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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul finds Gauri in an ashram

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with some men stopping Namrata. They argue with her. She tries to go. Shambu stops a man and directs him to help Namrata. The man scares all the men and sends them away. Namrata says I will be meeting my Rahul there. Shambu smiles when she leaves. Indra and Gauri reach the ashram. Indra says I will stay there for three days, I don’t want any problem. He locks up Gauri. Indra takes a disguise of Swami. Everyone cheers for him. Rahul comes and thinks Indra won’t keep Gauri much away.

He looks for Gauri in the ashram. Lakhan asks Thakur not to blame himself, its not his mistake. Thakur says I know, but there is someone who is informing Inder, we should talk less till Indra is caught, don’t know what is Rahul doing. Shakti shows Thakur to goons and asks them to kill Thakur. She pays them money.

Rahul diverts a man and tries to find Gauri. Gauri sits praying. Indra smiles seeing everyone dancing. Latika asks Thakur about Kashi. Thakur says there are many ghats here, when Lord gets Shivlings here to wash the sins, we will find Lord in Kashi, we will go in other directions and find. He sends Lakhan and Latika. He goes alone and looks for Shivlings.

He sees Shakti robbed by some goons and asks them to stop. He runs to save her. He beats the goons. Shakti gets hurt. Thakur rescues her. Rahul lies to the man and then makes him faint. He sees more men coming. He enters the hut and asks Gauri to come. Gauri says you have to leave. Rahul says you don’t need to get scared of Indra, come with me. Ashram people stop them and get to Indra. Rahul asks Gauri not to worry, he will deal with them alone.

Indra asks men not to beat Rahul. He acts like a Swami and says Gauri is here by her own wish, I didn’t keep her captive. Gauri says yes, I m living her by my wish. Rahul scolds Indra. The men get angry. Indra stops the men. Rahul tries to tell Indra’s truth. He says this man is not any Swami, he is Indra. Gauri says leave him, he is not Indra. Rahul tries to pull Indra’s beard. The men beat him up.

Namrata meets with an accident. The shivlings bag falls far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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