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“Luvvv Uuuu!!…………Dr. Kabir Kapoor ” Season 2 “Cast Launch”

Hi guys please meet with whole cast of my new season of “Luvvv!! Uuuu…………..Dr. kabir Kapoor”….

Aayu requested me that I show you their here I come with this launch…

Thank u So much for appropriating me…that’s really means a lot for me.

Meet the characters:

Vikram Sakhalkar As Kabir kapoor

Swarda Thigale as Saanchi Gupta



Farnaz Shetty as Ritu kapoor kabir’s first Sister





Jigyasa singh as Sonu kabir’s Second sister





Hiten Tejwani as Inder Gupta saanchi’s father




Gungun Uprari as Rohini Saanchi’s mother





vateran actor Kiran kumar as Rakesh kapoor  kabir’s father



Madhura naik as Rhyna new entrant in kabir’s life main antagonist




so guys this is ensemble cast for my ff…hope you will like it…

the tag line “Naye Chehre, Naye Kirdaar lekin kahin badla toh kabir aur saanchi ka pyar”.

How is it??

please please drop your comment…

and who disliked my teaser..please tell what was I did mistake in that?? that you don’t like…before disliking make sure to clear your confusion…I’m here to answering you….

I’m waiting for your response….

if u like it then hit the like button..

love you all


Anosha ( Anee).

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