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Ikyawann 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Susheel overpowers Jessica in the game

Ikyawann 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sejal saying its time for next plan. She asks her to show the card. They see danger written instead of Satya. Sejal smiles. Soumya burns the card. Sejal says you will be scared, your evil side will be destroyed like this. Jessica comes for the match. She hears everyone praising Susheel and gets angry. Susheel comes. Fighter Didi says come, finals have started, you have to win. Susheel says Jessica looks angry. The man announces the final round between Susheel and Jessica. Fighter didi says Susheel will do which none did till now. The man tells about the round, oil will be applied to the wrestlers’ arms, so that they can know who is the best wrestler. Susheel asks what’s the solution for this. Fighter Didi says you know it already. The man says one who slams thrice in 5 mins will

be announced the winner. Leela gives pickles to Jessica and signs her. Soumya sees jewelry. Sejal says if Leela knows about this, she will not spare you. Soumya asks will you tell her. Sejal says no, but your ex husband could come here all of a sudden, then Leela will kill you, we will find him, I will meet him and talk in your defense.

Satya comes to see the match. Susheel and Jessica get the oil applied on themselves. Jessica pushes down Susheel. Fighter Didi asks Susheel to get up, she will lose if she falls down twice again. Susheel thinks Jessica is showing strange power today. Jessica pushes Susheel again. She says Jessica didn’t give me time to focus, she has much energy, don’t know what did she eat. Kali says come on, you can’t lose, you are strong. Fighter Didi says Jessica is angry, you just have to focus on your fight. Leela says I should feed this to Jessica again. Fighter Didi sees Leela and thinks what is she doing. She asks Susheel to think of what she taught her.

Susheel goes. She pushes Jessica down twice. Fighter Didi asks Susheel to be careful and focus. Everyone looks on. Susheel throws down Jessica for the last time, she wins the game. Satya and everyone get glad. The man says there will be final round tomorrow, Susheel will fight for the gold medal. Fighter Didi hugs Susheel. Susheel sees Satya. He goes. Kali and Satya come home. They see Leela and Jhanno out. Jhanno says door is sut. Leela asks Satya to break the door.

Someone opens the door. They all enter and see a pandit. Pandit says Satya and Soumya’s marriage is happening. Soumya comes in bridal dress. Soumya says I decided, we will marry right away, go and change. Satya asks what, how can you act so weird. Satya refuses to marry. She threatens pandit to sit till marriage completes. She threatens to burn herself. Kali says this is life, not any joke, stop all this drama.

Satya says fine, I will do this marriage tomorrow, I wasn’t ready for the shock. Leela says yes, we will keep marriage tomorrow. She takes Soumya with her. Susheel talks to the ladies. Fighter Didi thinks of pickle bottle she found there. Soumya argues with Leela. Leela asks her to shut up and threatens her. She says Susheel will lose tomorrow, and you will marry Satya. Kali says Soumya is dangerous, we should call police. Satya stops her. Kali says Soumya can create troubles for us. Satya says I know Soumya well and regretting, if police comes, Soumya will blame Susheel, she threatened before also, I want Susheel to come back in my life, she will win her wrestling, I will win her back tomorrow, we have to continue this drama, if some problem arises. Kali says fine, I understand. He says I just want support of you both. He hugs them.

Jessica throws Susheel in the dirty mud. Satya and everyone look on. Susheel can’t see anything. She still fights well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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