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Choti Sardarni 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Tai ji burns family tree

Choti Sardarni 21st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Dolly says I told you everything. But I didn’t know Meher would already tell Daar ji. Own blood is own blood. Karan puts hands on Tai ji’s eyes. She says Param? He says no it’s your son karan, I want sweets. She says you’re not my son. Go from here, I have no sweets for you. I am not your badi dadi. Karan says but you said it the other day.

Sarab asks Meher what’s the plan? Meher says until her anger calms down we have to keep Karan away from her. She will get more angry. Once she calms down I will explain her everything.

Karan says see this family tree. I am your grandson. See you’re here and I am here. Tai ji burns the tree. Karan screams my family tree project. He cries. Meher and Sarab come there. Karan cries. Sarab throws water on it. Karan says she burned our family tree.

Seher cries. Param cries too. Karan says badi dadi did it. Seher says what will we submit in the school? Param says why did you do this? Sarab says why did you do this? She says they made a wrong project. Meher says please don’t drag kids in it. Tai ji says you always speak truth then tell them too? She says you Karan, I am not your dadi and you’re not part of… Sarab says enough Tai ji. Tai ji says now you will misbehave with me? Daar ji says he isn’t misbehaving but defending his child against your hurting him. He says go from here everyone. Amrit you come with me. I will solve this once and for all.

Scene 2
The kids cry. Param says why did she do this? Karan says why did she say she isn’t my dadi? Meher says she was angry. She didn’t mean it. When clouds cover sun you don’t see it. When her anger calms down she will see you.

Sarab says to Dolly why did she do this? Daar ji says answer me. Dolly says I will keep saying it. Karan isn’t Sarab’s child. He is someone else’s sin. Daar ji says shut up. If you say this in front of the kids I will end my relationship with you.

The kids cry and say why did she do this? Daar ji says you will be dead for me if you say this again. Amrit says for that kid who isn’t even our blood you will leave me? He says yes in a second. In this age I can’t hurt my kids. Now if you get it, stop. Or you know the consequences.

Seher cries and says please fix my project. Karan says we had to submit it tomorrow. Param says we won’t celebrate tiha festival either.

Scene 3
Meher, Sarab, Dolly, Daar ji and Harleen make a family tree video and introduce themselves. Param says but there’s no dadi in it. It will be incomplete without her. Meher says I have an idea.

Meher calls Tai ji and says I am speaking from kids’ school. There’s a problem. Seher says why should I tell you? I don’t know you. She says I am Amrit Kaur. Seher and Karan’s dadi. Param records it. Daar ji says Meher you solve everything. Daar ji says you solve everything. Gurbaksh would be so proud of you. Tai ji comes in and says she has no shame. You thought you can fool me and get your task done? But you and your kids stooped low in my eyes again. And you? You hated lies. You have started lying with this liar. He says if a lie brings a smile on an innocent face it isn’t a lie. She says and a person of word doesn’t change his rules so fast. Daar ji leaves. Meher goes after him. Tai ji says to Sarab you’re wise. Think about Karan? Will he be able to accept you as his father once he finds out the truth?

Scene 3
The kids tell Meher Sarab is sleeping with Karan. He is hugging him and not us. Sarab recalls his moments with Karan. Karan is asleep in his lap. Sarab recalls what Tai jo said, meher comes and asks what happened? He says Tai ji said I accepted Karan my son after knowing the truth. Will he accept me as his father once he finds out the truth?

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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