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Avneil FF: Love me forever (Episode 5)

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I know I have been away from wattpad for months, and I am so sorry for that… since I have done that , so as for the compensation part, I will upload one chapter tomorrow and another chapter day after tomorrow. that means three chapters of love me forever back to back.

but for now lets enjoy this chapter first…

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Author’s POV

At Dayawanti’s Mansion

After engagement announcement, Rhea, Avni, Neel and Rishabh are talking.

Before Avni could say something embarrassing, Neel says “yeah we know each other, she is Avni and ”

Avni looks and smirks at Neel , she says “he is Neel ”

Rhea says “how do you know each other since avni you have just came to mumbai ”

Avni says ” long story”

neel contradicts avni and says “its not that long”

avni says “whatever”

rhea says “Interesting”

Rishabh says “Dude tell us the story fast”

Neel says “it’s not interesting”

Avni says “yeah because Neel is in it na, super boring person”

Neel gets offended and says “hey you”

Avni gets equally annoyed and says ” what hey you ”

rhea and Rishabh says “please stop fighting”

Avni and Neel says “no”

Rishabh says “it’s our day, you can’t say no to us”

Neel and Avni says “fine, but keep her/him away from me”

rhea says “okay but first tell us the story”

Avni says “will tell you later, see even hetal chachi is coming to call us I think”

Rishabh says “yeah,  also we have so much time, lets continue it after dinner”

Hetal comes to them and says “come dinner is ready”

rhea says “yeah we are coming mom , you go”

Her mother nods and goes from there.

Neel says “let’s go, I am hungry”

Avni says in a low voice “such a gorilla”

Neel looks at Avni and says “what did you say”

Avni says “nothing”

Neel stares Avni, and Avni rolls her eyes.

to postpone the world war, rhea and Rishabh drags Avni and Neel towards the dining room. just for everyone, Avni and Neel controlled themselves, and didn’t pass any sarcastic comments to each other. at the dining table they behaved well. but they are Avni and Neel, how can they stay without fighting. so, their expressions and eyes were doing the talking. and these eye locks and fakes smiles are easily caught by Shweta.

After having dinner, everyone talks for a while about the preparations then Neel’s and Rishabh’s family leaves. meanwhile Avni and Neel successfully distracted Rishabh and rhea from the previous topic and didn’t tell them how they met each other. nobody wanted to remember that unfortunate day. so avni and neel didn’t tell rhea and Rishabh. when all the guest went, neela and Avni also starts to leave but Dayawanti asked neela and Avni to stay there for a night, to which they agree. it was around midnight, everyone should have slept but since Avni and neela had come after so long, everyone was gathered in the hall, and they are talking. then rhea makes an excuse to go to her room. rhea comes to her room and goes near the window, she takes her phone and calls someone. she is looking very worried.

rhea says “pick up the call, please, answer it”

after calling three times no one answered, she tried again and this time the person anwered

[Author’s note: the speaker from other side is muted for the readers for now]

Rhea says “Hey baby, thank god you finally answered my call. I have something important to tell you”

Rhea says ” nothing is fine, you wont believe what happened”

rhea says “baby, nothing is like that, actually today I saw Avni”

rhea says ” no, I am not joking, I am saying the truth, do you think I will even joke about it”

rhea says “but it’s true, she is alive. When I saw her today, even I was shocked”

Rhea says “yeah, she is. she and neela aunty come today at my engagement announcement party. dadi surprised me with them. and a big no. you can’t meet her, not now at least but I promise you will see her soon, please try to understand.”

meanwhile, seeing rhea absent from the hall for so long, neela goes to look for her. when neela comes near rhea’s room, she says “rhea where are you”

hearing neela, rhea gets tensed.

rhea says over the phone “okay baby, I gotta go, neela aunty is calling me, bye”

then she hangs up the phone and goes outside to see neela. then they both go downstairs in the hall where everyone is talking and having ice-cream.


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