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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita seeks the truth

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying sorry, I tried calling everyone and panicked. Romi says you should have called me or Adi. Ishita says I was so scared, my phone also broke, so I left a note, I was helpless. Raman says you did the right thing to leave the note. she says I promise, this won’t happen again. He says your clinic place is finalized, you will get papers tomorrow. She gets glad and goes to make coffee. She thinks of Arushi’s words. She thinks how did Arushi blame Raman, but I saw truth in her eyes, but how could she blame Raman, I will find out. Its morning, Mihika talks to someone on call and says no, I didn’t use the gift card, I don’t have it.

Mrs. Bhalla asks is everything fine. Mihika says I bought a gift card for Amma, I wanted her to use this and go

on some holiday, I will go and find it well, else I won’t get peace. Romi and Ruhi get surprised seeing Ishita at office. Ishita says I m an investor, why are you surprised seeing me. Romi says yes, you are the owner. Ishita says I came to see what’s new things going on here. Ruhi says we are leaving for an imp meeting. Adi offers help to Ishita.

Aaliya asks you here, I m happy to see you. Ishita says I need your help to know about our new ventures. Adi says I will give you details, I will help you, Aaliya doesn’t know this. Ishita says you had to work for graphic design, Aaliya will manage. Ishita gets the files and goes. Ishita checks the files. Bhavna asks what, we did so much drama and Ishita knew this already. The man says I can’t believe how she has caught you.

Arushi says Ishita is powerful, I didn’t had any option than to tell her everything. Ishita calls Arushi and says like I promised you, I m trying to find out what happened with your sister, I will prove my husband wasn’t involved. The girl says Ishita won’t go against her husband. Arushi says Ishita said Raman has no recruitment business, he has a business of health drinks. Bhavna says Ishita will never agree for this.

The man says anyone will protect family first. Bhavna says Sonakshi was my best friend, I did this drama to take revenge, if Raman isn’t behind this, it will be someone from his family, Ishita is a mother figure for family, she keeps family united, why will she trust us. The lady says yes, I m Sonakshi’s Mausi, wrong happened with her, I can’t forget her culprit. Arushi says I will teach a lesson to Raman. Adi scolds Aaliya. Raman looks on and asks Adi to stop it. He sends Aaliya. He scolds Adi. He asks Adi to give a chance to Aaliya to prove herself. Raman comes to Ishita and asks can I bother you, will you like to have lunch. Ishita says I thought it was someone else, what happened. Raman says my son was talking badly with his wife, I thought I did such mistakes before so I m repenting. She says its good we are learning from kids. Ishita keeps the files away. Aaliya cleans a file. Ishita sees recruiting project and thinks when did we start this business. Raman asks her to come. Aaliya says have your meal. Raman hears some noise and goes to see. Ishita thinks of Arushi’s words.

Neha asks Raman to say something, Adi can’t fire her. Adi says I have maternity leave to Neha and now she wants an extension. Raman says there are many female employees, this will be same terms and conditions with everyone. Adi says this is my project. Raman says Adi will decide all the things. Adi says I don’t think Raman will intervene. Raman asks them to sort the matter, Adi won’t do wrong with any employee. He goes. Aaliya looks on. Ishita and Raman talk about Neha’s job insecurity. Raman says HR dept. is there to handle this policies, Adi is following rules. Ishita says we can mend the rules. Raman says we shall have food first. She asks him about his other businesses. He says yes, we recently started few, like a recruitment business, don’t you know about it, Shagun told me that day about the people who want to felicitate me for the recruitment work, shall we go for honeymoon again. Ishita thinks whatever happened with Sonakshi was not because of Raman.

Adi and Neha argue. He asks her to join work, else get terminated. Neha cries and goes. Aaliya looks on. She goes to Adi to talk. He starts yelling at her. Adi says if we don’t make money, who will pay salaries to employees, its enough now, I m doing this for the company. She thinks Adi changed so much. Ishita meets Arushi and says I spoke to Raman, he has a recruitment business, but he can’t do this, I m pretty sure he can’t do anything wrong, its possible you got wrong info.

Arushi asks how don’t you know about his business, poor people get trapped like this, I knew you won’t doubt on your husband, so I got this proof. Ishita checks the paper and says its Raman’s sign. Arushi says find out what happened with my sister, then talk to me. She goes. Ishita thinks how to find.

Ishita scolds Parmeet for misusing Raman’s company. Parmeet denies the blames. He blackmails her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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