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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to save gopi.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi gargacharya praying to lord Vishnu and says I have to know prabhu, what trouble has come to all the gopi’s. rishi closes his eyes and sees what is happening in kansa lok.
There shankachur, husband of yakshini, says I will kill you kansa, you killed my wife. Kansa is scared and says no leave me please, listen to me. Shankachur is tall and attacks with his gadha but kansa disappears and comes behind shankachur and says leave me. Shankachur sees here and there and kansa kicks him and says since when I am saying listen to me but you are not listening, kansa traps shankachur and says listen to me, your wife was killed by a villager in vrindavan, go and find him, if you loved your wife go and kill that person. Shankachur says if it is true, I will take my

revenge on all the women of vrindavan. Shankachur takes gadha and goes.
There rishi gargacharya opens his eyes and kanha comes. Rishi says prabhu, shankachur has kidnapped the women. Kanha says who is he? Rishi says prabhu, kansa played a trick and put shankachur the wife of yakshini to his side, we have to punish him prabhu. Kanha says yes he shall be killed rishi, but not only that he will be punished more, he has insulted women and laid hands on them. Rishi says you are right prabhu, it will just enhance evil towards women more in the world ahead. Kanha says yes rishi, a person who lays his hands on woman doesn’t have the right to live, because those who lay hands on women they cannot be forgiven, the world needs an example and shankachur will be that example of punishment.
There shankachur is in his viman as all women say help us kanha, help us please. Shankachur says don’t scream women, till now I thought yakshini are the most beautiful women but I got even better, now you all are mine and I will enjoy you. The women say shankachur what you are doing is adharma and you will be punished for that, don’t do this. Shankachur laughs and says I will take you all to my mountain malay and you all will be mine. Women say please stop this viman shankachur, please let us go. Shankachur says this viman shall not stop now. Women say okay, we will not let you do any adharma, the women jump out of the viman and scream for help in mid-air. Shankachur says no one can escape my viman, he throws a rope to catch them.
There nand says kanha are you sure gurudev said malay mountain? Kanha says yes, rishi said shankachur lives there. Nand says how will we reach there? Damodar says we will reach there together, he has threatened the lives of gopi and we will kill that demon. Nand says okay, lets go. Kanha says even I will come baba. Nand says no kanha, Malaya mountain is yaksh lok, it is full of dangers and I cannot put your life in danger. Kanha says baba listen to me, shankachur has to be defeated and let me come, the gopi have always taken care of me so even I have to save them. Nand says kanha, shankachur is not any ordinary demon. Kanha says that is why I am saying let me come, we all can fight him together. Nand says no kanha, my decision is final, I will not allow you to come, yashoda take care of him and don’t let him go anywhere. Nand and all men go as kanha says wait father. Kanha thinks baba you wont understand but shankachur is not a simple demon, we cannot defeat him like this.
There shankachur says to gopi’s see women, my Malaya mountain has come, now you all will get salvation here. There balram says kanha I am powerful but you are intelligent, tell at least one way how to get to this shankachur. kanha says I have many plans but this time I am confused which one I should take. Balram says I hope something bad doesn’t happen there kanha. Balram says kanha, nand baba and everyone don’t have experience of killing any demon and those who know, we are sitting here. Kanha says that is why I said let me go but father did not allow, I shouldn’t have told anyone about rishi gargacharya’s sayings. Balram says forget It, if we had gone without saying then a bigger problem would have come, kanha I believe you, tell me a plan. Kanha says brother, lets go I have one plan. Both go.
There yashoda tells the women not to cry as their daughters will soon be back home. The old women say yashoda, if we hadn’t gotten water today nothing bad would have happened. Yashoda says don’t cry, everything will be fine, everything is written in destiny and it cannot be changed, I trust my Narayana that he will protect everyone and your daughter’s will be fine. Yashoda prays to lord Vishnu.
Kanha and balram come and see the women crying. The women say kanha you have always protected us, only you can protect our daughters too, everyone say save our daughters. Kanha says don’t worry kaki, gopi’s are my best friends, nothing will happen to them. A woman says kanha you are just here, how will you save them? Kanha says yes, mother yashoda, please let me go, the gopi are in trouble and I have to save them. Yashoda says son but it is dangerous. Kanha says which place is safe mother? There are problems everywhere, see in vrindavan the gopi got kidnapped then which place can be safe? And the gopi were calling my name, I have to save them mother because they believed in me. Kanha says and think mother, if I don’t go to save them then their trust will break and do you want that mother? If I don’t do anything and anything happens to the gopi then will you be able to forgive yourself? Yashoda says but kanha, I am a mother too. Kanha says mother look at all mothers, see they want their daughters too. Kanha says I beg you, please let me go mata because if I don’t go today then this world will never be able to forgive kanha. Yashoda hugs kanha and says you are right, I cannot be so selfish, kanha you go to your gopi and save them, may you be victorious. Kanha and balram go.
There shankachur takes the woman inside the mountain as they say leave us. Shankachur puts the women in the muktidham looking like vaikunth dham and says see how did you look my muktidham? A woman says it feels like I have come here before. Shankachur says you will soon know why I brought you 4 here. The woman start hearing prayers of om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namah! They close their ears as the sound becomes loud and shankachur says this is just the start, he laughs.
Kanha and balram are going and balram says lets go soon, I don’t want to leave the chance to kill that demon. Radha comes and says kanha, don’t think I will come with you. Kanha says it is nice, everytime you come our problem increases. Radha says kanha, every time I come I do everything but you take the credit. Kanha says I don’t have time gopi, I have to go far, you go to your 1 lakh cows and protect them. Radha says before you go, listen this, this time or next time you call me, I will not come to help you, then you will know my importance. Kanha says gopi, now I have time’s importance, I will come back and see your importance. Kanha and balram goes as kanha says arrogant gopi. Radha says boastful gora.

Precap: kansa tells the story to the 4 women of their past lives. Kansa says Vishnu now see what I do. Kanha and balram go to save the gopi

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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