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Savitri Devi 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Savitri slaps Veer and Sanchi

Savitri Devi 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaya comes to Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir says she didn’t come. Jaya calls her, but her phone is off. Dr. Kabir says Veer must have stopped her, he is big distraction for her. Veer and Sanchi reaches home. Veer says whatever happened at Harman’s house was not right. He says we forgot to have Prasad. They have Prasad. Sanchi tells Veer that she will go to hospital. Veer says I don’t want you to go. Sanchi says even I don’t want to go. They both get in drugs’ influence. Veer asks her to wait for sometime, then go to hospital. Jaya comes to the farm where Puja happened. Gayatri tells her that Sanchi left for home with Veer. Savitri asks why did she come? Gayatri says for Sanchi.

Veer lifts Sanchi and starts walking. Sanchi says she is feeling like flying in air. Veer

says I am feeling as if getting lost. Mahesh kaka comes there. Veer sends him out. Sanchi says we didn’t celebrate our first night. Veer says our first night. Sanchi says I saw that husband and wife talk romantic before first night, but you aren’t telling me anything. Veer makes her stand and says I couldn’t think of talking by seeing you. He takes off her earring. Sanchi gets shy and runs. Veer comes to her and holds her sensually. Sanchi runs to their room. Veer holds her dupatta and makes her sit on bed. Sanchi touches his face. Veer says we have forgotten to remove bangles. He kisses on her forehead. They lie down on the bed. Sanchi gets up and starts dancing. Veer also dances with her. bangaya pal bhar me tera…..He tries to get closer to her, when Jaya comes there and goes straight to their room. She is angry and goes out.

Veer sees her and asks Sanchi to get up. He says he has to go and comes out of room. Savitri and Dr. Malhotra comes there. Jaya wishes them happy baisakhi and leaves. Sanchi is waiting for Veer. Savitri is shocked to see her dizzy. Veer goes after Jaya and then tells her that he was about to leave her in hospital, but don’t know what happened that they stayed at home.

Savitri slaps Sanchi and says it is for insulting my son in public. Jays slaps Veer and says Sanchi is studying this way, you have made her careless. She says you are disturbance in her life and is her weakness. She says Sanchi gets weak when she is with you. She says marriage is easy to do, but difficult to handle and says you have broken my trust. She says if Sanchi stays with you then she will fail. Savitri says today you have made us ashamed infront of all and now standing infront of me drunk. Sanchi is surprised. Savitri says my son will not do any woman’s work and will not get humiliated. She asks her to do her work between 9-5 and try to become good bahu.

Veer gives bands to Sanchi and says we have lost Jaya Maa’s trust and that’s why we have to wear it. Sanchi wears it. She asks Gayatri if she had added anything in laddoo. Gayatri agrees. Sanchi gets upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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