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Prithvi Vallabh 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi proposes marriage to Mrinal in Manyakheta palace

Prithvi Vallabh 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhoj sees Manyakheta from the binoculars. Prithvi also looks on. Tailap says until Malwa’s flag is flying in air then how can Manyakheta keep quiet. Pradhan says we have lost our soldiers in the last two wars and says they shall wait for the soldiers to get strong. Tailap asks Pradhan to contact the king whom they have helped. Mrinal says they will make such a plan that prithvi and kalari don’t have any option left and they will die. A man comes there and tells that the win will be just be a dream. Mrinal keeps knife on him and asks him to tell who is he> Bhilamp Raj says he is my cousin broher Vikram jeet. Vikram says did you ever think why your attacks unsuccesful.Mrinal asks him to stop the nonsense. Vikram says until Prithvi and kalari is in Malwa, victory is unsure.

Mrinal brings

lep for Satyashrah and applies on his wound. Satyashrah sees her and apologizes. Mrinal says penance is the best repentance and says when Vilas has forgiven you, then I also forgive you. He says he has done this in childishness and promises not to do this again. Mrinal says I am your bua and asks him to rest. Satyashrah thinks he will take revenge on her for insulting him in Sabha.

Prithvi’s men sees Manyakheta soldiers are about to attack them. Prithvi stops them and says he wants to give sandhi prastav (friendship invitation. Prithvi asks Sulochana and tell mrinal that he came there. Vikram says we shall get Prithvi call inside darbar, let him say what he wants to say, then we will be clear with our plan. Mrinal says Satyashrah will go to welcome him and asks others to come in the palace.

Maharani Jakala recalls Mrinal beating Satyashrah with hunter. She searches for wine and finds it. She drinks it and sees her inner self. Her reflection says I am your reflection. Jakala asks her to go. He reflection asks her if she felt the pain when Satyasharh was beaten up by Mrinal. She gives examples and says Satyshrah will get habitual to beating. Jakala says she won’t let this happen. Satyashrah comes there and asks her not to drink wine, says he heard her talking and tells that your son and not domestic animal of Mrinal. He says reverse counting starts for her starts now. He comes to prithvi and signs at Pradhan. Pradhan asks soldiers to drop the arrow. Satyashrah greets Prithvi. Prithvi introduces Bhoj to him. Prithvi tells that he wants to have friendship with them. Rasniti says Prithvi left Tailap when he came there. Satyashrah tells Bhoj that Mrinal was right about them, that they used to think from heart and not mind. Bhoj gives him the heart is associated with feelings, and says you will see the changes yourself.

Jakala comes to lakshmi and says I can understand your pain bring woman and mother. Lakshmi says we have to move on, but can’t forget anything. Jakala asks if she has any problem. Lakshmi says I was against Mrinal, but she stood with Vilas and I am feeling guilty. Jakala gets upset and says you might have seen illusion. Lakshmi says Mrinal’s ego is her self respect and not her attitude. Jakala says Mrinal’s hypnotized. Lakshmi says no. Jakala says so I have to fight alone with Kosha. Lakshmi says I am with you for fights regarding your rights. She hugs her and says my thinking has changed, but our relation will not change. Jakala tells her that Kosha and her mausi ran away from Kalagrah/jail.

Prithvi walks inside the Manyakheta’s palace in style. Vikram looks at him. Prithvi greets Tailap, Guru Aditya..and is about to greet Mrinal. She tells him that she wants to know about the reason of his arrival there.Prithvi says friendship proposal. He says they were enemies and asks them to end enmity and its bad feelings. Mrinal asks who initiated the enemy first. Prithvi tells that he wants to take all blame on himself for all the wars and wants to apologize to him. He asks him to accept friendship proposal. He says friendship can become strong if they have family relation with each other. He says he brought his alliance proposal with Mrinal and requests Mrinal to accept it. Mrinal says Sandhi is the weapon of cowards and not of warriors. She says she can do tilak of his blood, but can wear bangles of his name. Prithvi keeps sword on Sulochana’s neck. Everyone is shocked.

Bhoj asks Prithvi to get ready for next challenge and tells that there is two apples. Mrinal comes there. Bhoj gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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