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Love vs Revenge (ishq mein marjawan ff)

Note:This right after yesterday episode

Roma is screaming at deep.Deep tries to calm her down but she pushes him away
Roma:If you want me to be happy kill that vedika

Deep:I will do anything for you

He goes out in anger.He gies to the tara previous room and changes.He loads his gun and looks at mirror

Deep:Arohi because of you mummyji cried now you and vedika are going to pay

He goes out with a gun in his hand.Arohi is talking to vedika

Arohi:Please vedika leave from here I have seen deep in soo much anger he will do anything for mummyji

Vedika:I am not afraid of Roma, deep or virat. I can’t leave without helping you

Arohi:You have done enough you should leave

Vedika:Arohi please let me stay here I will help you as well as I will live with my father

Deep goes down in hall and screams vedika name

Vedika:Why is he calling me

Arohi:Let’s go down and check

Everyone gathers in the hall including mummyji. Vedika and arohi come there.Deep points a gun at vedika

Deep:Only because of you mummyji reputation have fallen down now I will make up for my mistake and kill you

Virat:You can’t do this she is my sister
Deep:She is not she is just an enemy

Arohi:Wow mom you are a good actor you have manipulated deep so easily I am ashamed to call you my mother


Deep fires .The bullet is about to hit vedika when arohi comes in front and takes the bullet to her shoulder she falls down



Deep goes near her to check her wound arohi slaps him and takes the gun

Deep:Tara what are you doing

Arohi:She is my sister and I will do anything for her virat bhayia are you with me

Virat:If you want to kill her kill us first
Deep:Have you all gone mad

Arohi: Prithvi tell them the truth can’t you see they are killing her

Prithvi looks at her and then Roma he remains silent

Arohi:Then I will have to tell you the truth my way

She goes and hits mummyji head from behind and takes her with her

Deep:Tara stop now she is your mother

Arohi:Shut up you dumb orphan

They all go to Prithvi room arohi removes the painting from the wall and enters the code of the save.She takes out all the documents and gives it to deep.Deep reads it and looks mummyji with shock

Deep:This can’t be they all are fake

Arohi:Then why did Prithvi hide it in a secret safe

They all go back to the hall.Deep is still in shock and looks at mummyji

Deep:Is this all true


Deep:Then why did you do all that you tortured your own daughter just for fame

Roma:Yes I did I don’t care about her neither you . You’re just a cover up for me nothing else

She laughs deep holds his tears back

Roma:I made you soo much emotional for me that you even killed that arohi for me,her family ruined her life and now you also have a criminal record

Deep:Arohi was nothing for me I only live for my child and tara

Arohi:What child?there is no child

Deep:What do you mean tara

Arohi:I was never pregnant I did all that drama so you will come near me but you got more far from me

Deep falls on his knees and begs arohi

Deep:Please tara tell me it’s not the truth I have killed arohi only because of this child and now you are saying that there is no child

Arohi:It’s the truth now take this gun and kill vedika because it’s mummyji order

She throws the gun.And is going to her room.Virat looks at deep with anger and goes behind tara


Virat:Let me help you tara

Arohi:I don’t need anyone help

Virat:Tara stop being childish your blood is dripping like water

Virat starts to take the bullet out of her shoulder.She screams.Virat takes the bullet out.He is now cleaning her wounds when vedika comes there

Vedika:I am sorry because of me you are soo wounded

Virat:It’s not because of you its all because of mom

He badges her hand and looks towards vedika

Virat:It’s this world no one is more important to me than dad.Mom cheated on him with none other than Prithvi. I am soo ashamed to call her my mother. But don’t worry I will protect my both sisters from mom and deep.

Virat hugs vedika and arohi

Arohi:(Never thought that I will see you like this again but for the first time I see lakshay in you)

They all three fall asleep. Deep goes out in his car and drive to a lonely destination. He starts to drink alcohol and then starts to cry.

Deep:The two women I trust the most broke my trust

He starts to remember all the moments spend with arohi

Deep:Now even arohi can’t forgive me for what I have done with her.Loved her more than anything but only because of mummyji and tara I tried to kill her not once but twice she will never forgive me

It’s midnight arohi wakes up and puts blanket on vedika and virat.She goes and checks on Papaji and roma

Arohi:Both are sleeping but where is deep

She search the whole house but didn’t find deep anywhere

Arohi:Where is deep

She calls him.Deep picks up the call and starts to talk in a drunken manner

Deep:Don’t call me I don’t want to talk

Arohi:Are you drunk

Deep:Don’t show this fake car for me only arohi is the one who cares for me

Arohi:I am Arohi now tell me where are you

Deep:There are soo many small houses

Arohi:What are talking about

Deep:I see a fish there I am going to catch it

Arohi:Never mind I will track your location

She takes her car and goes to deep location. When she reaches there she sees deep half asleep in his car

Arohi:Deep wake up

Deep:Arohi you’re here

Arohi:I am not arohi.Tell me were you drinking while driving

Deep:Yes any problems

Arohi:Only one that you have crashed your car in a tree

Deep:No its fine look it will start

He tries to start the car but after 7 tries he fails.Arohi looks at him with a sad face . She calls deep driver

Arohi:I am sending you Deep car’s location please take it to a auto shop

Driver:Ok mam

She hold deep and takes him to her car.She fastens his seat belt and sits in the car

Arohi:Let’s go home

Midway through their journey deep again wakes up

Arohi:Please no I have already eaten 2 tablets  for headache not another one

Deep:Stop the car

Arohi stops the car.Deel comes near her and whispers in her ear

Deep:You are my arohi

Arohi looks at him with shock

Arohi:What nonsense

Deep:I know my arohi very well she will always take care of me like you are doing right now

Arohi:You are drunk that’s why you are saying all these things sleep

Arohi says to him still in shock deep sleeps. Arohi drives the car.She takes him to his room and makes him lay on bed.She is about to leave when deep holds her hand

Deep:Arohi stay here please for me

Arohi:(Turning her face away)I am not arohi

Deep:No you are I can feel it in my heart tara would never took soo much care of me

Arohi:Ok I will stay here not because I am arohi but because I am tara and I care about you

She removes deep shoes and puts blanket on him.She goes and sits on sofa

Arohi:Why would he say all that

She looks at him

Arohi:I think he doubts me I have to find out

She sleeps.In the morning deep wakes up with a severe headache he gets up and sees tara/arohi sleeping on sofa.He goes near her and puts his hand on his chest

Deep:Why do I feel like you’re my arohi

He puts a blanket on her and leaves from there.After sometime arohi wakes up

Arohi:Who put this blanket on me

She goes and changes. She comes down and sees virat and vedika taking care so Papaji. She goes and touches his feet

Arohi: Good morning

Vedika :Good morning

Virat:How’s your shoulder

Arohi:Much better but still pain

Virat:Don’t worry it will heal in one week

Vedika:Come tara let’s have breakfast
They all are having breakfast when deep comes there suited up with his suitcase ready

Deep:Tara we have to go London today I have already packed your bags

Arohi:Why don’t you take your mummyji with you

Deep:Enough of that we are leaving right now go and change because there will be very cold weather

Arohi goes to her room she calls Chavani

Arohi:How is she

Chavani:She just slept after eating food

Arohi:And her wounds


Arohi:Chavani please tell her that I can’t come there for few days as I am going London with deep but don’t tell her that I am in London with deep or again she will get angry

Chavani:Ok did but what about your next plan

Arohi:I will do that at my own

She goes downstairs and hugs virat and vedika

Arohi:(Whispering in virat ears)I think deep still doesn’t believe vedika story and this is mom new plan

Virat:I also think the same

Arohi:I am going but beware

Virat:Don’t worry I will keep vedika and Papaji save

Arohi:That’s my brother see ya

Virat:See ya

Both deep and arohi leave for the airport. They both board in their flight
Deep:Tara why are you not talking to me

Tara:Because you still think that mom is right

Deep:I don’t think that she is right I am also in shock

Arohi: Oh deep please stop  this nonsense acting I know you very well

Deep:Tara believe me why don’t you believe me

Arohi:Because you need someone dumb like arohi to believe in your fairytale

Deep:Don’t bring her between us

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