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Imlie 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Pallavi Decides To Marry Nishant

Imlie 21st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pallavi informs T family how store room was locked from outside, how Nishant fell unconscious and how much she was afraid. Pankaj asks her to relax as doctor is treating Nishant. Radha asks Imlie if she locked them in a store room and giving her a tight slap says she told her to concentrate on her studies and not bother anyone, what if something had happened to Nishant. Imlie apologizes her. She says her interference always harms others, she should apologize Nishant and Pallavi instead. Imlie apologizes Pallavi. Pallavi says its okay. Radha says Imlie has to understand that she cannot interfere in family’s every issue as they have faced many problems because of her. Malini takes Imlie’s side and says Imlie wanted to help Nishant and Pallavi, so she shouldn’t bother. Radha says even she shouldn’t interfere in their family issues as there is no place for her in this house. Adi walks to them and says there will always be a place for Malini in this house as she is a part of this family since 7 years, though they are married only for 7 months, so she will always be part of their family. Harish tells doctor that Nishant fell unconscious 2 days ago and even today, if something is serious. Doctor says he is fine and its not related to his leukemia. Pallavi is shocked to hear that and asks if Nishant has a cancer. Adi says they didn’t inform her as it was Nishant’s decision. Doctor says Nishant is young and fit and can fight cancer with best treatment and mental support, so they should keep him happy and be positive. Pallavi walks towards Nishant’s room crying. Imlie says she was trying to do what doctor explained, she knows she is younger and not mature like them, but she knows hopelessness is a morass which will try to suck them in and its difficult to get out of it repeatedly, Nishant is stuck in a morass and its import and very difficult to get him out of it and she is sure that he will get out of it holding a rope of love as love is the biggest truth of life, she knows Nishant immensely loves canteen didi even today.

Pallavi walks to Nishant and says he is questioning since 10 years why he broke up with her and never thought that reason would be cancer. He asks how did she find out. Family walks in. Pallavi says Nishant couldn’t become great because of Imlie who locked them in store room and revealed about his cancer, he is a fool thinking she will not leave him hearing about his illness. Radha says let us all go out and let Nishant rest. Tauji doesn’t understand at first and then walks away when she points at Pallavi. Pallavi tries to leave. She asks Pallavi to sit with Nishant while she sends snacks for them.

Adi walks behind Malini and asks why is she going without informing anyone. Malini says what should she say, this house looks stranger to her now. He asks if she felt bad with Taiji’s words. She says she is not as family gave her immense love, she hurt their feelings and can understand their anger. He says they are friends since 7 years and friendship doesn’t need any document to prove it and hence its world’s unique relationship, he will never betray her from hereon. He asks if she spoke to her papa regarding Kunal as he thinks Kunal is not right for her. She gets angry hearing that. He suggests her to be careful. She says she got betrayed even then, pointing at his betrayal, then says she trusts Kunal and found someone after a long time with whom she feels peaceful. She informs that Desai backed off from their divorce case and hence Kunal accept it. He says its good as Kunal is a better lawyer and says if she feels safe with Kunal, he is happy for her.

Rupali comments Radha that her eyes are glowing with the happiness of getting new bahu. Harish says they should look at even the person who brought new bahu. Imlie sits in a cock’s position as a punishment and apologizes Radha. Radha pampers her and asks if her cheek is paining. Imlie says its okay as a mother is always a tigress for her children, though her cheek is swollen with her slap. Rupali says she should be thankful as Radha hit her and Dhruv from slippers, broom, and what not to protect Radha. Radha says she is sorry even for that, she used to protect Nishant as he is the youngest child. Imlie reminds doctor’s advice and says soon Nishant will be cured with treatment and Pallavi’s love. Rupali asks Radha to start preparations for Nishant and Pallavi’s wedding. Pankaj asks Harish what Nishant and Pallavi must be discussing.

Pallavi asks Nishant why don’t he understand that she is still waiting for him since 10 years and still loves him, she will go and speak about their marriage with family. She walks to family and informs that she and Nishant want to marry. Family get very happy hearing that. Harish asks her to think again as its a big responsibility and if she is taking this decision pitying on them. Pallavi asks her not to name her love as pity and says she took this decision after much thought. Nishant asks what about his wish, he doesn’t want to marry her. Imlie requests him to listen to her once. Nisanth asks if she wants to be bounded by a relationship which will be questioned from a first day. Imlie looks at Adi reminiscing their marriage, says there are answers for each question and his relationship will work for sure and whatever happens is with Seeta maiya’s wish and she reunited them after 10 years for this. Nishant asks what about his wish, he wants to lead his remaining life without any guilt and he cannot ruin Pallavi’s life by becoming selfish. He tells Pallavi that she should marry someone else and walks away. Arparna asks Pallavi not to pay attention to Nishant’s words. Pallavi walks away.

Adi in his room thinks he cannot understand why Nishant is so adamant. Imlie says its his family issue, she knows how to convince Nishant. He says whenever she gets an idea, she creates problem, so she should keep it to herself. She says he should listen to her once. He is just worried for his brother and is going to speak to him. She thinks he will fail.

Precap: Imlie introduces disguised Adi as a sardarji to family as her friend Imlinder Singh from Patiala. Adi nervously hides his family. Pankaj asks him to show his face.

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