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Kasam 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanuja dies leaving Rishi shattered

Kasam 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Netra trying to stab Rano, Beeji and Ahana. Police comes there and arrests her. Rano asks Inspector to arrest her for attempting to kill Tanuja and Rishi. Inspector asks them to come to Police station. Rishi gains consciousness and recalls about their accident. He asks where is my Tanuja? Inspector asks him to rest and says you have a deep wound and can’t walk now. Dr. Manish comes there and tells Rishi that Tanuja is fine, and asks him to trust him and says once you get fine, I will make her meet you. Rishi says my Tanuja is fine and alive. wardboy tells Bedi family that they can’t let them meet Rishi. Rano, Manpreet and others ask him to let him go inside once. Wardboy brings medicine. Nurse says it is dangerous medicine, if mixed in blood then patient will die. (if it is medicine

or poison which is available in hospital). Rishi gets up and comes out of ward. He calls Tanuja searching her ward. He finally comes to Tanuja’ ward and sees her unconscious. Doctor asks Nurse to send him out. Nurse asks him to go.

Rishi looks at Tanuja’s unconscious state, tells her that her Rishi came. Tanuja holds his hand. Rishi asks her to wake up and open her eyes, and says I am standing infront of you. Tanuja opens her eyes and gains consciousness.

Rishi says we have to live together, you are my Tanu. Tanuja closes her eyes. Doctor asks Rishi to cooperate. Guru maa comes to the hospital and sees Rishi. She tells him that his wife, love is leaving. Rishi says she is fine. Gurumaa says she is leaving. Rishi says we have to live together. He says Tanuja is fine. Gurumaa asks him to meet her as she is taking her last breaths. Rishi says just now I met her, she is fine. Gurumaa says she is leaving and she will go. Rishi gets angry and upset with her. Nurse comes and takes Rishi.

Gurumaa thinks nobody can stop the happenings, it will happen surely. Doctor says she is not responsibility, and takes the reading. Beeji and others get tensed seeing doctors rushing to Tanuja’s ward. Beeji, Rano, Myra, AK and others pray for Tanuja. Rishi tries to revive Tanuja’s breaths. Tanuja takes her last breath. Beeji asks Mata Rani to save her children. Ward boy comes and tells Raj that Doctor is calling you. They turn to go. diya in the temple is set off. Nurse tells Rishi that if he runs away from there then she will tie him. Rishi says nobody can stop me from meeting Tanuja. He says he is very lucky to get such a caring wife. All family members hears him and comes inside. Rishi tells them that he was about to ask Manish about them. They all come there and cry.

Rishi gets worried and asks how is Tanuja? He asks AK, if she is fine. Ak goes out of ward. Rishi asks Ahana to say. Ahana tells that Tanuja is no more. Rishi gets angry and asks Ahana if she has gone mad. He takes out the glucose dip and tells that Tanuja was actually Tanu, she told me that she had taken a rebirth. He get hysterical and calls her Tanuja…my Tanu. Ahana hugs Beeji and cries. Rishi runs to go to her ward and sees Guru maa. He tells Guru maa that my Tanuja died, you said that she will die, and asks her to tell how she will return. Gurumaa says she can’t return, but if you go with her then can return with her. Rishi asks her to give straight answer and says why didn’t you stop her death. Gurumaa says it was difficult in this birth, she will take a birth and asks him to born as his own son. She says Kasam tere pyaar ki.

Rishi rests her head on Tanuja’s shoulder and promises to reborn for her. He closes his eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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