Poem: Running Away, I won’t stop

_”In dark stormy night when everyone  slept I thought to run away,_”
_”Run away somewhere”_
_”Where there could be no one “_
_”Only me and my shattered soul”_
_”I start running out to find some peace to be away from everyone”_
_”I run away”_
_”I won’t stop now I won’t look back”_ _”finally I ran away_”
_”the path on which I am running is coming to the end,_”
_”the path is also unknown to me now”_
_”I don’t know where it will lead me to”_
_”still I won’t stop”_
_”Rain is dripping on me”_
_”foots are requesting me”_
_”but i won’t stop now”_
_”because I am running away”_
_”Running away cause I won’t show them what I feel”_
_”I won’t let them know I am tired”_
_”tired yes I am_”
_”yes I am tired_”
_” Yes I am running away”_
_”I won’t stop now_”
_”everyone would be happy because I am running away”_
_”I don’t know where this path is taking me , I don’t know I will return back or not”_
_”I am scared , looking back to my home”_
_”but I won’t stop”_
_”I won’t stop even when the path starts to fade which I know”_
_”I won’t stop even when there is only my breathing sigh sound”_
_”I won’t stop even when I am scared to death”_
_”Cause I am always scared , scared to lose someone but they don’t_”
_”Cause now I myself lose my soul_”
_”I won’t stop even when sleep overcomes me_”
_”I won’t stop untill smile on my face looks like a painted smile resembled like a non living doll_”
_”I won’t stop untill I feel life struggles are over”_
_”I won’t stop running until painful burdens leave my wounded shoulders_”
_”I won’t stop until I get to know all those promises were fake?”_
_”I won’t stop until I know who wants me in real”_
_”Not a sympathatic , pity want_”
_”I won’t justify myself , I won’t freakout to that person”_
_” I will just run away_”
_”Run away somewhere far”_
_”I won’t stop until I have reached a place where it could let me leave behind which I really don’t want to remember and from which I am running from”_
_”At least I need that relief_”
_”Eyes are not only showering tears but now tears are mixed with something undescribable_”
_”yes I need relief my body , my soul needs that relief_”
_” that’s only the reason yes I am running away to find some relief_”
_”Just then thunder awakens me from the dream which I wanted to come ture in real_”
_”thunder left me to crushed down to the reality once again_”
_”I got up again paint same painful smile on my dried lips_”
_”My heart arched no more running away_”
_”yes no more running away_”
_”Believe on Allah some miracle would definitely be happen that will give you relief_”
_”Till then no running away_”
_”No Running away”_
Heya And here!! Sorry if you get bored..
It’s something which was on my mind and I shaped it together it would have some mistakes Grammertical also do drop your comments

Thanks 🙂

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