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Choti Sardarni 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher tells Kulwant about Trilochan

Choti Sardarni 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Meher, Sarab and Saloni are at the police station. Saloni says they have crossed the border. They will be here soon. they will meet their families after so long. Meher holds Sarab’s hand and cries. Officers start coming in one by one. The current soldiers salute the families. They say, Major Nasim Khan. An old man is brought in. Meher cries. They take names one by one. They say sobedar Trilochan Singh Dhillon. Meher holds Sarab’s hand. They bring him in. It’s Meher’s dad. Meher is shocked. He stumbles.. The officer holds him. Meher sees his feet. Meher looks at him and cries. He walks away from Meher and doesn’t recognize her. Meher cries. He looks back at her. Meher says daddy ji.. I am Meher. Meher hugs him. Sarab hugs them. He says who are you people? Meher cries. He says where is Kulwant Kaur? He takes Kulwant’s name only. Meher says daddy ji.. She cries.

Meher says daddy ji you are a liar. I will never talk to you. He recalls his daughter said that to him when he was leaving. Meher cries. He stops. Trilochan looks at Meher. Meher says daddy ji.. I am your Meher. Your little Meher has grown up. Meher hugs him. He’s in shock. Meher says you are Meher? Meher nods. Where is Kulwant Kaur? Where is she? Meher and Sarab are confused.

Scene 2
Meher and Sarab take Trilochan home. A doctor checks him. The kids come to see him. Seher says nanu? Param says is he our nanu? Karan says really? Meher says kids, meet your nana ji. They say hello to him. Meher says daddy ji that’s Harleen di and he’s your SIL Sarab. Meher says why are you silent? Do you recognize me? He is silent. He says Kulwant Kaur.. The doctor says please come with me. Sarab and Meher go with him. Param says nanu are you? Karan says where were you for so many years?

The doctor says he’s in great shock. Until Kulwant comes and talks to him he won’t remember anything. Please call her. Harleen says that’s not possible. Sarab says she will come. Harleen says how can you allow her here. Sarab says for daddy ji I can forget the past. The doctor says he can’t bear any new shock. Sarab says how will we bring her here Meher ji?

Scene 3
Two men come to Kulwant and say we have order for this haveli. We will destroy it. Kulwant says I made this haveli. I will kill you if you come here. My power isn’t gone. Meher comes in and says your whole life passed and your hunger for power didn’t go. Why don’t you accept that you built this haveli on lies. Why don’t you get what’s right? Kulwant says I am getting it now. You have done all this. Meher says and once again, you’re wrong. Whatever is happening with you, it’s because of your sins. They are coming back to you. Kulwant says you don’t need to worry about my sins. Why are you here? You broke your relation with this house and me. On what relation are you here? Meher says for daddy ji. Kulwant is shocked.

Kulwant says don’t bring my martyred husband in this mess. He will never come between us. Meher says he is. Kulwant is shocked. Meher says he’s between us. Kulwant shouts and says shut up. I can tolerate anything as a mother but as a widow.. Meher says you’re not a widow. Kulwant is shocked. Meher says your husband, Trilochan Singh Dhillo is alive. Kulwant is shocked. Meher says daddy ji is alive. He was in Pakistan’s jail. He’s released now due to Sarab’s effort. My dad and your husband is alive. He is back. Kulwant says no.. you are lying. I beg you say that you are lying. She cries. Kulwant says such a big joke? Don’t do this. All my life I lived as a widow. I kept living with this faith that your dad is alive and will come back. But God didn’t listen to me. Now tell me you are lying. Your dad can’t be alive. She cries. Kulwant touches her feet. Meher steps back. Kulwant says say the truth. My Sardar ji is alive? please say the truth. Meher says I am not lying. Daddy ji is alive. Kulwant is shocked. Kulwant cries and says my sardar ji? She screams.. Kulwant says my husband. She calls Bitu and Rana.

Kulwant laughs in tears and says are you listening? My husband is alive. I am not a widow. My Sardar ji is back. Your daddy ji is alive. She says did you listen to Bitu Rana? Your dad is alive. Meher says yes your dad is alive. Bitu and Rana hug each other. Meher says we were kids when he left us. He doesn’t even know our faces but he has been taking your name. He’s saying where are you my Kulwant? Kulwant says my sardar ji.. He’s calling me?

Bitu says mummy ji please sit. Rana says bring water. Kulwant says please take me to him Meher. Take me to my sardar ji. He doesn’t remember anything but me. Please take me to him Meher. Meher says not so easily. She’s shocked. Kulwant says are you crazy? Who are you to stop me from meeting my husband? Meher says I wish I could keep you away from daddy ji. But I can’t do that. Kulwant says then take me, please. Why don’t you take me to him? Meher says I will but on one condition. You have to promise that you will leave all your anger, lies, fraud, bitterness, and selfishness behind. You will bury it. I don’t want daddy ji to know that his Kulwant has done darker sins than the jail he was in. Promise to be good and I will forgive you and take you to daddy ji. Kulwant says you are lying. You will never forgive me. You will tell all of this to your dad. I know you want to insult me in front of my husband. You will take your revenge. Meher says no mummy ji. If I had to do that I would tell him everything by now. If I had to insult you I won’t have come to take you here. I broke all relations with you and this house. But I came here so daddy ji can meet his wife and his kids. His entire family. He needs all of us. That’s why I came here. To take you with me. Kulwant says how can I trust you? You will show him my report card. How can I trust you?

Episode ends.

Precap-Sarab says daddy ji please eat. He says only Kulwant can make me eat. He says I am hungry Kulwant. Kulwant comes and says Jagga’s daddy ji, I will fire this milkman. She comes in a red dress.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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