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Shakti 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman stops his marriage, Jasleen allows him to go

Shakti 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jasleen and Harman exchanging garlands. Soumya leaves from there silently. Pandit ji asks Jasleen and Harman to stand up for rounds. Jasleen asks where is Soumya? Harman asks what you have to do with her. Jasleen says you had said that when we take rounds, then Soumya will take reverse rounds. Harman asks Jasleen to take rounds with her. Jasleen refuses and asks him to call Soumya first. Harak Singh asks Someone to call Soumya.

Lady finds necklace in Surbhi’s purse. Surbhi says why I will take it. People insults them. Varun says I would have brought it anyhow and asks why she didn’t tell him that she needs necklace. Surbhi scolds Varun for doing cheap conspiracy. Lady locks Surbhi in room and threatens to call Police.

Shanno and Raavi tell Harak singh that Soumya

is not in the house. Harak Singh asks where did she go? Preeto comes and says Soumya is here. She reads the letter asking Harman to be happy and tells that their promises don’t matter as she is not with him. She asks Jasleen not to fear that she will return and asks for her right. She asks Preeto not to worry as she will not die, but live. She tells Harak Singh that kinnars are human too. Preeto ends reading the letter.

Police arrests Surbhi and is taking her, when Varun begs infront of lady to spare his wife. Lady asks Inspector to leave him. Varun says I will drop you home. They go out. He gives her money for such good acting.

Raavi says it is good that she left. Pandit ji asks them to start the rounds. Jasleen asks Harman to take rounds. Manninder tells surbhi that it was all Varun’s plan. Varun comes there and accepts to have staged the drama. He says Harman’s marriage is going on there and tells Surbhi that she can’t reach there.

Harak Singh tells Harman that his life will be good after marriage. Harman holds Jasleen’s hand. Pandit ji asks them to start rounds. Harman takes rounds with Jasleen, recalling his marriage and happier times with Soumya. He stops shocking everyone. Jasleen asks if you don’t want to take rounds with me. She asks why did you make me see dreams, to leave me on mandap. Harak Singh says no and asks Harman to take rounds. Jasleen says first time your friend left and you stayed silent, just her anklet was left, and this time your love is leaving. She asks him to open the ghatbandhan and says this is not meant for us. Harman looks on.

Harman comes to the bus stand and calls Soumya. He stops her from boarding the bus. Soumya asks with which right he came to stop her. Harman says same right which he had on her. Soumya says that right is of Jasleen now and asks him to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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