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Rudra singh oberoi – The cute prince… Last chapter….

hi guys.. if anyone miss my story then I’m very sorry… i end this story because i never got much support but soon start new story again with your love…😍😍😍😍

In om…
police arrived there and ask shivay why are you call our team here mr shivay singh oberoi.shivay tell my brother is culprit in your side so i want to submit him to you…
police says good ..just then media arrived shivay tells one minute acp. before i submit my brother i want to submit your police officer who death happen because my brother.. just then that man come and give statement acp sir give money to act like dead infront of rudra when he prank his friend with duplicate gun…and Rudy’s one friend help our mission to fool rudy that why he force rudy to do a prank with his friend…
after that statement acp ,policeman, that friend arrested by CBI ..
family member wera arrived when this statement given by policeman ..and shocked
jhanavi hug shivay and tell your the one keep my children safe..shivay say badima they are my brother and my life. rudra is my price who i kept save in my full life..
pinky ask where is rudy shivay.. just then om arrived with annika. arjun.and rudra..
rudra run and hug shivay ,and other family members. tej ask how will you find this truth shivay. shivay says badi papa i secretly appoint some bodyguard to rudra because he is child for me .. so they informed this to me and i decided to hide him because i thought police blamed rudy in fack case so i contact chubby and tell him to dropped rudy to annika home and don’t see anyone for the safty and i seck the place and find a cctv footage before police by my secrete bodyguard and appointment cbi to find the culprit they tell this information and arjun find the policeman in hotel followed by cbi information ..and annika kept rudra safetly he never know my plan because i don’t want omru do any midtake by emotional …

shivomru hug ..and dadi bless them.. annika about to go rudy stop her and tells annika babhi and shivay bhaiya love eachother i find a love letter in annika babhi home that is given by shivay bhaiya then why you reject her bhaiya..
om asks is this true shivay…
shivay hold annika hand and apologize to annika and arjun .. and tell Tia’s blackmail to kill their home with bomb so i refused but know i arrested her by police with her audio speech to kill my family..
annika hug shivay and arjun hug them.. arjun how will you find audio.. that acp is swetlana’s cousin i find his identify and want to proof also swetlana also culprit so i trash her phone by khanna…
rudra shout fantastic bhaiya you’re the best..every problems end….
everyone smile..

after one month..
shivay and annika married.
they posed to the group photo…rudy tell my bhaiya is superman thanks bhaiya and hug shivay arrived and pat rudy then who am i to you..
your my best friend o…
then am i to you guys.. shivom look each other and smile.. rudy confused shivom tell together you’re our cute little prince and pinch his check rudy smile and jump to them and hug…
epidode end with obro hug..

(a/n anyone want my next ff then please support and give you expected things…)

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