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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Dev and Sonakshi take Soha for the meeting with Mr and Misses Verma

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sonakshi asks Soha if she knows when she feels proud the most, Soha replies she doesnot know, Sonakshi says it is when she sees her daughter as she is the most beautiful daughter of the world, Sonakshi mentions she doesnot know why does Soha get mad then, she asks her to be nice, Soha replies Aayush always gets what belongs to her, she would be even nice but they must ask him to leave, Sonakshi says she must not talk like that, Mami jee comes with gollu and handing her a tiffin says that she has made it for Dev and she must only give it to Dev, and if they desire something else then she would make it here, she asks about Ishwari but then exclaims she would find her.

Soha is with gollu asking what does she feel about Aayush, she replies that her eyes start to burn when she sees her, they both say they would make him feel frustrated in the house, Sonakshi sitting exclaims she feels that they both would be able to work out everything, Sonakshi replies that Soha is getting irritated with each passing day and even Ishwari is getting so attached to Aayush that Soha is feeling left out, she replies with the couple like Dev and her, she is sure they both would be able to work it out, Sonakshi recalls the differences that have come in between in her relation, she thinks that she feels she is not with Dev anymore, then she asks Sonakshi if she would not introduce her to Aayush, they both leave.

Jitin asks Sonakshi’s father is he has been able to contact her, since she left, Sorab mentions he has been ending the call but she is not answering, he asks Sorab to keep quiet because he is ending the calls so that Soha doesnot find out anything, he is really worried how Soha would react when she comes to know the truth, Sorab exclaims they should go there but his father replies that they cannot go there now because of what Aayush might think because his whole life was turned upside down in a matter of minutes.

Soha and Gollu are playing games in the room when Dev comes, he sees that they both are trying to irritate Aayush, he asks Gollu if he met Aayush and after introducing them both he takes the video game from Soha, giving it to Aayush, he leaves when gollu and Soha both plans to make him lose, they then leave, Aayush also sits down after being felt left out.

Dev in his room is thinking of how Sonakshi reacted and the differences that have come in between them, Mama jee sees him but Dev doesnot respond so he start acting like him, Dev mentions he is working, Mama jee explains he should not be so stressed and should go share the problems with his wife as she is really nice, Dev replies he is the man of the house and they are forced to work alone without sharing their problems with anyone, he was forced to take the decision in a moment as Rohit was dying but he just wants to make the family feel as a whole, Mama jee mentions that everything has ruined and Ishwari is doing all she can but even more, he feels Sonakshi is not doing enough as she is just thinking about Soha, Mama jee asks him to make them all understand that they should work to make the life better for them, Dev is called by Ishwari to meet Gollu and his mother, he leaves, Mama jee thinks that Dev has forgot to smile while trying to solve the problems of the house, they do not know when he would think of himself.

Sonakshi is with everyone on the table, Sonakshi is reading the messages, Ishwari asks if they have scene that Aayush is just like Dev, Mami jee asks who the new women is when Ishwari replies that she is the sister of Anjali, Mami jee mentions that it is a new app, Ishwari advises her to end it but Mami jee mentions it is just that she is an influencer, Alena explains she is an influencer, they joke when Mami jee replies that she has even worked for the promotion for a pressure cooker, Dev also comes, Alena mentions they are reacting on the photo of her. Sonakshi seeing the messages on the reaction mentions it has gotten way to far, Sonakshi replies that people react with their mental capability, Dev asks if she has any stalker but Alena replies that it is not that but they just message her.

Mami jee asks her to block them but Alena replies that she has a lot of followers, and it is not possible to block them from all those messages.

Dev is in the office when Sukhi comes greeting Dev, he replies that it would be a good morning when he gives a good news, Sukhi explains that the location is really suitable for the new office and their employees would also be very comfortable but there is a problem, a lot of illegal settlements have arisen their and the people are refusing to leave even after when he offered the money, Dev orders him to offer them double money as he needs the property under any circumstance.

Dev in the night is on the call, she brings him the favourite after shave location for him, she thinks when he used to apply the perfume and she would come near him, she asks how would he react if he came to know she also had a stalker, Dev asks if she has also an account just like her sister but Sonakshi replies she was just trying to confirm, he assures he would make sure that no one comes to his territory .

Soha in the morning asks why is she getting the special treatment, she is glad they did not bring Aayush with them because she doesnot like him and is the only one special for them, she rushes to get the ice cream when Dev greets MR and Misses Verma, they greet her but she goes to sit down then they apologize to Mr and Misses Verma because she is reserved, both of them however understand and then try to give them a locket, Sonakshi is hesitant but is forced to take it when they pressurize her, Mr Verma asks if he is going to bring Aayush to their house tomorrow.

Aayush is standing when Dev brings the ice cream, he questions how did Dev know it was his favourite, Dev replies a fairy told him, when Aayush asks him to speak the truth he reveals that it is because the ice cream is also his favourite, they both start enjoying it, Soha seeing it thinks when she asked what was the occasion, Sonakshi replied that she felt like doing something for her, Soha leaves exclaiming it was a lie and she is not special for them.

Precap: Dev and Sonakshi are about to leave with Aayush, Ishwari questions where they are going, after knowing she mentions that she has a kept a pooja for Aayush and they would not be able to leave, during the pooja the Pandit jee asks about the name of the parents, Ishwari takes the name of Dev and Sonakshi which angers Soha who crushes the flower, even Aayush is not able to bear the news.

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