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Friendship goals ? ~Riansh #ss (Part 11)

Hi guys, I’m back. I don’t have anything to say .

So let’s start,

At night,in garden of their mansion, riddhima was sitting wearing red saari and was looking at sky full of stars with slight smile

Riddhima’s pov

It’s been 2 months, me and vansh got married. We tried our best to keep this relation but we couldn’t and after a week we are getting divorced because vansh is gone back to Singapore for some buisness meeting or else we would have divorced tommorow morning only. I don’t know whether I should be happy that I’m getting my freedom back or should be sad that now we will not able to be together like before. Because of this wedding somewhere we are losing the most precious friendship of ours. All is messed up, before wedding my and kabir’s friendship broke, reason till now I don’t know and vansh never told me why…and after some weeks my parents asked me to marry vansh because society was judging our friendship which we never cared but our parents were amadant so we got married but we knew that because of all this our friendship somewhere will get lost but we were trying to keep our friendship all above that. it was going good but 2 days back we decided to get divorced because this marriage was not working at all and we didn’t wanted to loose our friendship more, so we told about this to our parents and they tried to protest but we made them understand and now they agreed, I know they’ll be very sad but it was important to save two life that is mine and vansh. And from now on I’ll live my life like I used too. And I’ll get vansh as my bestfriend again. Yes I’ll miss being live with him…I’ll miss uma mom and ajay dad as my MIL and FIL….Okay you’ll be thinking why so? So let me tell you because they are awesome and cool type person. I’m Damn sure vansh’s future wife will enjoy to live here. Uma mom was very sad at our decision but she understood and supported us made my parents understand the situation. Ahh..let it be for now all this. Look at the sky how beautiful.

Riddhima’s POV ends

Vansh’s POV

I’m Damn tired man, after sitting at one place for almost 2 hours my back is paining like hell, even in exam hall I can’t sit properly at one place without moving here and there teacher used to scold but who cares. I’m wondering how riddhu can sit for straight 3 hours, she is the only monkey and we got affected by her behaviour in short sangati ka asar. Riddhu…finally you’ll be free and I know what you will be thinking that life is mess. Kabir where are you bro, I need you, your riddhu want you, we lost our riddhu…We lost our mischievous, always smiling and annoying riddhu😭😭 whenever she ask the reason about why we broke friendship with each other….I only know how I control myself that vansh you don’t have to cry, you promised kabir that you’ll never cry and always be their for our cute little panda. See I tried na but we are not meant for each other….she shows all of us that she is happy but I know how broken she is. She says she hate you most but we know how much she loves us…if I’ll get chance na to go in past then I’ll change that day and will save your and riddhu’s friendship whatever it costs…I need you bro please come back.

POV ends

Both were crying but irony is first they were their for each other and they were crying infront of each other and used to find the solution but now the situation is they were hiding their tears for eachothers sake. One didn’t wanted to fall weak and one didn’t wanted how weak she became. One was dying to know reason and one was doing all the things to keep that reason secret

Huff…finally wrote😌. Haa toh shock kaisa laga😂✌, don’t throw anything on me for this but mere mann mein khurapat(masti) chal raha tha toh….🙈😂

So sorry for short one but I’ll try to update next asap. And any suggestions then do tell me. This is my 23rd post😌✌ haa toh thodi mehnat karke comments bhi kar dena😅…Bhot pakka liya chalo bye.

Take care of yourself❤

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