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Episode 4

Rab se sona Ishq 💑💑💑

At airport whole Sarna family arrived India. Kunj was sleeping while om and rudra talking to each other’s.Just than Kunj sleep disturb due to om and rudra
Voice sound.Kunj look at them while rudra giving him smile back.
Tej: get up finally we arrived India.They all get up took their luggage and come out of the aircraft.Kunj holding his dadi from her shoulders. They both walking. Prithviraj and Lata is very much happy today after many years later finally they come in their mother land. Feeling like they come back their real home today.While tej already call his pa to arrange car for them.They come out of the airport.Black Audi car waiting for them.Driver keep their luggage’s in the car while other sit on their seats.
Prithviraj: he takes deep breath.Finally Amritsar I come back.
Lata:hmm.Kunj and rudra or om looking outside of the window and see outside views they just seeing in novice never in real life today they see with their own eyes what is real India.
Rudra:hehhe bhaiya see India is so different.
Om: yeah that’s why it’s India.Soon they reached Sarna Mansion. It’s a very hug mansion more than London mansion one.
Guards open the main gate their cars entered and stop just in front of mansion entrance. Prithviraj come out of the car and stand turned see whole place. While om and Kunj or Rudra don’t know that they have this beautiful house in India too.
Prithviraj eyes become wet due to happiness.While Lata assume him while keeping her hand on his shoulder. He turned his face and look at his wife who giving him bright smile.
Lata: finally we come our home ji.
Prithviraj: haa give her side hug.They all stand in one line.They all went inside together.Lata open the door with key and went all went inside in hall.Theirs old memories become fresh. Specially tej and Avantika aur Manohar and Usha.Their marriage happened here only.Kunj and his both brothers get confused to see their family emotions.Kunj went near his grand MAA and wiped her tears.
Kunj: dadi why you become so emotional haa.
Lata:it’s natural my son. Pat on his cheeks.
Rudra:aww dadi this house is so amazing.
Prithviraj:hmm rudra.While harikaka went and see other work to clean the mansion.
After sometime later whole mansion clean perfectly.All went in their respective rooms.They get freshen up and lay down for sometime to take rest after long journey.
Next side. Taneja [email protected]
Twinkle and Mahi sitting in garden having snacks.Just than Kabir come there and sit beside them.
Kabir: hi my lill sister’s what’s going on.
Mahi forward snacks plate.
Kabir: eat less don’t know what will happen your future husbands. All money goes in food only.Mahi and twinkle giggles and show him tongue. Kabir snatch snack plate from Mahi and started having making faces.
Kabir: so girls what you all decided for my wedding haa.
Twinkle:nothing 😝.Mahi and twinkle laugh out loudly on Kabir.
Kabir:very funny come on money time huhu. Bebe and hansh come and sit with them.
Bebe: why you all laughing.
Twinkle: Bebe Bhai is very much curious about his wedding preparations.
Bebe: ho ho khote ta puttar.
Hansh: don’t worry Kabir puttar I’ll do your marriage In a very lavish way..😃. Kabir give kiss on Hansh face 😂.
Kabir:and I’ll too yours twinkle whole
Amritsar will see your wedding.😝
Twinkle: ghum phir ke mere uphar hi Aana bas.
Mahi: Haa di. Ab bhai is malika bhabhi ke deewane hai bas😝😝. Kabir lifted his eyes.
Kabir: kuch jada nahi bol rahi hai aaj kal hmm😝.:
Twinkle: Bhai it’s called tit for Tat. And where is your soon wifey.
Kabir: Arey she was going somewhere to meet with her childhood friend in Amritsar.
Mahi: Hoo that’s why you sit here.
Twinkle: yup.
Bebe: bas. Twinkle Puttar I told you na to go gurudwara today don’t you went ha.

Twinkle: sorry Bebe I’ll go at evening promise.
Hansh: it’s okay. They all went inside.

Other side anita come to know about her family to come India they didn’t informed her so she muffed with them while Surjit try to make her understand.
Maya: offo mom you were behaving like kids.
Anita: you people are not understanding my emotions huhu.
Surjit: anita maybe they all want to give you surprise haa.
Maya: yes mom dad is right absolutely.
Anita: you know maya after my
Marriage I didn’t meet with them just contact with through calls only think about me what going on me.
Surjit: hmm I know your emotions and I respect to you anita now don’t cry. He wiped her tears and tell her to give a smile. While Anita take some minutes later she give nice smile.
Maya: mom we will go and meet with them directly what’s say?
Surjit: superb.
Anita: hmmm.

After sometime kunj wake up have a good sleep and he turned and look at his both brothers who sleeping beside him peacefully.He get up went in washroom. After come out take ready in a simple white shirt and blue jeans looking hell handsome and went downstairs where Lata and Prithviraj sitting and having tea he went towards them took their blessing and sit with them have tea.
Lata: what happened my son.
Prithviraj: maybe get bored.
Kunj: no dadu why will I.
Lata: go take driver with you went gurudwara you’ll loved kunj.
Prithviraj: yes go.
Kunj: hmm.He get up went outside of the mansion sit in car take driver with himself.
Soon left for golden temple. While from next side twinkle too. Later Kunj reacher at gurudwara he come out of the car and look outside view.Take handkerchief and covered his head with handkerchief. Off his shoes in side and went inside. First he admires the beauty of whole temple. Kunj really loved the place and feel so good. The vibes come out from his place it’s really amazing and so peaceful. Kunj feel like he come some heaven type place. He went towards water side sit on the staircase dip his foots in water wash his face too.His eyes went on golden temple upper side. Many people rushing here and there. Kunj went inside sit in front of baba ji. Folding his both legs.While just than a girl come there and sit beside him. She wearing white punjabi salwaar kameez covered her head with duppta. She is non other than twinkle.
Twinkle: hay baba ji please do something like that whom guru ji saw boy for me he
Never come India for our alliance please babaji.
Kunj: hey babaji I don’t know anything about love and all’s and I know my
Whole just come India for my alliance please do something like that girl ran from somewhere I can’t say no to my
Dadu directly now I just leave everything on you.
Twinkle: I just leave everything on you babaji like always you help now this time too. Twinkle bend down her head on the floor and get up while going her duppta comes on kunj face and hide his face. Kunj open her eyes and about to turned before he saw twinkle face twinkle pulled her duppta and went from here. While going in rush twinkle duppta motee drop down. Kunj done with his prayers he get up just than that Motee comes under kunj feet. Kunj stop and take out motee he smiled.
Kunj:who left this here.Maybe that girl who sitting beside me. Kunj about to throw that motee but he keeps it.He personally does’t know why he kept it some unknown people things it’s a first time he did.While Kunj too went from there.

While at Sarna Mansion rudra and om wake up at the same time.
Rudra: where is bhaiya.
Om: hmm.Om get up and sit there only his eyes were searching Kunj. Om checks the time and ran downstairs fastly while Rudra get confused he too wanted to run but his laziness didn’t allow him 😝. After he get up and went downstairs till now while family wake up and come at hall.

Kunj sit in his car just than he got call from some girl Kunj see the name and smile on it. He received the car.
Kunj: hii.
Caller: hi so finally you come my buddy.
Kunj: hmm how’s you.
Caller: I’m fine what about you.
Kunj: even I too fine.
Caller: so when you’ll meet with me.
Kunj: hmm tomorrow I’ll go Goa for some meeting after come I’ll meet you directly promise.
Caller: huhu I hate after so many years later you meet with me still kunj.
Kunj: I know my malika so the girl is none other than malika.So guys kunj and malika is childhood friends good.
Malika: okay come I’ll kill you this time.
Kunj:I’m petty on your hubby 😝.
Malika: even I too.. whoever she is. So find any gf or not till now.
Kunj: nope no girls in my life as you know.
Malika: haa I know you’ll marry that girl only who keep your family together and knows the value of family and love. It’s quite complicated nowadays.
Kunj: so what I’m happy to be single ❤.
Malika: don’t worry I’m ever ready 😂😂. Kunj: good. I’ll call you later.
Malika: hmm bye.They both end their calls. While Kunj reaches Sarna Mansion soon.He went inside find all sitting together while rudra In a sleep still 😝.
Prithviraj: finally my son come back.
Lata: did you see how’s it.
Kunj: Amazing dadi I never seen place like this
Om: you went alone so bad. Rudra to say yes with om.
Kunj: looks who’s talking you both were sleeping like you never ever sleep in your life all laugh.
Avantika: right.
Tej: kunj your Goa meeting is tomorrow so you have to left tonight only.
Lata: Arey Just today we come tej you give him work immediately that’s not fair.
Kunj: dadi it’s okay I’ll come in a one-day only.
Tej: yes MAA.

(At night)
After sometime later Just than a loud voice from back whole family were sitting for dinner expect that kunj only. Tej turned his face and find Anita standing he just leave the plate and from towards her. A long year escape from both brother and sister eyes. Tej hugged Anita immediately.
Anita: bhaiya. 😭😭. (In a breaking tone)
Tej: anita. Others too come there. Manohar joint them in a hug.They three of them hugged each other’s tightly as much as they can.While Surjit and maya standing. Surjit went near Lata and Prithviraj took their blessing while rudra and om Anjali get confused to see maya. They never seen each other faces in pictures too. Anita breaks the hug and both
Brother wiped her tears together.Om and Anjali smiled to see them like this. Anita looks at her father with painful eyes. Prithviraj open his arms while Anita ran towards him and hugged him tightly even he too.
Prithviraj: kitne saal hogaye aap ko dekhe huye anita beta.
Anita: Papa I miss you in these years only I know I live without my family. Lata pat her hands on her hairs. Anita took their blessing.Lata look at maya with a confusing way who she is? Anita see her expression.
Anita: MAA she is my elder daughter maya.
Lata: hoo all meet with maya. They come sit together.
Surjit: you know Anita get so angry that you people come without informing her.
Maya: yes mom just crying 😝😝.
Rudra: maya.
Om: not maya only..
Rudra: haa maya didi😍.
Anjali: anita bua you have only one kid.
Anita: no beta have one son too.
Maya: I never know that I have amazing cousins too.
Avantika: come anita let’s have dinner.
Anita: no bhabhi. Forcefully all take them have dinner together with lot of fun.
After dinner all spending time together they all get so happy. After sometime later luthra family went back to their home.

Yuvi laying down in his room talking with his all friends in conference call.
Twinkle: where is maya di..
Yuvi: Arey today they went somewhere my mother family come India so.
Naman: you didn’t went it.
Yuvi: nope. I never meet with them once. All like what?
Mahi: really Yuvi.
Asha: mahi don’t get so shocked 😝.
Chinki: okay guys let’s meet in college.
Yuvi: hmm they all end theirs calls.

At late night kunj come home went in his room. There om and rudra already sitting watching tv. Kunj entered in his room. Rudra turned his face see kunj.
Rudra: Bhai come.
Kunj: I’m not vela like you both now side
Let me pack my bag. Just take out his phone from his pocket while doing this that motee come out. Went near om foot.
Om took it both om and rudra smirked to see girls thing to kunj.
Rudra: Bhai what is this.
Om: haa I don’t know he is so fast.
Rudra: find out bhabhi in half day😂. Let’s go and tell to dadi.
Kunj: shut up.
Om: what is this?
Kunj: Arey it’s not mine someone lost so I keep it.
Rudra: really 😝😝. Kunj snatch the motee from om hands place back to in his wallet while om and rudra started teasing Kunj.Kunj knows them. They both never improves. Kunj take out his clothes packed it.
Next side guru ji talking to prithviraj on call about girls. He tells him that he send him photos all girls he can see and tell him.

Twinkle went near Bebe room and listening Hansh conversation on call what he actually talk on call. She is so curious what guru ji said. Bebe smiling twinkle think they find boy for him finally.

Bebe see twinkle shadow talking more loudly that twinkle heard.
Bebe: I love this boy. Twinkle closed her fist in anger. While Mahi come there and asked twinkle what she doing here.
Mahi: di.
Twinkle: mahi. You didn’t sleep till now haa. Twinkle dragged her from here. Before mahi asked questions she went in her room locked the room door.Twinkle jumped on the bed. Cupped her face itself.

Twinkle:I don’t know kesha hoga mera mr perfect.
Next side kunj too at airport waiting for flight he sits at waiting area. Kunj too think same what twinkle think of it.
Kunj: don’t know where is my Mrs Sarna.
Episode on their face.

Precap: Prithviraj and Lata went in twinkle college for speech. Now see what happens after see twinkle.
Twinkle and Kunj unknown meeting ?
How’s it?
Hope you all like it.
Sorry if an mistake I don’t know I did my level best. Thanks to support me..

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