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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma’s Efforts To Expose Akshay’s True Intentions Fails

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera tells Kanak that her mehandi looks really well. She washes Kanak’s hands. People see not a slight trace of mehandi color on hands and start badmouthing. Bhabho says they are right and takes Kanak in. Uma reminisces changing mehandi bowl with perfumed paste thinking Kanak will not tolerate Akshay’s named mehandi after knowing Akshay’s true face. He taunts Akshay that he failed. Akshay shows him video where he hides laptop in kitchen. Uma says he will show Akshay’s true face to Kanak. Meera says Kanak will not trust him, and they will steal Kanak’s digital signatures from laptop and will trap her in bribery case. Akshay taunts Uma that he failed. Uma angrily walks out and sees Aditya playing with money bundles. Aditya gets afraid seeing him

and pleads that he cannot forgo his old habit. Uma puts hand in his pocket. Aditya pleads not to shoot him. Uma gives him money bundles. Aditya smiles and says he looks devil’s brother now and praises his plan.

Next day, Kanak travels in a car with Saras. Saras says she did not see such a dull mehandi in any bride’s hand, it may be god’s signal. Kanak says she already made a mistake by believing in god’s signal. Saras gets down to get something. Driver drives car away. Kanak says her house is already left behind, where is he going. Driver turns back, and she is shocked to see Uma and pleads him to stop the car. Saras returns home and hopes Uma’s plan for Kanak is right. Uma stops car and informs Kanak about Meera and Akshay’s plan and requests her not to marry Akshay. Kanak slaps him and warns to dare not badmouth about Akshay and pushes her. He falls down. She speeds away in car.

Bhabho gets ready Kanak for wedding and praises her beauty. She gives her a gift. Payal informs Bhabho that pandit is calling her. Kanak keeps gift in pooja thali and sees her mangalsutra which she had returned to Uma. Saras returns and says this mangalsutra is Bholenath’s signal and she should give Uma a hane to speak. Kanak ignores her. Saras says she knows Uma did wrong, but is he really bad that she does not even want to give him 5 minutes, else she may repent later. She continues pleading Kanak to give dadusa/Uma a chance.

Uma drivescar towards Kanak’s house thinking he cannot let Kanak’s life ruined. Akshay messages Uma from Kanak’s phone to meet him. Uma reaches store room, leaving mobile in car and Meera locks door from outside. Uma pleads to open door. Akshay sitting in mantap thinks now Uma cannot come out or call anyone. Arpita sees Kanak’s phone in Akshay’s hand and asks what is he doing with Kanak’s phone. He says he wants to hold it until Kanak comes to feel her presence. She smiles and leaves. Saras brings Kanak and says Dadusa is not seen, don’t know where he went. Kanak sits in mantap next to Akshay wearing ghunghat. Pandit starts chanting mantras. Uma helplessly calls for help, but no one responds. Meera smirks at Akshay. Uma finally gets out of room and trashes Meera’s goons, but they overpower him soon. Pandit asks to do kanyadaan. Ved does kanyadaan.

Precap: Pandit says 6 pheras have completed and after 7th phera, Akshay and Kanak will be considered husband and wife. Goons continue trashing Uma. Anticorruption bureau officers come to arrest Kanak on corruption charges.

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