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Mayavi Maling 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Maharaj gets in Angad’s control

Mayavi Maling 21st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Angad asking Adhivan is he his friend or enemy. He reminds his old promise of supporting them. He says I m not your friend, but your enemy. Adhivan says its a lie, you can tag me anything, i can’t do this. Angad says Arak is a fool, I m ashamed of his identity. Adhivan says he is our brother. Angad says show your emotions in your room, not here, you and Arak won’t go anywhere, you will get caught if you run. He goes.

Haran gets shocked seeing Madhumali. He gets his sword. She says I m not an enemy, I m your friend, because of whom you are alive. He asks what. She says yes, I stopped Angad till Pranali saved you. He smiles and asks friend, how shall I forget that you and your son troubled me, Maharaj and Pranali saved me twice. Madhumali says forget the past friend,

accept the future, you will get money, power and much more, Pranali has not give you any status, I will keep real friendship. She goes. He asks her to listen.

Everyone prays in palace. Maharaj does the aarti. Angad wears his hand prints and controls him. Maharaj gets shocked when his hands start trembling. Madhumali says you can bring an earthquake there. She laughs. Angad makes Maharaj throw the aarti plate. Madhumali says I have to go and see this, I can’t wait now. Everyone looks on shocked. Maharaj goes out of control. Pranali asks him is he fine, what happened to him. Maharaj makes them away. He sees Paramdev and starts challenging him. He shocks everyone by his unexpected behavior. Angad makes Maharaj oppose Paramdev. Maharaj throws the diya and says I will end this superstition, no one will worship Paramdev. He raises hand on Maharani. Maharaj faints down. Everyone rushes to him and cries.

Pranali asks them to call Raj Vaid. Madhumali looks on. Vaid comes and checks Maharaj. Madhumali laughs and tells Angad that she is very happy. Angad says I will please you and dad. Maharaj gets conscious and asks what happened to me. Pranali says you fell unwell and fainted, there is nothing to worry. Mandhari asks Pranali to say what happened. Garima says I don’t think this is the right time. Vaid says Maharaj is recovering. Dharani worries that demons are using powers on Maharaj. Pranali says this will go on till we find some way and face this problem we shouldn’t lose courage, we should stay united. Pranali goes and cries. Eshwarya and Garima console her. Pranali says I think Chegu can help us. She asks Eshwarya to call Chegu and Antara, they can find out who did this with dad. Garima says I will go and talk to Chegu. Pranali asks Eshwarya what’s the matter. Eshwarya says I will talk to Antara. Garima says I will go there. Eshwarya and Pranali make plan to talk to Angad and know his plans. Eshwarya says he will doubt and get angry. Angad comes to Pranali.

Pranali says its impossible for me to become part of your world. Angad pushes her fall down the cliff and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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