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Udaan 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan meets Imli

Udaan 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Imli finding some bag. She asks pandit did anyone check her room. He says servant cleaned your room. She reacts angrily and asks about the bag. He says don’t worry, its safe. He gives her the bag. She lies that she has memories in the bag. He asks her not to worry and goes. She checks the money and says I have to keep this somewhere else. Karan comes to some place at night. He sees Imli digging the ground and comes to her. He asks her who is she, why is she digging, what’s in the red bag. She warns him and refuses to tell anything.

He introduces himself and says you look new. She says I belong here, I heard a lot about you, I have seen you today, I was thinking, if anyone sees you roaming here like a thief, what will they think. He says its better you leave from here. She

laughs. She starts scolding him. He holds her hand angrily and says my name is Karan Oberoi, stop your dialogues, tell your name, I warn you, if you laugh on me again, I will kill you. She says you should know what I did with men like you. He asks her name. She says the time didn’t come that I tell your name, like you didn’t tell the real reason of coming here, be careful, keep your mouth shut. She says I will bury this bag here and see who stops me. He says as you say, don’t dig here, anyone can dig it out. He goes. Gauri does all the work at home. Chagan comes home and gives her wool and accessories. He asks her to do any work she wants, just smile, she doesn’t need to sacrifice her happiness. Chagan’s mum says yes, we want old cheerful Gauri back.

Gauri thanks Chagan and finds herself lucky. She says I won’t be upset now, I had your love and now I have your support. Chakor comes and smiles hearing them. Chakor says I came here to get a frock made for Saanvi, I m happy that Chagan agreed. Gauri says you and Suraj did this right. Chakor says no, Chagan is sensible, he loves you, I knew Chagan is not bad at heart. Chagan says Suraj explained me about love and sacrifice and then I realized my mistake, I have work, I will go, you can do your work. He goes. Chakor asks Gauri to see, she got free, she just has to take a flight now. Udaan hai….plays….

Suraj explains the idea of the new bridge. Karan praises him and asks him to explain in detail. Suraj says I thought to make a long road joining to highway, but I thought to take the short cut by making a bridge that goes via the field, this will be as you want, quick. They praise Suraj. Suraj says you praised me a lot, you shouldn’t.

Karan says lets celebrate, work is like worship. He gives a drink to Suraj. He says I wanted to ask something, when I want loneliness, I go out for a walk, I reached silk fields, I saw a girl digging, I tried to ask her, she didn’t answer, who can it be. Suraj says describe her, maybe I can tell you. Karan describes Imli. Suraj worries and thinks of Imli. He says no, this can’t happen. Karan asks what. Suraj says nothing, the way you described, that girl is dead. Karan laughs and asks did I see her ghost.

He says strange thing is she knew everything about us, our plans, I felt she was in our haveli party, but I would have recognized her. Suraj asks were you drunk. He laughs. Karan gets angry. He controls his anger and talks calmly.

Chakor sees the bridge plan and asks Suraj will the fields get ruined because of the bridge. He says we have enough land to make land anywhere. She throws the file away and burns it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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