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Adiya OS : Lag Ja Gale

Hey all, how are you doing, hope you are doing fine.

so today I have written a Bepannah OS, a new serial I have explored, so read this chapter and tell me how is it..  hope you like it.

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After Harsh and Anjana’s 35th anniversary party, Zoya is going home. Outside the hooda mansion(back side road), zoya sees a person waiting with luggage by his side. She wondered ‘who’s the man, waiting outside the hooda mansion on the backside  with luggage all alone and at this time. I should go and look’

Then she slowly walks towards the person, zoya thinks ‘I hope that he is not Aditya, god please he shouldn’t be aditya’

when zoya is a few steps behind that man, she hears that man saying “oh god when will my cab come”

zoya talks to herself and says in a low voice ‘oh god, its Aditya’s voice that means adi is again running away. I have to stop him, i cant just let him go again’

zoya walks a few steps and taps on adi’s shoulder. Adi gets shocked and he jumps. he turns behind and sees zoya standing in front of him.

He hesitantly says “zoya”

zoya says “Adi, what are you doing, why are you running away again”

he says “I cant tell you zoya, atleast not now”

zoya says “but why”

adi says “I just cant”

zoya says “fine then you are not going anywhere either”

zoya grabs adi’s hand and tries to pulls him, to take him back inside.

Adi doesn’t move and says “zoya”

zoya says “adi lets go na”

adi says “zoya”

zoya says “adi stop behaving like a kid”

adi says “zoya leave my hand”

zoya says “no until I take you back in”

adi’s anger is increasing, and because of this he jerks her hand.

zoya says “whats this new drama adi, what happened”

adi says “that should be my question”

zoya says “adi whats the matter”

adi says “its nothing now let me go”

zoya says “no I cant, but why do you wanna go leaving everyone here. adi please stay back, for your mom and dad, or atleast for arjun, please don’t go”

adi says “zoya just stop”

zoya says “adi for me and arjun, please”

adi says “I stayed with you and arjun for a week, isn’t that enough? I stayed this long for you two, you should be grateful to me and stop bugging me”

zoya gets angry and says “adi what happened, why are you behaving like this”

adi shouts “you happened, why are you behaving  like a kid, why cant you understand that I am not going back there. whats your problem why cant you understand this simple thing . and why the hell are you after me, why cant you just leave me alone. yeah now I understand why yash left you, because you  would have irritated him to hell like you are doing it to me”

zoya gets stunned at adi’s confession, she gets so startled and hurt that her eyes starts to get teary.

Seeing zoya this shattered, Adi curses himself in low voice and he moves his hand over his hair in frustration and mutters “I shouldn’t have bursted on her like this”

Adi says “Zoya “

zoya slowly takes step back and she wipes her tears.

adi takes step forward and says “zoya listen”

zoya turns and walks. adi goes in her direction, he pull her and turns her. while doing this zoya crashes into adi. zoya looks at adi.

he cups her face and says “zoya I am really very sorry, I shouldn’t have said that but I was so stressed that I bursted on you and said what I shouldn’t have. I am sorry please forgive me, I will go anything to makeup my mistake”

zoya holds his hands and asks “anything”

adi says “yeah anything”

zoya says “then don’t go”

adi takes a step back and looks at the ground.

zoya starts to break, she says “adi, you even promised me, day before yesterday, don’t you remember”


in Adi’s room

adi is sitting on his bed with his laptop and doing some work.

zoya comes and knocks on the door.

adi sees zoya and says “come and sit” and he pats on the bed. adi puts his laptop aside and says “so what brings miss zoya here”

zoya says “only a day is left for the party and there is so much to do. I am stressed out so I want your honest opinion” adi nods. zoya continues ” I wanted to ask you about ” and her focus shifts to adi’s laptop and she sees that adi is buying some airline tickets.

zoya says “leave me, tell me what are you doing, are you planning to run away”

adi stays quiet.

zoya says “adi say something”

adi says “yes I am”

zoya gets shocked and says “what? adi how could you, you just came back after disappearing for six months and now you are leaving again”

adi looks at zoya seriously and then he starts to laugh.

adi says “you should have seen your face, your expressions were priceless”

zoya understands that adi has pranked her, so she grabs a pillow and starts to hi adi with it. adi tries to save himself.

he says “I was just kidding zoya, I was booking tickets for ma and pa”

zoya says “but you scared me so bad, you deserve punishment”

zoya countinues to hit adi for a couple of mintues then adi says “please please I am sorry, forgive me na”

zoya says “okay fine, but on a condition”

adi says ” what condition”

zoya says “that you will not run away again”

zoya moves her hand forward and says “promise?”

adi keeps looking at zoya’s hand, zoya snaps her fingers in front of adi and says “where are you lost? “

adi says “no where, no , actually I was wondering how will I be alive if I wont run away from you miss witch”

zoya says “you” and she hits adi with pillow. adi laughs and says “sorry, just kidding”

zoya moves her hand forward and says “promise?”

adi puts his hand in zoya’s hand and says “promise” meanwhile his other hand’s fingers are crossed.

adi thinks ‘ I am sorry zoya I had to lie to you, I have to go but if I will tell you then you wont let me go’

zoya thinks ‘now everything will be perfect’

zoya says “but what if you say I will go then what will I do”

adi says “then sing for me, I will stop and would not leave you”

zoya says “sing and me, no way, I cant sing”

adi says “your choice” , adi gets up from the bed,  but zoya hold his hand and says “wont you tell me which song”

adi smiles and says “any song you think is appropriate for that time”

zoya smiles and says “okay got it”

adi nods.

zoya says “now come and see the preparations”

adi says “okay maam”

zoya laughs and then adi laughs.

adi and zoya goes downstairs to see everything

********************END OF FLASHBACK********************

adi says “my fingers were crossed, so I didn’t make any promise, I am sorry zoya”

zoya says “adi, how could you”

and she starts to cry.

adi says “please don’t cry zoya, look I am not going forever, I will come back”

zoya says “when”

adi says “soon”

zoya says “but where are you going”

adi says “I cant tell you that”

zoya says “please Aditya, please don go. if not for anyone, but for me please”

adi wipes her tears and says “no zoya, I cant stay, I have to go”

zoya says “adi please try to understand”

adi says “zoya that’s what I have been saying, please try and understand I have to go, its important and I promise I will come soon”

zoya says “adi, please stay, not for longer, but for few months, then you may go”

adi says “zoya, I have to go now, if I could then I would have stayed”

zoya says “atleast for sometime, a month , no, a week would work too. “

adi says “zoya, calm down “

zoya cries more and hugs adi, “please for a day, just a day and I wont ask you for anything else ever, please just for a day or even for few hours. please stay”

adi says “zoya, Its very very important and I cant delay, if I delay my flight and stay, then everything will be destroyed. I have to go. but I will come back soon I promise.”

the road gets brighter, as a cab comes there and stops.

adi says “now I have to go zoya, my cab has come”

adi breaks the hug and says “take care zoya”

and adi walks to the car and gives the driver his luggage.

zoya sings while she is crying

” Lag Ja Gale Ke Phir
ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho
shayad Phir Is Janam Mein
mulakat Ho Na Ho”

Adi stops, an listens to zoya, he turns around and sees zoya crying and her arms open for a hug. adi goes to zoya and hugs her tightly. zoya hugs adi tightly too.

their hug went on for a minute or so, both are crying.

[ in Background the song plays :

Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir
ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho
shayad Phir Is Janam Mein
mulakat Ho Na Ho

lag Jaa Gale a a aahh hhh hhh]

they breaks their hug and gets lost in each other’s eyes.

[ in Background the song plays :

hum Ko Mili Hai Aaj
ye Ghadiya Naseeb Se
je Bhar Ke Dekh Leejiye
hamako Kareeb Se
phir Apke Naseeb Mein
ye Baat Ho Na Ho
shayad phir Is Janaam Mein
mulakaat Ho Na Ho ]

adi cups zoya’s face and kisses her on the forehead, he says “I will be back soon, wait for me”

zoya doesn’t give any reaction to adi, rather she is just looking in his eyes. Adi slowly takes his steps back, then he turns to go.

zoya looks at adi, then she goes after him. she turns him by pulling his jacket and she lightly presses her lips onto his, adi gets startled for a moment. A moment later, it strikes to him that zoya has kissed him. then he cups her face and they both share a passionate kiss.

they break their kiss, after a minute or less. they catches their breathe, adi touches his forehead with her forehead.

zoya says “I love you adi”

adi says “I love you too zoya”

zoya looks in adi’s eyes, and says “please come back soon”

adi says “I will”

after a minute, adi says “I have to do now, bye”

zoya says “bye adi”

then adi hugs zoya and goes to the cab.

zoya waves adi bye, adi too waves at zoya.


adi is sitting in cab, and he wonders ‘ why am I feeling bad, why am I getting the feeling that I am doing something wrong. but why? I am feeling so messed up. but I will come back soon so I should stop bothering myself .’

[ in Background the song plays :

Do pal ruka khwaabon
Ka kaarvaan
Aur phir chal diye tum
Kahaan ham kahaan ]

adi after sometime reaches airport, and he still is feeling weird, like something is not happening right, and many more such feelings but he doesn’t pay any attention to it and goes inside the airport.


meanwhile zoya takes a cab to go home. when she is in the cab, she wonders ‘I couldn’t stop Aditya from leaving me. I couldn’t. I  don’t know if I could ever meet Aditya.’

[ in Background the song plays :
Do pal ki thi ye dilon
Ki daastaan
Aur phir chal diye
Tum kahaan ham kahaan


and she reaches home after some time, but the thought that she will never be able to meet Aditya is eating her.


[ in Background the song plays :

Aur phir chal diye
Tum kahaan ham kahaan



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