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HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 16

Here is the last chapter:

HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 15

She again saw the address detail in the phone and walked to a stall. “Bhaiya. Can you tell me where is this address?” she asked the shopkeeper.

He stared the address and tried remembering the streets of his area. “Madam. Take a right and then left at the second street and at the dead end you will get this” he said. “Thank you Bhaiya” said she smiling at him and started walking in the direction told by the shopkeeper.

“Hey Mahra Khatu Shyam Ji who is honking early in the morning” Dadi got annoyed and walked out leaving the half watered Tulsi plant asking forgiveness to leave the Puja in the middle when she heard continuous honking outside the house.

“Arrey Chore. What is wrong with you? Why are you honking so badly?” she asked Sanskar bending to the car door. “Oh I’m so sorry Dadi. I was waiting for Ragini. She did not arrive yet” said he apologizing.

“Arrey Lado went early morning. She told if you come to inform that on her way she will meet her friend Riya and come to office” said Dadi and walked inside to continue with her Puja. “Dadi” he called and Dadi turned at the door. “Where is her friend’s house by the way?” he asked hesitant thinking if she misunderstood him.

“Just in the next street fifth house” she said and walked inside. Sanskar ignited the engine and drove to the street Dadi told. He parked the car outside the fifth house and walked to the house to knock on the door. “Aayi” he heard a female voice and waited for the door to open.

“Ji?” Riya asked looking at Sanskar who was a complete stranger to her. “Sorry to disturb you. Is Ragini inside? Can you call her we are getting late for office” he said smiling at Riya. “Ragini? But she did not come here?” Riya said which made Sanskar worry. “Can you tell me if she had called and said that she will come to your home in the morning?” asked he.

“Usually if she wants to meet she will always texts me and never we have met at home” said Riya. “Oh. Okay. Thank you. I think she might be on her way to office” he smiled at her and she nodded her head closing the door behind.

His mind was continuously processing his thoughts. “She never will lie to her Dadi and her friend is also saying that without informing she wont meet her. And she is so boring Ragini she won’t be a girl who gives surprise visit to her friends” he rubbed a finger on his forehead.

Sighing deeply he gave up and dialed her number. The ring went on for few seconds.

Ragini brought her phone outside her bag to see who was calling. Her face covered with annoyance finding Sanskar’s number. “What is his problem now?” she picked the call.

“Where are you Ragini?” asked he. “Why should I tell you?” asked she casually. “It is going to be office time and you aren’t around. So I need to know where are you at this time” he said and her nose flared up.

“I’m taking leave Sanskar Maheshwari and wherever I am right now is not your concern” she said giving a tight smile and disconnected the call. “Hello… hello” he tried stopping her but it was too late. “Damn this girl” he threw his hands in air with frustration.

He dialed her number again but she disconnected it two three times. “Better I keep it in silent mode” she changed the phone settings and threw the phone back in her hand bag. She continued walking to the dead end of the cross which looked empty.

“What is wrong with her?” Sanskar looked at his phone annoyed when Ragini did not pick his call for the third time. He sat inside the car and hit his hands on the steering wheel. “Where is she gone? How will I know now? This girl never will understand” he said igniting the engine.

He roamed around the streets and looked for her but she was no where to be found. Every second ticked and his heart covered with anxiety. His hopes were giving up each time he called and she did not picked the call. It felt like something bad was going to happen.

Ragini knocked on the door of the home whose number was mentioned in the address. But to her surprise the door was not locked. It opened half and she looked at it confused.

Her intrusion said not to enter the house but her curiosity did not let her back off. If she has to know the person helping Sanskar she has to take this step. She stepped inside the creepy house and Sanskar felt sudden uneasiness on the left side of the chest.

He banged the brakes hyperventilating. He was helpless and that helplessness killed him each second.

Suddenly a message popped in his phone. It was a video from the same private number. He opened it and found Ragini entering a house looking around. “No” he gasped and his heart felt the pang of pain suddenly.

His phone vibrated as there was an incoming call from the private number. “Listen. Don’t do anything to her please” he literally begged. The caller on the other side let out a loud evil laugh.

“You think I will give you numerous chances to save her life Mr. Sanskar?” the sweat developed on Sanskar’s forehead hearing the voice.

He rubbed his temple worried. “See. I will do whatever you say but please please don’t harm her” said he with cracking voice.

“Is that love I feel in your voice Mr. Sanskar? And love on the path of vendetta is too harmful” said the caller and Sanskar closed his eyes annoyed. “Look I was clear about our deal. Whatever happens with Durga Prasad Maheshwari and his son Laksh I’m not concerned but no one else should be harmed” Sanskar spoke stiffly.

“And my deal was also clear. If anyone comes on our path they have to face the consequences” the voice said and Sanskar squeezed the steering wheel. “For letting her live last time I have already transferred the amount in your account and if you want I will transfer more but spare her” he said.

“And let her reach me?” the voice asked. “Just don’t do anything to her. I will be there in some time. I don’t know how she got the address but I will make sure she doesn’t even comes near to you” he said and disconnected the call. He drew the car as he knew the address already.

“Ragini….Ragini….” he screamed entering the house. “Ragini….” he screamed as loudly as possible. He pulled his hair frustrated and looked around as she still was not visible to him.

His heart pounded with a dreadful speed. “Ragini…” he screamed again. He walked further inside the house and found Ragini’s hands with ropes to the arms of the chair and her mouth closed with a hand karcheif.

“Damn” he cursed and walked to her. “Are you insane? Why did you come here?” she continuously moved her eyes to point at the hand karchief over her mouth. “When I tell you to talk then don’t talk. Other times tho your tongue acts like a scissor now what happened?” he asked looking around.

“Arghhh” she screamed at last when he was not understanding. “What now?” he asked annoyed. She signed to her mouth.

“You want me to kiss you now? Then only you will speak?” he asked and she widened her eyes and nodded her head.

“Sorry you are not any frog who will turn into princess if I kiss you. So don’t ask me to do all that. I don’t want to waste my kiss for you” he said and Ragini closed her eyes annoyed. Her nose flared up and she glared Sanskar.

“Arghhh” she screamed again and signed to her mouth. “Oh this?” he loosened the hand karchief on her mouth and immediately Ragini busted her all anger.

“You have lost your brain somewhere or is that your limit of IQ you idiot. How will I speak with the covered mouth. Don’t you have little commonsense?” she asked glaring him.

“Oh I thought you have extra powers the way you reached this place you can also speak with covered mouth” he said and chuckled. Ragini shrunk her eyes looking at him.

“Okay I know I suck at cracking jokes” he said releasing her from the clutches of the ropes. She rubbed her wrists which were paining as she was struggling to get out of the clutches.

“Now tell me how did you come here?” asked Sanskar. “ Ha ha very funny. First tell me how did you came to know I’m here? I will tell you how I reached here” she smirked and walked outside the room. She looked around analyzing the home. There were no photographs.

Sanskar looked at her annoyed. “Now come” Sanskar held her wrist and she jerked his hand. “And why do you think I will come with you? I’m here for a reason and I will not come unless I finish my work” she walked to a drawer. Sanskar felt a laser light over Ragini and panicked.

“You won’t listen like this right?” he dragged her holding her elbows and she landed on his hard chest. He smirked at her and lifted her in a bridal style and walked out of the house.

“Leave me Sanskar. What are you doing you idiot?” she said hitting him on his chest with her fists. “And keep doing that” he placed her inside the car and quickly locked the doors sitting inside. “Wear the seat belt” he ordered. “Why do you think I will do whatever you say?” she crossed her arms.

“Because I am the Sanskar Maheshwatri” he bent to her dangerously and pulled the seat belt and fixed it. “You can’t control my life Sanskar stop trying that” she warned him. “And I know what I am doing alright” he said turning the steering wheel after igniting the engine.

“Will you stop the car” she screamed. “No I will not stop this car unless I reach where I want to reach” he said and accelerated the car. The streets looked new to her suddenly. “What the hell what are you trying to do?” asked Ragini worried. “Kidnapping you” he said casually.

“What?” asked she widening her eyes. “Exactly if you don’t want to be safe…” he stopped himself. “I mean if you don’t listen to me then I have no other way left” said he and stopped the car with a screech near a home.

“Now get down” said Sanskar signing from his eyes. “I’m not going to get down where I don’t want to” she said crossing her arms. “Fine” he loosened his seat belt and then Ragini’s seat belt.

Getting out of the car he walked to her side and opened the door. “Get down now or I’m not responsible for what  happens next” he said placing his hands on his waist.

“You are trying to scare me?” she asked smirking. “The point is you are already scared. And don’t try to show me that fake courage of yours I can sense your heart beats” he smirked and her jaws dropped to the ground. When she did not move he bent and picked her in his arms again and walked inside the house.

“Let me down. I want to go home right now” she screamed and hit him on his chest. “Do it more I feel like feather touch” he said looking at her.

He entered the home and made her stand. Before she could run to the door he locked it and placed the keys in his pocket. “Now try running whole day. You can’t get out of here” he walked to the sofa and sat on it and took an apple from the fruit bowl.

“Where are we? And how can you do this? I will complain to the police wait” she said searching her bag for her phone. “You are searching this?” she moved her gaze to him and found him holding her phone with the left hand and chewing the apple.

“How did you got that?” she asked with wide eyes. “You think you are the smartest girl in the world don’t you?” he smirked and continued biting the apple.

“None of your concern how I got it. It is with me and no one knows you are with me. I switched it off in the same place from where I picked you and if police wants to trace you also you won’t be traced. Your location will show the same place” he said looking at the apple.

“I will not let you escape from here. And if they call me I will say I’m in my friend’s house. As this farm house belongs to me and Maheshwari’s aren’t aware of it they won’t come here” said he giving her a tight smile.

She looked away crossing her arms. “What do you want?” asked she glaring him. “I would have said you” she widened her eyes. “But I’m not cheesy though” he walked to her. “This is my cage Ms. Ragini Gadodia. If you want to escape you have to do what I say” he said walking across her.

“You think I will do that?” asked she twitching her lips. “Then it is your wish. My whole intention is to keep you away from my plans and my partner. And if you are here it will be more easy for me. Then I don’t think you want to be here” said he looking at her standing behind.

She still did not budge. “First you did not agree to help me in my plans. Then when I’m working on my plans why are you crossing my path again and again?” he asked coming in front of her.

“I warned you. I scared you but kiss mitti ki bani ho tum Ragini. For a sister who snatched your fiance and for the man who rejected you for your sister why are you taking so much risk?” he asked helpless.

“Because right is always right and wrong is always wrong. Even if you have a right reason to do the wrong thing you are wrong. And I can let you do anything wrong” she said staring his eyes straight. “Is this all about me?” he neared her and his cologne hit her nostrils and she felt difficult to concentrate.

“Is it all about me being involved in this?” he asked now holding her shoulders. Her eyes looked at his hands and then moved back to his eyes. His eyes had softened and she was losing herself in his eyes.

“It is not just about you. It is about my sister’s family” she jerked his hands. “Your half sister who did not even speak for you when all blamed you for the drug mess” he said annoyed. “And who put me in that mess in the first place? It was you Sanskar. It was you” she poked his chest with her finger.

“Then I did not knew the blame will come on you. I was just doing according to the plan” he said and closed his eyes upset with himself. “Whose plan it was then?” she asked looking at him.

“Arhhh” he threw his hands in air. “Please Ragini listen to me” he held her shoulders and brought her near to himself.

“Stay out of this. Please” his eyes reflected his helplessness. “Will you step back from your revenge drama. Assure me that even I will stay out of it. But till you have intention to harm any of the Maheshwari family member remember I am on your path” she said crossing her arms after releasing them from his hold.

“You did not get anybody else to show your mahanta?” asked he annoyed. “Even if I’m showing my mahanta to someone and even if my life is at stake due to it why does it matters to you?” she asked smirking.

“Because” he stopped and threw his fist in air. ‘Wish I knew an answer for this’ his mind spoke and he closed his eyes frustrated.

“Because you are still my friend and I don’t want my friend to risk her life for unworthy people” he said gritting his teeth. “They are your family Sanskar whom you are trying to harm. More than me you should be protective towards them” she said shrinking her eyes.

He fake smiled and looked around like she cracked any joke. “Family. Really? My family is only my mother. Other than her nobody matters to me” he leaned to her now his eyes turning glassy.

“And you are hurting the same mother. Imagine once she will come to know about your real face how she will hold herself?” Ragini asked and he closed his eyes painfully.

“These all doesn’t have any end Ragini. We will argue, argue and argue that’s all. I will not accept your point of view and you will not accept mine” he said rolling his eyes.

“So?” asked she. “So listen what I’m saying and stay out of it. Or else be here confined. And remember to keep you here I will do anything. Anything in the sense anything” he warned her bending to her height.

She just stared him and he walked to a room and she collapsed on the sofa burying her head in her palms. Thinking where she landed herself. One thing was clear that she was near very near to Sanskar’s partner. If it wasn’t for those masked men who suddenly grabbed her and tied to the chair covering her mouth in that creepy house she would have known the identity of Sanskar’s partner.

She missed it just at the edge and the feeling of it was annoying.

Her brain worked a bit more so that to get an idea to get out from there. Instead of sitting simply she thought of finding a way to escape and searched across the house for a way to get out.

A window of glass slabs near the exhaust fan of the kitchen made her mind sharp. She brought a small chair to reach the window placing above the kitchen cabinet. She placed the exhaust fan down after disconnecting it and removed the glass slabs. When she was removing the last slab she heard him.

“So much circus Ms. Gadodia” and the glass slab in her hand dropped to the ground and scattered in pieces. She stumbled missing her balance and landed in Sanskar’s arms straight. She had covered her face still fearing landing on the ground dangerously.

“I don’t know what is the logic of the girls who cover their face as soon as they are about to fall. Like you love your faces more than those breakable back bones?” he mocked. She slid one finger away from her eye to check where she was.

Finding herself safe she moved her hands away and sighed. “And there I see the most beautiful face” Sanskar said lost. Ragini looked at him and he signed her to look at the wall.

She turned her gaze and there a lizard was crawling over the wall. “And that’s my Jaan e man. I’m seeing her after so many days” he said smiling dreamily.

The lizard made a sound. “See she understand my language” Sanskar said signing Ragini. He moved more close to the wall. “Sanskar no… no…” Ragini started screaming when the distance reduced. “Arrey say hai to my girlfriend Ragini. Don’t be so mean” he said and she closed her eyes tightly and clutched to him.

He bit his cheeks inside. “Arrey Ramdulari. How weak you have become. Don’t you get enough mosquitoes to eat. See Ragini is so kind she has opened the exhaust window for you. Go outside get some fresh air and come back after having good food” said he and Ragini tightened her grip on his shoulders.

“Don’t feel bad by Ragini’s behavior okay. She just needs time to get along. Anyways she will stay here and I will bring her here to meet you daily and someday I will take you to her room also only thing is don’t drop your tail like last time you did when I lifted you”

“Arghhh” Ragini screamed and hugged him more tight,. “Oh Chipkaliyo ke Casanova stop it” Ragini said and she started shivering hearing his talks.

“Take me from here. Now” she screamed. “This I can do at least. Acha Ramdulari I will be back soon haa. Will have a candle light dinner together” “Sanskar” Ragini screamed and he controlled his laugh folding his lips.

“Okay okay” said he and walked out. He placed her to the ground but she stood still clutching him. “Don’t get used to my hug alright. My girlfriend will feel bad you know I’m a commitment person and don’t cheat on my partner” he whispered in her ear and she still neared him with closed eyes.

“Hey Ragini” he placed his hand on her back when he felt her still shivering. “L…lizard” she said gulping scared. “It’s gone” he whispered and kissed her shoulder. “Pakka?” asked she. “Hm hm” he said nodding his head. “Phew” she sighed and moved away from him.

“Now let me go home” she said with the stiffness back on her face. “And what about my deal?” asked he. “Fine I will stay out of it” said she lifting her hands in surrender. ‘Is she agreeing so easily?’ his mind thought and he was immersed in his thoughts.

“Hello. Now drop me home. And from tomorrow anyways I’m not coming to office I will enroll back in music academy” she said and the thought of her staying away stirred his heart. “What?” asked he with horror on his face. “You told me to stay out of it so I’m staying out of it” said she casually.

“But why do you want to leave the job?” asked he. She found it weird looking his expressions. “Why means? I joined your company to know about your partner. You also very well know it. Now when you want me to stay away I’m resigning from the job” said she shrugging her shoulders.

“But. You can still work in my company. You know you can build your career” said he hopeful.

“I’m happy with my life. Music is what concerns me. And in some days Dadi will search a good groom for me and I will be married off. Why will I need to build my career Sanskar. We Marwadi girls are not allowed to build our career. Leave building we are not even allowed to dream about it. Don’t you know?” asked she.

Why was he getting affected when she spoke about settling down with a marriage. What was happening to him suddenly he did not realize. “You will marry any blo*dy idiot who will come with a proposal?” he asked and she gave him a weird look.

“My dadi will search a good match for me you need not worry about it” she said crossing her arms. “Yeah I know your Dadi’s earlier choice who proposed your sister after he was engaged to you. And haa now one advantage is Swara is married and there is no chance that the groom your Dadi will get for you will be attracted to your sister. So you won’t know his true colors” he said and she rubbed her side head annoyed not able to take the nonsense he was talking.

“Will you stop this non sense. Whomever I marry. He turns out to be a jerk or not is none of your concern Mr. Maheshwari. It is totally my life and you are nobody to judge my future husband” she said glaring him.

“Bharatiya Nari. Sab pe bhari. What if he turns out to be sukkad. You tho will be dropping yourself from everywhere like an angel from the sky and if he is not strong enough to tolerate your weight and falls down and fractures his back bone then you have to be with a backless man all your life” said Sanskar.

“What is wrong with you? Nonsense nonsense and all nonsense you are speaking” she said disgusted. “I was just giving a suggestion that marry a man who can catch you safe whenever you fall” said he. She gave him a tight smile. “Don’t worry I will first consult you whenever a groom will visit me” she said and turned her face.

“You better do that” he said. “Why don’t you search a nice Marwadi groom for me instead. You know Dadi will be spared of all the pain” said she feigning innocence and he choked in air.

“What happened Sanskar?” She approached him worried. She looked around and brought the water glass and made him drink that. He looked at her worried face and lost himself.

“Now will you stop sucking the empty glass” Ragini said dragging the empty glass away from Sanskar’s mouth after he gulped all the water and still was sucking the empty glass. He looked around embarrassed. “Now let us go I will be late” said she. “Think about your resignation once” he said walking behind her. “Um hm” she said casually and he felt weird.

“Ragini.” he said and she stopped at the door. “Hmmm” she hummed waiting for him to open the door. “Ramdulari” as soon as he said that Ragini turned and hugged him tightly closing her eyes.  He moved his hand up and covered her in his embrace. After enjoying her closeness for enough time he finally spoke.

“I was just saying Ramdulari will miss you” she clutched his shirt tight. He couldn’t control his laughter more. She dragged herself away and hit him with her fists. “Ouch ouch” he said saving himself from her.

Sanskar walked on the terrace and turned Laksh and held his collar and dragged him close. “Why did you do that Laksh? Why did you sent that address to Ragini?” Sanskar’s eyes were blood shot. “Bhai wo” he struggled.

“I came to know that you sent her the address. All I want to know is why did you give her the wrong address” Sanskar asked and Laksh’s lips formed a smirk.


Phew a huge chapter I know.

So what’s up with Laksh?

What’s up with our Superman lol?

I’m gonna call him this nowonwards.

Thank you

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