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Riansh ( A ghost story) # epi 8 #limited edition#by aishaD #climax


Hello janemans i m back

Last din jhel lo mujhe is story k sth

I hope i was upto ur expectations

So epi starts here

Scene 1

Vansh (shouts)- Ridddhhhiiiiimmmmmmaaaaa!!!

He runs to her and takes her in his arms and cries

Vansh (shouts) – Riddhhhimmmmmaaaa!!

Noo!!!u can’t leave me like this…

U can’t leave ur vansh.to die without u..

Why ragini why …

Why u did this

What was her fault….

Why u snatched her from me..


Come back plz..

Wapas ajao meri jaan tumhara vansh mar jayega tumhare bina..

He tries to wake her up but she didn’t respond

I will never ever forgive u ginni for this..

U snatched my riddhima my life..from me….

I loved u..so much i gave my whole life to u..

And u did this with me..

I wish i had never meet.. u

He cries bitterly..

He kisses ridhima on cheeks forehead and all over the face

He hugs her more tightly

I will never let u go..away from me..

You are mine sweetheart..

U can’t leave ur vansh like this..now who will take care of me..who will love me..😭

Plz come back.. Sweetheart


He lay her down on floor again and get up..

He throw All the things in anger crying bitterly…😭

Vansh (shouting) – I won’t leave anyone😬 riddhima

Puri duniya me aag lga dunga…

Meri riddhima chhin li mujh se…

Kese jiyunga me uske bina. Ek bar bhi ni socha ginni tumne…

He destroy the hall completely

He ruffles his hairs in frustration

Vansh (frustrated) – No no no!! I can’t live without my riddhima…

I will go to her i will meet her in heaven..

I am coming sweetheart

He picks the knife and about to slit his wrist..



He turns abruptly listening to his sweetheart’s voice

Ridhima is lying on floor opening her eyes

Vansh’s happiness has no bounds

He instantly runs to her and hugs her

He makes her sit and hugs her tightly crying

He kisses her all over the face insuring she is safe and sound

Vansh (kissing her ) – U can’t imagine how much happy i am..

You gave me my breath ..my reason to live again riddhima

I love u so much..

Now u are fine na i won’t let u go anywhere

He hugs her again tightly not leaving any space between them

Riddhima (Whisper) – Vansh!!

Vansh (breaking the hug) – Yes sweetheart

Ridhima – i am alive how!!

Ragini told na that she will kill me then where is she..

I am feeling perfectly fine nothing is wrong now

Vansh – how this is possible …


Me btati hu…!!!

Riansh look at each other in disbelief

Ragini is standing in front of them smiling

Vansh (whisper) – Ginniii!!!Tum….yaha..ese..how

Ragini – I thought that by killing riddhima i will be at peace

By seeing u suffering for her  i will be at peace

But after seeing ur desperation for riddhima

After seeing that u both were ready to sacrifice ur life for each other

I realised love is not being together..

Love is seeing ur love happy…

Agar aaj me riddhima ki jaan le leti na ansh to bhagwan mujhe narak me bhi jagah nhi deta..

Seeing your love happy is best feeling in the world

And i can see how much my love is happy with u riddhima

She looks at riddhima

Today i m leaving riddhima

But i am giving my ansh to u..

Keep his happy always..

Mujhe bhrosa Hai tum use mujhse bhi zada pyr dogi..

Aaj me meri sbse kimti amaanat mera ansh tumhe deke ja rhi hu..

Riddhima – i promise ragini i will keep ur possession with me and love him to the core of my heart..

I will always be greatful to u for giving my life my vansh back to me..

I will pray for u..that your soul Will rest in peace

Both smiles looking at each other

Ragini (smiling)- i am going ansh..stay happy always and don’t forget me plz..

Ho ske to apni ginni ko maaf kr dena..

Vansh (crying) – How can i forget u..ginni.

Tum mere dil ka wo hissa ho.jo mrte dam tk mere sth rhega..

Plz don’t go..i have lost u once i can’t lose u again

Plz dont go…i promise i won’t hurt u again

Don’t leave plz😭

Ragini (smiling)- i wish i could stay here..but i can’t

I have to go..

But i will always be with u and riddhima

I promise i will come back soon in ur life…ansh..

When u will see the sun rays u will find me in that..

When u will see flowers in ur garden u will find me in them..

You will find me everywhere ansh..

I will not present physically here but i will always be in ur heart..

Will u keep me there..

Vansh (crying) – Always..u will always in my heart ginni

Ragini (smiling)- Now let me go plz..

Vansh (crying) – Nooo!! I won’t
u can’t leave me again😭

Riddhima (holding vansh) – let her go vansh… She will be at Peace

Ragini smiles and disappear slowly…

Vansh (holding riddhu’s hand)- I love u riddhima

Riddhima – i love u too vansh…

Both hug each other…


3 years later

A beautiful serene morning is shown

Sun ray are peeping in garden

A 3 year old girl in beautiful lehenga is dancing gracefully

A man comes  to her running

Man – Ginniii!! My baby… Where are u..

The baby comes and hug the man

Baby ginni – Ansh papa!! Apne mela danch dekha…kecha lda apko..

Man – My baby is best dancer …papa loves baby a lot😘

Both father daughter duo hug each other.

Suddenly a lady comes with pouting

Lady – Vansh!! Ragini!!😒

Not fare..u both forget  mumma na(pouting ) i am gussa now..😡

(Yes the man was vansh…)

Vansh – C’mon sweetheart don’t be jealous of my ginni baby..

Baby ginni – ginni lobes mumma!!ginni lobes papa😊

Saying this she hugs riansh…

Vansh and riddhima looks at each other smiling and then looks at the point where sun rays are falling

Ragini is standing there smiling at them

Ragini (smiling) – I told u na vansh i will come back in ur life soon

See i m here.(pointing towards baby ginni).your ginni is here

U will see me in her smil

U will See me in her dance..

She is me..and i am her..

Riansh looks at her smiling and she disappear

Riddhima (smiling) – Your ginni is back vansh…

Vansh (kissing her forehead) – Thnk u so much sweetheart for giving my ginni back…

Both hugs each other..

Baby ginni (pouting) – Now u both forgot me na.i am gussa now😡

Riansh runs to her and takes her in their embrace

Trio shares family hug

The End!!!

Love is something which will give u pain and soothe it same time..

U can love someone but u can’t force someone..

The day u will see smile on your love’s face 

U will be the luckiest person in the world

With this i am signing off from this story…

Thnq so much everyone for ur constant support to my story…

It means alot to me

Love u all..



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