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Love vs Revenge:Chapter 2 {The drunk night}

During their journey to the hotel arohi falls asleep her head falls on deep shoulder.Deep looks at her with a smile and remove hairs from her face

Deep:Why do I still think that you are my arohi.I shot her but I can feel that you’re here near me

They both reach their hotel.Deep takes the keys from the receptionist and takes Arohi to their room he lays her on Bed and puts blanket. He kisses her forehead

In the raichand mansion virat overhears Roma and Prithvi conversation

Roma:I don’t care if he is deep father kill Dilip raj Singh

Prithvi:As you wish

Virat:This means deep is our real brother

He goes and takes vedika and Papaji to hospital. He gives the blood samples of Roma and vedika to doctor along with his blood and Papaji blood.After some time a nurse gives him the reports he reads it

Virat:This means that you are really my sister and deep is my brother

Vedika:I know this is not the right time to tell you a secret but come with me

She drives the car to Chavani house where tara is just about to sleep

Vedika:She is tara and the one who went with deep was arohi.Deep shot tara but arohi came and saved her at last moment. Tara also told us that it was none other than Roma who made her mad and a murderer


Tara:Virat bhayia where is arohi

Virat:She is in London with deep.

Tara:In London with deep!!!

Virat:Mom is planning to kill you in London that’s why she send deep

Tara:Why would she kill me

Virat:She wants nothing but fame if she kills you the media will cover up the vedika topic and she will again be come famous. Deep is our real brother and we both are his siblings he is the real owner of this empire

Tara:This can’t be I love deep and I will do anything for him

Vedika:We know that you love him but he loves arohi

Virat:You can see the difference in his eyes when he is with you and when only hears the name arohi

Tara:I hate cheaters

Virat hugs her

Virat:For get him

Tara:If you’re saying then I will

Virat:That’s my sister

In London arohi wakes up and sees deep sleeping beside her.She tries to get up but sees that Deep is holding her hand

Arohi:Sometimes I think you’re innocent but you again prove my feelings wrong

She gets up and changes she calls vedika . Vedika tells her everything.

Vedika:Arohi I can see you hurting from inside I know your heart still loves him

Arohi:Even if a love him he has to go jail and pay for the crimes he did

She cuts the call.Deep comes there

Deep:Tara get ready we are going out

Both deep and arohi visit famous places of London. In the night they both are having dinner when arohi feels the spice deep mistakenly gives her wine instead of juice.She drinks all of it in a gulp . After sometime deep sees arohi drinking more wine

Deep:Tara what are you drinking

Arohi:This juice that you gave me is very tasty

Deep takes glass from her and tastes it he looks at her

Deep: Oh no I gave her wine her instead of juice

He takes Arohi to their room.Arohi starts running in balcony

Arohi:Look I see god birds are comming
Deep:She is looking so cute

He puts his hand on his chest

Deep:Is she Arohi

Arohi comes there and wobbles his cheeks

Arohi:You are soo cute

Deep:It’s going to be a long night

It’s midnight and deep is holding his head

Arohi:Another one

Deep:This is your 9th burger no more

Arohi:Ok but there is a problem

Deep:Now what

Arohi:I can’t stand

Deep holds her and takes her to bed she sits deep puts blanket on her

Deep:Sleep tara

Arohi:Tara!!!I am not tara

Deep sits beside her

Arohi:I am Arohi

Deep:This can’t be I shot arohi from my own hands

Arohi:I am tara but your eyes see me as arohi

Deep:What are you saying tara I told you many times I don’t love arohi

Arohi:You told me many times that you don’t love arohi but you didn’t say I love you to me while looking in my eyes

Deep:What you want to hear from me

Arohi:Nothing but you want to hear something from me


Arohi:I am indeed arohi.I came in your house to take revenge but never understood I was hurting myself by hurting you

Deep:Tara you are drunk that’s why you are saying that

Arohi:Then tell me “Arohi ki kasam” who do you love

Deep:Yes I do love arohi I love her you were just a responsibility for me and nothing else I tried to love you when you said you were pregnant but my heart was still finding arohi I was soo blind in mummyji trust that I forgot what have I done I killed her finished her and now I am living my life like a dead body that is alive.I regret killing her even if she didn’t love me she was still near me but now she is gone

He starts to cry.Arohi holds his hand and whispers in his ears

Arohi:I love you. I am arohi

She falls asleep deep looks at her with confused expressions.He makes her lay on Bed and again puts blanket on her he kisses her forehead and sleep while sitting beside her

Arohi:(In half sleep)Don’t leave me ever again

In the morning deep wakes up and sees arohi smiling in her sleep

Deep:I wish what you said last night was true

He tries to leave but arohi holds his hand.He looks at her

Deep:Tara you’re making hard for me to forget arohi

He leaves and packs his bags.Arohi wakes up and changes. After sometime in midway of their flight

Arohi:What happened last night I don’t remember anything

Deep:You drank alcohol and said some very strange things

Arohi: Oh go I hope I didn’t tell him that I am arohi

They both reach raichand mansion. Virat and vedika welcomes them.The whole day they distributed gifts and then went to bed.The next morning arohi sees deep sleeping

Arohi:I am sorry but it had to be done

She sees a flashback collecting proves against all of them and giving them to police

Arohi:I don’t have that much courage in me to pull the trigger of my gun while pointing at you.But you should never know that I have a soft corner for you in my heart I will always remain rude in front of you

She then remembers Papaji signing the property papers

Arohi:I have now only one reason to live and that’s my nikku and your empire

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