything to siya. She was sure that riddhima could never do anything like that. She even used to tell vansh that if their empire is not doing well it is only because riddhima had left and it was Ahana who was their as their bahu. She believed that some bahu bring prosperity, wealth and happiness in their sasural while some others bring nothing but sadness in their sasural, and she believed that Ahana was one of those who bring sadness. She used to eat in her room, as she couldn’t stand Ahaana’s face. She just wished that if only once she could meet riddhima. As their business in Mumbai was continuing to worsen, they decide to shift to Jaipur. Jaipur was Vansh’s maternal place. They were born there, so they had a few houses there.

In their new house:

Ahana: What a house! It’s so cheap. Vansh baby, this is not the house you promised that we would live in

Vansh: for you kind of information, I promised you that you will be my wife and that’s what you are right now. And being my wife, you have to live where I live. Besides what do you mean by cheap house, I hope now you see the consequences of wanting to be my wife?

Ahana: why are you talking to me like that? Remember, I have a standard that your ex-wife didn’t have

Vansh: when did she become the ex-wife? She was always my wife and will always be. You are just a wife for namesake

She was about to answer but vansh had already left. Who would she vent her anger on? No one… She wanted to become the wife of the business tycoon Vansh Raisinghania. But what did she get? Nothing, except being insulted that she is a wife for namesake. People thought that she was happy in her house but only she knows how happy she was. She went downstairs and found Ishani sitting without doing anything. She had told everyone except Dadi that they had to do something now that they had shifted in what she called a “cheap house”. She now found someone to vent the anger on.

Ahana (screaming): why are you sitting there like you have nothing to do

Ishani: and why are you screaming like that as if you have nothing to do

Ahana: don’t talk to me like that I’m your brother’s wife

Ishani: my brother’s wife, my foot. What kind of wife are you? The wife who doesn’t sleep in the same room as my brother. The wife who doesn’t sitting next to him at the dining table. What kind of wife are you? Or are you that kind of wife who just knows how to pronounce, “I’m your brother’s wife”. You know what even if riddhima didn’t have some standard but she was far better than you were. She managed to make a place for herself in Bhai’s heart in just some days but you; you couldn’t even manage to make him respect you during those three years. You are just useless

Ishani went from there after telling her so much. What didn’t she listen too? First, it was the brother now the sister for how long would she bear those insults. She had to do something to be respected. She surely had to do something. She made a promise to herself that now she won’t ask for respect but she will force them to respect her.

Vansh was working, when he got a call from Angre telling him that the prices of their shares were constantly dropping because of a company, which was called KRS. Vansh was wondering whose company, which was behind him. Who wanted to make sure that incurs a loss. He had so many enemies who wanted to make him fail; now he couldn’t be sure. He was thinking that maybe that company was riddhima and Kabir’s company but how could they be so successful when they had nothing. He had just nothing but questions, he didn’t have any answers.

In the night, they sat watching the news and they heard that two popular faces where coming to be interviewed. The reporter said that those two were an inspiration for the youngster as they had become successful in such a young age. The reporter welcomed them and the Raisinghania was shocked to see that it was riddhima and Kabir.


Reporter: Welcome. Please present yourself

Riddhima: I’m Sriya Kabir Sharma

Kabir: I’m Kabir Sharma

Raisinghania’s house:

Dadi: what is riddhima saying? Why is she saying that she is called Sriya?

Ishani: maybe she decided to change her name after we ousted her from the house.

Dadi: right. Who would like to keep the name “riddhima” when people hear that name they think that you are an orphan, right vansh

Vansh: Dadi please. And whatever I said in that moment was absolutely right, she was an orphan before I made her my wife

Dadi: she was an orphan but you insulted her name by saying that. I’m sure that’s why she decided to change her name to Sriya. She loved siya so much that she added just an “r” in siya’s name.

Ishani: you all are talking that she changes her name but no one remarked that she even change her last name too.

Dadi: what do you mean?

Ishani: Dadi, she said that she is “Sriya Kabir Sharma” means that maybe she got married to Kabir

Vansh (angry): what nonsense are you saying ishani?

Ishani: why are you getting hyper? What am saying is absolutely right. When you were married to her she was called “Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania” so if she is married to Kabir, she has to be called “Mrs. Kabir Sharma”. If you had decided to move on in life, why can’t she? And by the way, if I was in her place, I would the same; I would change my name to forget my bitter past.

Vansh (angry): ishani, you don’t know what you are saying. She only loves me okay

Ishani: when you can tell the world that you love Ahana. Why can’t she do the same? You had said that you hate her, right. Why do I feel as if you are jealous? You can’t be jealous for someone you hate, right bhai.

Vansh (composing himself): I wasn’t jealous. Just telling you to concentrate on what is going on the t.v


Reporter: So Sriya, you already married to this handsome hunk

Sriya: yes absolutely. (Taking his hand): I love him so much

Kabir (kissing her forehead): I love you too

Reporter: why did you get married so soon, you could have waited? You are so beautiful that if you had come here when you are single then I would have surely asked for your number

Sriya (chuckles): thank you for the complement. And the number, you can still get it, I’m sure Kabir wouldn’t mind.

Kabir: sriyaa

Sriya: oops, see the reaction. I think you should ask him if I could give it to you

Reporter (smiles): your humor is quite nice

Sriya: thanks

Reporter: so let’s start with the question. The whole Jaipur who like to know what the secret behind you being so successful

Sriya: nothing special. It’s just my family’s support especially my husband and my sister.

Raisinghania’s house:

Ahana (confused): riddhima has a sister; I thought vansh said that she was an orphan.


Aryan: Actually, whom are you talking to?

Ahana: I think to everyone who is present here and is watching the news

Aryan: I think no is interested in answering to your questions

Ahana: vansh baby, please say something

Vansh: what should I say? Even I don’t know anything. Now stop irritating me and let me watch the interview in peace.


Reporter: second question, is your sister as beautiful as you are so that I can marry her?

Sriya: she is even more beautiful and hot than I am but I don’t think she will accept you

Reporter: why? What’s wrong with me

Kabir (facing the camera): Actually, someone once told my wife that when standard don’t match then don’t think of marriage.

Sriya: Kabir, please not now

Reporter: it’s okay, even I was kidding.

Raisinghania’s house:

Ishani: bhai, that was for you man. I’m sure that someone Kabir was saying is you, as you said that to riddhima, three years ago.

Vansh: I don’t care

Ishani: you care so much bhai. Now I’m sure that the girl in the interview is riddhima. I was thinking that maybe it’s her twin sister as she said she had a sister but now I don’t think so

Ahana: maybe it is her twin sister as you think

Ishani: no it isn’t


Reporter: the second question seriously, how did Kabir and you meet

Sriya: Kabir and I meet when I used to live in the orphanage.

Reporter: you used to leave there with your sister.

Sriya: no, I was alone. I thought my family had died or left me but in reality there were alive and searched for me but didn’t find me.

Reporter: so you mean to say, you lived the life of an orphan when you had a life

Sriya: yes, I live the life of an orphan when my family was alive. Mom and dad were living with my elder sister thinking that I had died

Reporter: but why did they think so

Sriya: Actually, my aunt had some enmity with them so she kidnapped me and left me in the orphanage. She even wanted to take my elder sister with her so that my parents can lose both their children’s but she didn’t succeed in doing that so didi stayed with them

Reporter: so sad. So continue how did you and Kabir meet?

Sriya: actually Kabir came in my life as a blessing. As I had never had a family so he came in my life as a family when he had saved me from some boys who wanted to rape me. He stood for me and fought for me and that’s how I fell for him.

Reporter: wow, such a gentleman

Sriya: yes he is

Raisinghania’s house:

Ishani: see Ahana told you that it is Riddhima

Ahana: yaa right


Reporter: so from when did you start doing business?

Sriya: it’s about to be three years now

Reporter: so what did you do before?

Sriya: Kabir was a police officer in Mumbai and I was an event planner and a philosophy too in Mumbai

Reporter: woow, so why did you stop your respective jobs and why did you leave Mumbai

Sriya: those questions have one answer. We had a really bad past in Mumbai that we left everything and started a new life

Reporter: ooh quite good. So views, we asked a few questions to those popular faces of Jaipur and that is enough for today. See you again in another interview with them next time.

Raisinghania’s house:

Dadi: our riddhima changed so much. She regards us like a bad past now

Vansh: Dadi, you shouldn’t cry about things, which left us

Dadi: first of all, she isn’t a thing. She is someone and she didn’t leave us. We made her helpless to leave us.

SK’s house:

Sriya: didi, we did it

A girl resembling Sriya came out (hugged Sriya): thank you Sriya,

Sriya: didi, you always tell me not to thank you but see what you are doing right now

The girl: Kabir, thank you for helping me. My revenge starts now

Kabir: riddhima, this is not your revenge it’s our revenge

Riddhima: haa, Kabir that is what we promised ourselves. I’m sure that those Raisinghania’s saw the news. Now they will think that riddhima is Sriya. While I’m here. We will work so hard that they lose everything they had. I will hurt vansh the most, and what’s hurts him the most is seeing his family in pain. While seeing them suffer while he loses everything he had, he will break down and that will give me peace

Kabir: the plan is on riddhima, you have to meet vansh. My informer told me that he is going in a meeting tomorrow in the morning. So you have to get ready and face him. Remember you have to meet him like Sriya for now

Riddhima: Yes, I remember.

In the next morning, riddhima went to the meeting as Sriya. Even if the others felt that she was Sriya, vansh was feeling that it was riddhima, his riddhima but sometimes he doubted as she behaved different at times. Riddhima as Sriya continued to win the deals, which could have made VR’s empire again successfully. Vansh’s business were going down by day and now he knew the reason. The reason was Sriya alias Riddhima’s company “KRS”. Vansh knew that he wouldn’t win any deal if it Sriya continued to take the deals from him. He decided to befriend Sriya so that he could take her fingerprints, prove that she is a fraud, and prove that she isn’t Sriya but riddhima. He called Angre to tell him his plan but unknown to him his phone was tapped so the twin sisters and Kabir could listen to his conversation. When they heard his plan, they decided that now it wasn’t riddhima who was going to meet vansh but the really Sriya was going there.

Vansh: hi, Sriya

Sriya: hi, Mr. Raisinghania. I would like to be called Mrs. Sharma if you don’t mind

Vansh: ooh of course not but I thought we could be friend so was calling you Sriya

Sriya: you shouldn’t think when it’s still not done

Vansh: now, I will remember that. So I was thinking if you could come to my house for dinner tonight, so our friendship could start at that moment

Sriya: told you not to think before it’s done. And I don’t see even one reason to why I should come to my rival’s house.

Vansh: you can come so we can talk about business.

Sriya: I’m not sure that I would like to do business

Vansh: even I was not sure but after all business is business. My company is not doing well while yours is doing perfectly so if you can become my partner then maybe it will help my company too reboot.

Sriya: for the partnership that is not my decision, you will have to talk to my hubby and my sister, if they are convinced then the deal will be finalized

Vansh: so, ok. You come home to have dinner with your family and we will even talk about our deal too

Sriya: oops, I hope you won’t get a shock when you meet my sister

Vansh: I won’t be shocked but I will surely shock you when I convince your sister

Sriya: you won’t be able to convince didi. She is really difficult

Vansh: nothing is difficult for Vansh Raisinghania

Sriya: ok, let ‘see and don’t blame that I didn’t tell that you will be shocked on seeing my didi.

Vansh: Goodbye Mrs. Sharma

Sriya: Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. Besides no one forgets Sriya so easily

Vansh: Of course, no one can be able to forget you. See you soon

Sriya: that is better. See you soon.

Vansh (thinking): when you come home, it will even be easier for me to take your fingerprints. I will prove that you are riddhima

The two parted ways. Sriya went home and informed Riddhima that now they had to face vansh at the same time. Riddhima didn’t have any problem. Everyone were ready to welcome Sriya’s family while Riddhima and Sriya were excited to see the Raisinghanias reaction after seeing the two of them together. Sriya and Kabir were welcomed in a grand way. Vansh was excited to see Sriya’s sister.

Vansh: Sriya, oops Mrs. Sharma, where is your difficult sister

Sriya (cool): Mr. Raisinghania calm your horses, she just her, just be prepared for the shock. (Turning outside): didi, please come, someone is excited to see you

Riddhima came out slowly and everyone was shocked. It was if they got a 440-volt shock. They just couldn’t react. How was this possible? They were seeing two people who look alike in front of me. Now they were confused if the one they thought to be riddhima was in reality the really Sriya.

Vansh (still shocked): Sriya, who is she

Kabir: I would like it if you call her Mrs. Sharma

Vansh: you shut up, Kabir. Whenever you speak, it’s in the wrong time

Kabir: I always spoke in the right time but you always acted without thinking because of your anger

Sriya: Kabir not now please, so will you let us in or will you let us stay here

Dadi: ooh sorry beta, please come in

Ishani: so Sriya what is your sister’s name

Sriya: her name is Riddhima Malhotra

Vansh: so she is your sister

Sriya: what a foolish question. I already told you that so many times

Vansh: so why are you called a “Sharma”

Sriya: another foolish question. What is a girl called after getting married?

Vansh (relived): ooh so you are married to Kabir

Sriya: yes, so can we do what we are here for

Vansh: of course

They had their dinner. While vansh and riddhima went aside to talk about the partnership between the two companies. Vansh wanted to get closer to riddhima but he remembered his sister who was still in coma. Riddhima wanted to use the bathroom and while coming back, she passed near a room and saw siya who was still in coma. She started to cry remembering how she couldn’t protect siya. She started to talk to her while crying and suddenly the machines started to beep and siya started to shout. When vansh heard her scream, he went toward her room and when he found riddhima there, he thought she had done something to his sister again so he shouted and told her to go out. The doctor came and after some time, she told them that siya was out of coma and it was possible because of someone who was near her. Vansh understood that if siya was now safe it was because of riddhima but he couldn’t forget that she was in coma just because of her.

After one hour, when finally siya opened her eyes, she wanted to meet riddhima first.

Vansh (hugging siya): Thank god, you are awake. I have been waiting for this moment since three years.

Siya (confused): it has been three years since I was in come

Vansh: yeah

Siya: bhai, where is bhabhi

Ahana: I’m here

Siya (disgusted): what rubbish. Did you see your face before saying that you are my bhabhi maybe you Aryan’s wife but not my vansh Bhai’s wife. I know that such a bad taste could be Aryan’s only

Aryan: what a not funny joke. But to tell the truth she is your bhabhi right now. Because I’m never married, I’m still single. I don’t want marriage’s problem you see

Siya (shocked): I just can’t believe what I’m hearing (to vansh): bhai, is this true that now she is your wife

Vansh: yes but I didn’t marry her. She is just my wife before the world

Siya (shocked): but where is riddhima bhabhi

Vansh (cupping her face): I ousted her from the house because if you were in come she was the only reason.

Siya (pushing his hands from her face): how could you believe that bhabhi could such a thing? It wasn’t her but anupriya. I am sure anupriya would have told you that it was bhabhi using the voice recording which was in my phone

Vansh (Shocked): you mean to say that it was not her

Siya: no, bhai, if I do not meet bhabhi right now, I will not forgive you for the rest of my life

Ishani (mocking vansh): siya, you are talking that you won’t forgive him without knowing what all he did to riddhima

Siya: what else did he do now?

Ishani: he didn’t just oust her like I could tell you to get out. She insulted her until an extent she promised that she would take revenge for that insult. If you see very well then you will remark that we are not in VR Mansion right now.

Siya (looking around her): yes right, this is not my room. What happened to our old house?

Ishani: Actually, we are in Jaipur right now, in one of Dad’s old house. Actually, we got to know that our business were doing very bad because of riddhima. She is destroying us little by little, because of what we did to her when she was innocent

Siya: what did you all do?

Ishani: we refused to recognize her before the whole world and we accepted Ahana as Vansh’s wife in front of the whole world. Vansh bhai morphed his wedding pictures with riddhima and put ahana’s face. He deleted every picture he took with riddhima and proved her like a crazy girl who escaped from a mental hospital and was claiming that vansh was her husband

Siya: you mean to say that you all accepted Ahana in front of the world instead of bhabi

Ishani: yes

Siya: but I know that Dadi wasn’t there because she wouldn’t have let that happen

Ishani (laughs): oops to disappoint you but even she supported vansh bhai including I, who don’t even care

Siya: you it doesn’t surprise me but Dadi, you?

Dadi: sorry beta, I believed what vansh told me

Siya: I just hate you all. I want to meet bhabhi, right now. I will find out where she is living and go to live with her. I just don’t want to stay in such a house

Riddhima (coming inside): you don’t need to do that

Siya: bhabhi (happy): come and hug me. I can’t walk, as it’s been long

Riddhima: I know (hugging her): I missed you so much

Siya: me too bhabhi (crying): sorry, for what bhai, I mean Mr. Raisinghania has done to you

Riddhima: it’s okay, after leaving here, I got so lucky as I got my sister Sriya

Siya: where is she?

Riddhima: Sriya come in

Siya (shocked): she just looks like you. It means she is your twin sister

Riddhima: yes

Siya: but how did you meet her?

Riddhima: actually when this brother of your ousted me. My only support, which was left, was Kabir but I did not trust him as when I trusted him before, he betrayed me. Our life was difficult, I didn’t have any work but Kabir was still a police officer so we could have some foods. One day, Kabir got a case and we had to shift here to Jaipur. We started living here and I was gradually forgetting the pain vansh gave me and enjoying my life. Kabir slowly became my best friend, we would share everything, sorrow, happiness everything. One day, when Kabir came from work, he told me that he saw someone who looks exactly like me in a hotel and thought it was me and approached her but got a tight slapped. I laughed thinking it was a joke but I took him seriously when I saw Sriya myself as he got me to the hotel. I wanted to talk to her but I didn’t know where to start, I approached and she was as shocked as the two of us. When she saw him, she hugged me and started calling me didi, to which I didn’t understand. She took me to her home where she lived with mom and dad. They told me how they lost me as my aunt had kidnapped me and they thought I was dead. They were so happy to see me. I started living with them and I told them that everything about vansh and I and the revenge I decided to take, besides I even told them how Kabir had betrayed but now he was my buddy. They accepted him too as their son and he started to live with us. Sriya was already handling dad’s business, she started teaching me little by little, and finally when she and I were managing evrything, she decided to give me everything. She is just so lazy, you see

Sriya: I’m not lazy; I was just tired of managing everything alone since years so thought of why not to give everything to riddhima so that I can relax😎😁

Riddhima: that’s called laziness.

Sriya: nope

Riddhima: yes

Siya: accha continue that later. Now continue telling me the story.

Riddhima: yeah, Sriya, Kabir, started dating, and they got married after a few days. I started plotting to destroy the VR Empire as that was the only way for me to see the title I was snatched in the sand as it would held no importance. We destroyed everything gradually but now that you told them everything. I don’t think it’s necessary, now vansh will suffer in the pain of losing me because he didn’t trust me. He will destroy himself because of the pain of not trusting me and losing me. And siya do forgive me if you think that I’ve hurt your family

Ishani: but who was on the interview that we saw on t.v

Riddhima: it was Sriya; sometime she acted and said what riddhima knew so that you could believe Sriya is riddhima

Ishani: how did you know that we were here in Jaipur?

Riddhima: when you have your enemies, you keep an update on everything their do, the same way I did for you. I knew that you left Mumbai and came here in Jaipur. I even knew what channel, you people like to watch and at what time you watch it.

Ishani: you have working sources

Siya (putting her hand on riddhima’s hand): no need to ask for my forgiveness. Whatever you did, they deserved it. Maybe if I were in your place, I would have done the same. However, I would like you to done thing for me

Riddhima: don’t even hesitate, ask

Siya: can you please take me with you. I want to leave this house. I can’t leave in a house, where you weren’t respected.

Riddhima: but I can’t do that. That will be like separating you from your family

Siya: no what family are you talking about. That family, who did not even just oust you from the house with respect. (Putting her hand on head): swear on me that you will take me with you

Riddhima (hesitating): ok.

Siya (hugging her): love you bhabhi. Now i will meet your parents

Riddhima: love you too, now let me take the car out and let us leave

Siya: ok

Vansh (going behind riddhima): riddhima, I need to talk to you

Riddhima: there is nothing left to talk

Vansh: riddhima, I am sorry. I did not know

Riddhima: keep your sorry to yourself and feed it to your ego

Vansh: please try to listen to me

Riddhima: did you try to listen to me

Vansh: don’t act like that. Be the riddhima I knew

Riddhima (walking towards her car): the riddhima you knew died the same day, you asked her to leave your VR Mansion

Vansh continued to try to convince riddhima but it was of no use. Riddhima, Sriya, Kabir and siya left. Vansh determined to convince riddhima and bring her back to the house. But someone had right said it, relationships are like a mirror. If there is a crack in the mirror, you can’t put it back together, the same way when the relationship breaks because of the luck of trust, there is no one way to put everything back together. Only destiny knew if one-day riddhima would forgive vansh and come back to him.

But if it were you, would you have gone back to the person who left you? Would you forgive the person who called you a mental person? Would you forgive the person who always told you that he will recognize you, even with his eyes closed but couldn’t recognize you in front of the world? Would you forgive the person who told you that he will always support you but left you when you needed him? Maybe, I wouldn’t forgive him, as sometimes it’s better to let go and move on in life.

The End

What a story! This is maybe the first os, to which I am sure that I really did a fantastic work, hope you guys will love it and find it interesting. Do tell me in the comments how it was.

If it was long and boring, do tell me😁

Big love

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