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Mehrya FF Romeo and Juliet Part 2

Mehak reached Mumbai at about 12:30 am..she called Nehal..she picked it in one ring as whole family is waiting for her call..she told them that she had reached Mumbai n now waiting for taxi n assured them that she will call them whenever she would feel wrong..she disconnect the call n came out of airport..she waited for sometime n then she got a taxi n asked the driver to left her at some hotel..the driver took her to hotel Montaches..luckily a room was left there..she checked in n put her luggage there in the room n went to bed at she was exhausted by travelling n slept in a short time..she get up at about 7 am n checked her mobile..she found so many messages from Nehal..she smiled n went to get shower.

Somewhere in another part of Mumbai..a tall guy was getting ready in  3 piece suit..a lady wearing saree came with a glass of juice..Don’t know when that day come when I will come to wake you up she said smiling…I think it will never come..because your son is very punctual..good morning ma the guy said turning to her..he is our hero Shaurya Khanna..he took juice from her n put that on table..ma I told you na to not to do these works..I have a army of servants he said hugging her..she is his mother Karuna..my child I get so much plessure whenever I come with your meal she told him with a 3D smile..Ma today I have to choose a head cook for my new restaurant n I want you to come there to select the head cook because I want it to be perfect and only you can choose the perfect one he told her..but son..how would I choose him..

I mean you should check their profile n then take your decision Karuna asked him..Ma I have already checked their profile n just invited those whose profile I liked..you just have to taste their dish n nothing else Shaurya said holding her hand n taking her with him..Vicky was sitting in hall as he saw Shaurya with Karuna he asked Bhai why are you taking Mrs. Khanna with you..today is your meeting with employees na so what’s the need of her there..Vicky she is our mom Shaurya said in loud voice..I know but she was not able to be a good mom..anyways I have to go because Shruti is waiting for me he said n turned..Shruti was standing on door in a short dress looking with a wide smile..Shaurya made a face..let’s go ma…Vicky..have you brought tickets Shruti asked..I m sorry baby I forget to buy..but wait I m going to my room n book them now Vicky replied n left..Shruti looked at Shaurya but he left with his ma..I will see Shaurya how long will you avoid me n my charm she said in heart.

Mehak get ready in her plane navy blue umbrella suit..she was looking gorgeous in it..she left for her interview..as she reached there she saw a few candidates were sitting there..she checked the address whether she is on write location..everyone was staring at her with a disgust look on their faces because they all were wearing modern dresses n she was in her traditional type dress..she felt awkward n sat there on vaccant chair..after some time a young man came n informed the candidates that only one would be selected as a head chef n for that they have to cook a dish..the one whose dish is tasty the one will be selected..they were confused but still kept mum..Mehak was happy because she has this much faith in herself that she can cook a good dish..she smiled to herself but soon nervousness took place over her when she thought that others may cook better than her n tried to keep herself calm..after some time all the candidates were asked to come n prepare the dish..Mehak gathered the courage n went to make the dish..they were provided counters n given the time of 30 minutes..Mehak managed to prepare the dish in the given time..she decorated the dish..as her name was called she took her dish n went into the cabin as she was the last one n she had noticed that everyone went in with a happy face but came with sad face..she was so nervous.

she enter into the cabin..it was fully air conditioner n designed in europeon style..she put her dish in front of a lady..she tasted the dish and smiled widely..she is perfect Shaurie Karuna said in excitement..do you liked it Shaurya glanced at the dish…Hmm Coconut Milk Shrimp..are you stalking Shaurya Khanna he asked her narrowing his eyes..no sir..I m not stalking anyone Mehak replied lifting her head..So how you get to know that its my favourite n weakness too he futher asked..Sir actually its my mom’s favourite dish so I thought to make this Mehak replied honestly..Are you Kanta’s niece Karuna asked her..Yes..but how do you know her Mehak asked confusingly..before Karuna could answer Shaurya interrupted Miss Sharma..you are selected as a head chef n ma I told you that I don’t want to mix my professional n personel life..Ok my son..I won’t discuss about that again Karuna said..

So Miss Sharma..in one week its my hotel’s opening n until then I don’t want any delay so as per contract Khanna  group is providing you a flat these are your flat keys n meet me here only tomorrow at 7:45 am in the morning Shaurya told her n gave her keys.. Mehak was so happy as she got the job..she came out with a smile on her face..everyone understood that she got the job they didn’t gave her a second look n they left..Mehak too left n then called her chachi..Chachi I got the job she told them..everyone became so happy..Di party toh banti hai Nehal screamed from other side..after some time she disconnect the call n shifted her luggage in flat..day went eventless n Mehak searched more about recipies n pen them down ni notebook..she was not having the proper indigredients n haven’t enough money to buy them so that she could try them so she pen them down n thought to ask about them to Shaurya n slept.

Next day she got up early n get ready in her umbrella suit n left to hotel..she reached there n the scenario in front of her shocked her..she saw Shruti hugging Shaurya n trying to kiss on his neck but Mehak was not able to see that Shaurya is trying to get rid of her..Am sorry she said bringing them back to reality..Shruti left him..Ok bye baby..I will meet you in cafe..please come on time she said n left the cabin..Mehak thought that she is his girlfriend..until now she was not able to understand why people date..how love happens..n every person in relationship disgust her..she was not even happy with Nehal n Rohit’s relationship..according to him relationship is only lust n nothing else..

So Miss Sharma today we are going to discuss about new dishes..have you any new ideas Shaurya asked her settling himself in chair..Yes sir..I have some ideas..some of them are my own n some of them I found on internet..please check these Mehak said n handled him some papers..He go through them n was impressed by them..Where are your ideas..he asked her..Sir these are mine..n these are internet ideas she replied n handled him a few papers..he was impressed by her that she has self thinking n could be a good cook in future if she had given proper training..he kept his rude face in front of her n she was cursing him to be rude..they discussed for some more time..n Shaurya realized that she is good in terms of discussion n could gain popularity..n Mehak realized that he is short tempered so she need to be careful.

PRECAP – Mehak to misunderstand Shaurya…

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