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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 27


All went to their house. Sanskaar changed into his night dress and he took his phone and was staring swara’s pic and thinking how she kissed him, he smiled at that time swara called him.
SAN: Shoru, just now I was thinking about you.
SAN: Yes, yes u should think because I won the dare na.
SAN: U didn’t say what do u want.
SWA: I want a bike ride with you, that too Kolkata fully.
SAN: K done! But when?
SWA: Anytime.
SAN: we’ll go after our marriage because we have no time now.
Suddenly call got cut.
SWA: We do have time.
Sanskar looks back and shocked to see swara who was standing leaning and her both her hands were folded near her chest. He went near her.
SAN: Now, how u came in?
SWA: Datz none of your business (pushes him through his chest). Swara walks in the room and sat on the bed. Sanskaar too sat close to her.
SAN: Y suddenly u came?
SWA: Because Im missing my room.
SAN: Missing our room or me?
SWA: Both.
SAN: Even I missed you so much.
SWA: Don’t worry after our marriage u won’t miss me because I will be here.
SAN: hmm.
Swara looked at the dressing table where her stuffes still were there.
SWA: Sanskaar I want to say u something.
SAN: hmm continue.
SWA: Don’t u ever had doubt that ragini is 24 and I’m also 24? (Tears were brimming her eyes). I’m not ragini’s sister, I’m not her her family. Saying this swara fainted.
SAN: What happened swara, wake up (Pat’s her face gently). He took the glass of water to sprinkle on swara but again he placed it on the table, took his car keys and took swara in his arms and started walking towards to the car parking area.
Sanskaar’s POV:
I took swara and started walking towards my car. I opened the door and placed her carefully in the front seat and i put the seat belt. I went towards the driver seat and started driving towards her house. I had many questions like y she said that she is not ragini’s sister, that sketch in her room, like this so many were running in my mind but now I thought not ask swara now because while saying itself I felt so much pain, sadness in her voice. I can’t afford to see my princess in pain so unless she herself say I’m not going to ask her. Soon I arrived at her house. I took her again and reached her room. I placed her gently on her bed and sat on my knees and caressed her hairs gently and I said to myself as if saying to swara as I don’t want to disturb her. I said ” I can’t understand what you were saying and what were u talking about but if u r not ragini’s sister then who r u? Soon I’ll find this mystery”. Saying this I kissed her forehead and went home. (Sanskaar’s POV ends ).

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