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If you hold my hand (Chapter 6)


If you hold my hand : Chapter 6

#Anan’s Marriage

Sidhant brings the unconscious or I should say acting to be unconscious Teja to Zoya..he didn’t lift her fortunately Zoya was already waiting for them as obviously Aryan reached before and informed her.

They make her lie on the bed. “Sorry.. You’d to handle her in this state that too so Late…”..Zoya says with both of them coming out of the room.

“its fine.. If you don’t mind.. Ask her to drink less… This much alcohol isn’t good ”

“aah!.. Don’t worry.. She’s a responsible girl… And also never drinks more than twice a month.. Many a times months pass and she doesn’t even think of having a drink.  She’s actually very happy about Anaya’s marriage.. May be that’s why… “..

“Ok.. Yeah.. Then..I must leave..  Good night ”

“Good night”..he went and she looks at teja.

Next afternoon .

Zoya and Teja were getting ready for the marriage in a gorgeous traditional lehenga.

(Teja -the middle one…Zoya-the brown one)

Just then Teju recieves a vedio call from Aditya.

“Dada “..she says and receives the call… Zoya turns the other side applying the lipstick.

After a few talks.. Teja turns the camera towards Zoya… “Look Dada…. Bhabhi jaan aaj kya lg rhi h… U should have been here. ”

Aditya tries to see but is unable to and says… “Ye acha h… Gussa m, hun but nakhre ye dikha rhi h… I don’t want to talk to her.. “…”Leave it Aditya… Neither do I wanna talk to you.. You get angry on little things and  it isn’t always my fault.. “..Zoya turns to him.

For a few seconds Aditya was lost in his beautiful girlfriend.. He smiles and says.. “No.. Not always.. But this time you are at fault.. “..he hangs up the call.

“oopsie… Did I just made you both fight ”

“Not you… to all intents and purposes its me.. “..she says.

“I won’t interfere …Aap ka personal matter h… But if you wanna share you can.. Dada ko m theek kr dungi.. “..she says holding her hand smiling.

Just then they hear musics…”Barat”..both chirpily run to the terrace.  Teja sees Sidhant dancing whole heartedly..what she noticed that they were wearing the same colour the same shade… Coincidence ❤❤

Undoubtedly.. Sid looked as hot as always in that stunning yet simple Sherwani.

She adjusted her silky wavy hair behind her ear which came in between.  Sidhant looks up.. And was yet again stunned at her gorgeousness..he continued to dance.

The wedding venue was a gurudwara..

Aryan and Anaya go to the interior  of the gurudwara holding hands with all others following.

The marriage ceremony takes place.. All through the time Sidhant wasn’t able to resist himself from taking glimpses of his Tj. And the Sherlock Tunisha was observing all this. 😏😏


Teja was done with packing her bags as she had her flight back to Kolkata in the morning.. She’d already not attended the office since past 2 weeks.. A long time for a bussinessperson to stay away from her work.

She decided to have a nice walk on the terrace and the outside was awesome with cool winds blowing.

She notices a guy feeding the stray dogs.. At a corner… On focusing a bit more.. It was Sidhant.. She smiled looking at him.. There’s probably no one around.

After sometime while he returns she comes to his sight… “hey! “..he calls.

“hi.. “..she goes nearer to the handrail .

“wait.. I am coming “…he climbs up the wall.

“Sidhant… Take the stairs.. I am here itself.. “..but by the time she said this.. He was already up.

She crossed her arms over her chest… She was wearing her white night shorts and a White  loose tee….her hair tied in a bun. “Ye kaun sa tareeka h uper aane ka? ”

“short cut.. “..

“Like seriously “..he shows her teeth.. His favourite expression you know.

“Forget it.. Say what you wanted ysay… Be quick I need to sleep… ”

“This early! ”

“I have my flight tomorrow morning ”

“Oo.. “..he looked upset… “I just… Wanted to ask… When.. I mean.. Kya hum fir nhi mil skte? “…

“Lets.. See.. Par kyu milna hai? ”

“..Milenge nhi to tum milogi kaise (If we won’t meet.. How’ll I be able to get you)..”..he murmured… “We are in the same city…I’d love to be friends with the Tejasswi Bose.. “..

“..Fine.. As you said.. We’ll be in the same city… I think we will meet someday… Unplanned….Gud night “…she wished… “and yeah!  .. Thanks for yesterday.. I am sorry if I created any nuisance… “…she says while going towards her room.

“Shea man… I love her”…he urghes.


That’s for the day…

Thanks to all my readers… Likers.. Dislikers  and Of course.. All those Commentators… Who are always regular in encouraging me…

Next chappie.. Either tom or next weekend.. Hectic 11th u know

God bless me!

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