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Never meant to be apart. – A twinj ff – three shot – (shot-2)

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2- Enough Pain


hi. ” Uv greeted her.

“what’s wrong with you?  Why the hell you not came to cafe? I sat there for an hour waiting for you. You had not even attended my calls. ” she started shouting on him. I looked at her. Same those black eyes, same lips, same face and everything was same. I felt like I’m dreaming.

“Twinkle. I have a reason. ” he tried to defend.

“oh really!  May I know it? ” without giving any chance to him to speak, she continued further.

“shall I say! You must had forgot as always. Right? ” she said with tantrum like always she used to say. I stood from my place. My heart filled with happiness. I’m seeing her after two freaking years. I want to hug her,  and take her into my arms.

“Twinkle. ” I whispered her name. She turned slowly and finally I saw her and she noticed my presence. I looked at her. She looked shocked. My heart started to beat fast.

“Kunj. ” she whispered. It felt so good to my ears. I was dying to listen my name from her mouth. Today I heard it. It felt so good. I can’t explain through words.

“you know both each other? ” asked Uv jumping into conversation. I remained silent.

“oh yeah! How can I forget. Now he is a famous rockstar. Everyone knows him. ” concluded Uv. I was busy staring Twinkle.

“well!  Kunj, she is most important person of my life, my life line. Twinkle. ” he introduced her to me like she is some stranger. Only if I can say the truth.

“and this is Kunj. ” he said. She smiled at me, it not came form heart. It was a fake professional one. She looked at me. Tears started to flood from her eyes. She is fighting hard to stop them.
“Uv. I have some work. I’ll talk to you later. ” with that she left. I’m the reason for her this situation. She ran from here, because she is not ready to face me. It was a pure coincidence and I’m glad that it happened.

As Twinkle left Uv looked at me.

“I apologise Kunj. She is just mad at me for ignoring her. Instead she is such a sweetheart. ” said Uv. He is saying all those words to that person who once or is still loving her like anything. I smiled sadly.

“so, she got married to Uv!”  I thought.

“it’s OK Uv. I can understand. Seems like your wife is mad at you. Go and pacify her. ” I said by keeping stone on my heart. Uv looked at me surprised.

“what! Bro! she is my best friend. And do we look like married couple? I’m a bachelor and let me enjoy my bachelorhood for a little more. And top of that Twinkle is never interested in marriage stuff. ” said Uv.

“she is not married? ” I asked which is irritating me like anything.

“like seriously! She looks like a married woman to you. Common! Boys drool over her, but she don’t give a damn to them. ” said Uv. Now my mind is flooded with lots of questions. I’m completely confused

Twinkle is not married. ”

“what is she doing here in London?”

“where is Leela aunty? ”

“isn’t she married to Leela aunty’s friend? ”

“what the hell is going on here? ”

With all those questions in my heart and mind, I left from there biding bye to Uv. I asked my pa to leave for hotel and I want to stay alone. My pa obliged me without any questions. I started wandering in those London streets with all those questions in my heart and mind. I want to know answers. I can’t ask Uv, as I doesn’t want him to know my past. I can’t ask Twinkle as I don’t know where she leaves?

It’s night. I was still wandering in those streets. Unknowningly I bumped into a lady. I looked at her  surprised while lady looked at me shocked.

“Leela aunty. “

“Kunj. “

Leela aunty’s eyes welled up. She started crying. I looked at her shocked due to her sudden outburst. She started crying miserably. I rocked her back to provide some support without keeping any grudges, forgetting everything. However, she needs some comfort and I can’t see her like this.
She looked at me guiltily. I bought a water bottle and made her to have some water.

“you OK? ” I asked once she cooled down. She nodded her head.

“I’m sorry Kunj. I’m so sorry. ” she said. I looked at her confused, why is she saying sorry to me? Again fresh tears took place in her eyes. Yet she continued to say.

“I’m sorry for behaving rude to you that day. I’m sorry for making you feel so low. I’m sorry for criticising you. I’m sorry for parting you away from Twinkle. I’m sorry for everything. ” she apologised. I not even said even a  word. My mind started to roam around all those dreadful memories. Taking a breathe Leela aunty continued.

“you know after meeting you that day, she came home and locked herself in room for more than a day. After begging alot, she opened. But what I saw made my heart cry in pain. I had never seen her before in such condition. She was torn out. I thought it was a normal breakup and she will be back in a month or two. But that day never came. After a month, I kept proposal of Cherry, my friend’s son in front of her. ” Leela aunty took a breathe. She looked at me, and I’m sitting without showing any emotion on my face. She continued further.

“she said no. I tried to force her but she was so adamant. I asked her the reason then she said ‘mom. I love Kunj. I know he betrayed me, still my heart loves him. I can’t accept anyone in my life rather than him.’ was all she said. ” I looked at Leela aunty. After two years, my face is showing emotions of pain,  guilt,  helplessness. Tears started to roll down from my eyes.

“I thought she is just behaving childishly. So, I fixed her engagement with cherry. She got to know and she ran away. I felt miserable. I not  had even slightest idea about her whereabouts. I tried my ever best to search for her.

After six months, I got to know that she is leaving here in London, working as a manager in one of those musical company. “

Now I understood how Twinkle and Uv met. I’m glad that he became her friend and stood by her in her tough times. Aunty continued.

“I found her. I apologised her for marriage but never got the dare to say about how I threatened you. Still my stupid brain said that she will forget you. I was wrong. In front of whole world she does smile but from her heart, she is not. Not even a single day went that she hadn’t shed tears for you. Everytime I saw her like that, my heart pierced. I tried to say about the sh*t I had done to her life, but whenever I went to her, some or other thing comes in between and I never got completed.” she said. I looked at her with pain. My Twinkle suffered a lot and she is still suffering. I know my presence may be tore her, that’s why she ran from there.

“I want to search for you, but she gave me her swore. I’m glad that destiny made you to come into her life again. ” she said. Tears are not stopping from her eyes and not even mine.

“where is she? ” I asked her.

“I don’t know. ” she mumbled. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Looking at my confusion she continued.

“she had not returned home. I’m searching for her. Even I called Uv, even he is unaware of her. I’m scared Kunj. I hope she is fine. ” she said. I remembered how she barged away from that room. I hope she is fine.

“she should be fine, for me, for her Kunj. ” I mumbled. All negative thoughts started occupying my brain yet I tried my ever best to stay on positive side. Leela aunty got a call.

“hello Uv. “

“you found her. ” I heard her saying. I’m sure they are talking about Twinkle.

“Kunj. Uv found Twinkle. Let’s go there. ” with that we started to reach Twinkle.

“Twinkle. I’m coming. Now, no one can separate us. ” I promised myself. My Twinkle had shed enough tears, now she deserves to be happy. I’ll keep my life at stake to give her happiness back,  even if it leads to my death.


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