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Is Love Possible After Marriage (Kanchi) Episode 1

Author’s Note:

Hey guys!! I am back with my third ff. I just hope you guys like this because I have been working on this ff since I started Pyaar Ho Toh Aise, so this is a polished ff and hopefully this will make up for my last two crappy ffs I wrote.

This one might be a bit longer than Pyaar Ho Toh Aise but hopefully not as long as Everything Is Fair In Love And War

Just a fair disclaimer, if you are new let me just tell you that each episode can be about 1000-2500 words

… so let’s get started !!!

PS: “” means their thoughts




Is Love After Marriage Possible?? – Episode 1


A beautiful girl is sitting on her bed late at night. She has a long mehndi on her hand to her elbow and is wearing a pretty red chura (red bangles)!! She is currently writing in her diary



Today is my last day as a bachelorette!! Last few moments, I actually can’t believe that I, Sanchi Mishra, am getting married to Kabir Kapoor. He’s my head and he’s just so Khadoos, I don’t know if I will ever be happy with him. But since I am essentially restarting my life, I guess I can make an effort… right??  

But you know that the only reason why I am getting married is to make my parents happy and lower their burden…

I do not have any expectations for this marriage and any expectation from Kabir. All I need is a man who can respect me and won’t use me to have kids and WILL NOT treat me as a trophy wife. That’s it!! 3 expectations …………


So this girl is our Sanchi, a little harsh but we won’t be invading her privacy… too much. Let’s see what Kabir Kapoor has to say


Kabir is standing at his balcony…


In His Thoughts

Kabir: “ Last day as a bachelor… my entire room has been changed for the woman who will supposedly be behind my success. Sanchi Mishra. But I am only marrying her because of my parents. But Sanchi isn’t a bad girl, she is … nice and I like her for who she is. She can be stubborn and obnoxious but she isn’t someone I hate. WHAT AM I THINKING. Anyway beside that…. Mom Dad have done a lot for me so I can do something for them. This marriage is a new beginning for me and I will try to put some effort.

But I wonder why Sanchi said yes, she and I used to argue so much but now we barely talk at home and even on those so called dates she barely even looked at me. Whatever I will see tomorrow ”


The Next Day

Kabir is wearing a golden sherwani with a golden pagaradi and Sanchi is wearing a designer red gold lengha…


Kusum and Shailesh Talking To Kabir

Kusum: Please don’t be mean to Sanchi

Shailesh.: Please at least give her a chance

Kusum: Just say nice things to her

Shailesh: Compliment her

Kabir: I think I got this but thanks anyways

Shailesh: He is finally getting married

Both Kusum and Shailesh high five


Kabir is sitting down at the mandap doing some rituals while Sanchi is mentally preparing herself in front of the mirror.


Sanchi: You can do this Sanchi!! If your parents can sacrifice a little so that you can have a better future then you can sacrifice a little too!! And Kabir isn’t that bad. Breathe in …. and out ”


Sanchi is taken down to the mandap and she sits right beside Kabir and both start the rituals and eventually get to the pheras and after they take everyone’s blessings they go to the banquet hall rooms just to relax and Mishra’s wanted to spend some last few moments.


Isha: So now you are Sanchi Kabir Kapoor

Sanchi:  Sanchi Mishra Kapoor

Pragya high fives Sanchi

Pragya: You want me to sneak in some vodka

Jaya: What were you saying Pragya

Pragya: I was asking if she wanted some juice

Isha and Pragya walk out

Jaya: I can’t believe that you (Sanchi) are finally married and that to Kabir Kapoor, the most eligible bachelor.

Suniel: Humari nanhi se gudiya ka jaane ka time hogya

Jaya: Hmm

Once Jaya leaves

Suniel: Just remember beta, as long you are respectful to everyone and to everything then you will be fine. I have full faith in you that wherever you go that family will be the luckiest family in the world.

Sanchi teared up and hugs Suniel

Sanchi: Papa…

Suniel: Hey Sanchi


Kabir’s Room

Veer: Well, Dr. Kabir is officially married. Ab meri baari

Kusum lightly hits Veer,

Kusum: Let me tell Savitri this

Veer: Arre aunty, it’s not my fault Kabir didn’t enjoy his years but let me naa

Kusum: Besharam

Veer runs out

Kusum starts fixing Kabir’s pagdi and then sits in front of Kabir

Kusum: Respect, respect Sanchi and her feelings. She is leaving her entire world to start a new world with you. Don’t be Khadoos Kabir in front of her okay.

Kusum smiles and Kabir smiles back

Kabir: Veer told you

Kusum: No all the interns

Kabir rolled his eyes and heads out with Kusum.


Sanchi comes downstairs with a teary eye. She looks back at the banquet hall and then walks forward crying and hugging her father.

Suniel: Sanchi … don’t cry you know I can’t see you cry

Sanchi: Papa… how can I … leave you

Suniel: Sanchi… you are my brave princess

Sanchi: …

Jaya and Sunny come to Sanchi

Sanchi: Bhai

Sunny: Sanchi…

Sanchi continues to cry making Sunny and Jaya cry too.

Then teary Isha and Pragya bring a thali of rice and Sanchi throws the rice back into Jaya’s pallu (i think that’s what it’s called). Sanchi finally gets into the car and Suniel pushes the car and his princess away.


In The Car, (limo with a soundproof black windows in between back and driver)

Sanchi is sobbing and Kabir is looking at Sanchi… but then he hesitantly holds her hand. But Sanchi shoves it away

Kabir: I just want you to know that everything will be okay but for now… here

He hands her his handkerchief.

Sanchi smiles at him

Sanchi: Thank you

Kabir: “Okay then”

Sanchi: “ What have I gotten myself into?? ”


Kapoor Mansion

Sanchi and Kabir get out of the car and go to Kusum who is waiting for her precious son and daughter-in-law at the door. She does their aarti and Sanchi steps into the vermillion water and goes in while Kabir follows her.


Kusum: I know you two are tired but we just have one more ritual…


Kanchi are taken to the family/living room and Kusum calls for a large bowl of milk and when it comes

Kusum: I will put this ring in the milk and whoever finds it first wins… ready


Kabir and Sanchi hesitantly start looking for the ring and after a few seconds Kabir pulls out the ring.

Kusum: Ladkiyon tum Sanchi ko uske room mein le jao

Kabir’s cousin sisters take Sanchi into her room and when Kabir gets up to leave

Vivaan: Bhai aap kahan itni jaldi mein chale

Kabir: I’m tired Vivaan

Vivaan: You can sit right back down


Kanchi’s Room

Has been decorated with scented candles and rose petals and heart shaped balloons.

Sanchi: My luggage

Kriti: Right there Bhabhi

Meera: You can sit right here and Bhai will be here shortly

Kriti: Meera di are these walls soundproof

Meera: Should be… anyway guard the gate

Both giggle and walk out

Sanchi sits down on the bed and once the girls leave…

Sanchi: Should I wait for him or no??

Just then Kabir comes in and places his pagdi on the vanity and walks towards Sanchi

Sanchi: “Punch or kick”

Kabir sits next to Sanchi and raises her ghunghat

Kabir: “ What the heck do I do ”

Sanchi: “Umm”

Sanchi looks away

Kabir: And I know that you must be tired like I am but I just wanted to talk to you… after we change

Sanchi: Thank god

Kabir goes into his closet and Sanchi starts removing her jewelry and bobby pins


Kabir: “ What the heck should I do?? I am not about to do it with her today!! Whatever I am tired so I’m going to sleep ”


Sanchi: “Just don’t make eye contact ”


Once both get comfortable, they both sit on the bed.

Both: Well

Sanchi: Good Night

She laid down and looked the other way. Soon both drifted off to a peaceful sleep


Next Morning,

Kabir hears Kriti and Meera knocking and goes to open the door…


Meera whistles

Kriti: Someone had a busy night

Kabir: Why are you here??

Meera: Tai-ji was saying that both of you have an hour and half to get ready and come downstairs

Kabir: Hmm

Kabir closes the door and sees Sanchi sitting up

Kabir: We have to get ready

Sanchi: Okay

Just then Vivaan knocks

Sanchi: I’ll get it you can shower

Sanchi opens the door

Vivaan: Bhabhi…  Maa wanted to tell you that you don’t have to wear something extremely traditional

Sanchi sighed in relief

Vivaan: You’re welcome

Sanchi: Thanks

So Sanchi and Kabir get ready… Sanchi in a red punjabi suit and Kabir in a white kurta…

Kabir extends his hand but Sanchi goes out the door.

Both walk downstairs sit down at the dining table

Vivaan: Oh ho Bhaiya

Kabir glares at them

Meera: I feel so sorry for Sanchi, Kabir’s glares for a lifetime

Sanchi: I signed up for it

Kriti: Tsk tsk tsk, Breaking News: Sanchi Mishra, a sweet innocent girl, married to Kabir Kapoor, the king of all glares. Kya hoga iss bechari ka

Chachi: You mean Sanchi Kabir Kapoor

Sanchi: Actually, I …

Chachi: You were saying

Sanchi: Nothing Chachi-ji

Meera, Vivaan, and Kriti high five each other

Kabir: Can we eat now

Kusum: Come on guys you are always teasing Kabir

Meera: Where is Dad

Vivaan: And my dad

Kusum: They will be here any minute to settle down

Shailesh: Good Morning Everyone

Chachu: Good Morning

Vivaan: Good Morning Dad and Chachu

Meera Kriti: Good Morning Tao-ji and Dad

Kabir Sanchi: Good Morning Dad (Sanchi doesn’t say Dad)

Shailesh: Sanchi every morning we all say good morning at the dining table, just a small tradition

Sanchi nodded her head and everyone started eating

Vivaan: So when will you two go on a honeymoon

Kanchi look at each other

Shailesh: Vivaan

Vivaan: Sorry Dad

Kusum whispers to Shailesh

Kusum: Ab toh bahu bhi aagi now at least come one notch down

Shailesh: Some other day

Chachu: When will Kabir and Sanchi be joining work again

Shailesh: How would I know

Kabir: Next week

Sanchi looked at Kabir.

Sanchi: Same

Kusum: Kya??

Kabir: Maa we are doctors, we have patients to handle

Meera: Bhabhi yeh Kabir ka motto hai. I am a doctor and I have patients to handle

Sanchi: I mean he’s not wrong, our work is much more important since we are constantly saving lives. We don’t just go to an office, sit there in front of a computer and come back.  

Vivaan: Dang Bhabhi

Sanchi: What??

Vivaan: Now I feel bad

Sanchi: Oh sorry I am not trying to offend you.

Vivaan: I was just kidding

Sanchi: Then why don’t you finish eating your sandwich

Shailesh: Good Job Sanchi

Vivaan: How rude


After breakfast, everyone sits in the living room

Meera: Bhabhi here

Kriti: So where are you going for your honeymoon

Sanchi: … I don’t know

Meera: If you really want to go then you have to push Kabir into the topic

Sanchi: “Like I want to go”

Kriti: Accha toh aapko hum sabhi ka intro dete hai

Meera: Woh hai Tao-ji, your father-in-law. Strict hai but on the inside he is the sweetest man ever. Self-made man unfortunately kabhi kabhi Bhai aur inki banti nahi hai since Bhai joined the medical field. He is a proud father but will rarely show it. Just know he loves everyone equally

Kriti: Next is sweet sweet Taiji, your mother-in-law. She loves to cook, go to kitty parties, and joke around especially with Bhai and Taoji. She is the most understanding mother as well. As gone through all the ups and downs along with Taoji.

Meera: Secret ki baat, if you ever pass by their room. You might hear the names Shah-jahan and Mumtaz

Meera: Next our parents, they also love to joke around with everyone. Joy and happiness to everyone. Expert at making fun of everyone so be careful around them. But when needed they can be extremely strict, not usually though

Kriti: Vivaan, he handles the business and is the biggest prankster. He gets it from Taiji. Very sweet and protective of us.

Meera: Best brother and our best friend… don’t tell that to him. Last but not least, Bhai, aapke patidev. Khadoos hai, egoistic hai, strict hai, blunt hai but once you get to know him he is just like us awkward, gentle, caring and extremely protective

Kriti: So that’s our family

Sanchi: Thanks!! Was really needing that

Meera: Don’t say thank you, we just want to make your life easier in this complicated family

Chachi: What are you whispering to Sanchi

Meera: Nothing mom

Chachu: Just don’t tease our beautiful bahu

Kriti: That’s your job Dad

Everyone laughed

Chachi: Good one



Author’s Note:

Hope you guys enjoyed this first episode!! But I know not a lot of you did not like it because of how I made Sanchi’s character in this ff. But I promise it will be fine soon!! This is just the beginning but unfortunately it will be like this for a couple of episodes. Sorry



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Hope You Have An Amazing Day!!!


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