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Episode 5,Theme: Cant live without you.

Scene 1 : Khanna Mansion.

Neil gets a call and breaks his kiss ,the voice on the phone says Mr.Neil khanna you shoudnt kiss in the garden by the way if you can save your wife save her I am near you both .

Neil:(Runs out ) Who are you and where ?

Avni follows him a car hits Neil but Avni saves him.

Neil gets unconcious Avni holds him

Avni sees a man coming there she says.

Avni : Nishant you (vidhyuts younger brother ).

Nishant:Yeah me and now I will take my revenge from you (goes away).

Avni:Neil wake up please .

Takes him to pareikh mansion.

Scene 2 :Pareikh Mansion.

Avni takes Neil to her room and the servant says that Neela mam has gone outside.She dresses his wounds . And sleeps next to him but before sleeping she I can’t live without you.
Avni and neil sleep together.

Precap: Next day Avni faints as she has not eaten anything.After three months Neil gets injured in an bomb blast.

Guys can you all tell me what are you thinking about the current naamkarann track is it interesting or boring and will you all still watch it if Neil marries Mitali.and I hope that you enjoy the episode and please comment especially silent readers.

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